Nazik Saba Yared

Nazik Saba Yared

Nazik Saba Yared (born 1928 Jerusalem) is a Lebanese novelist, and academic.

She graduated from American University of Beirut with a PhD.[1] She taught at Lebanese American University, from 1978 to 1998.[2]



  • حماد عجرد Dār al-Fikr al-Lubnān, 1983
  • ‏الصدى المخنوق :‏: ‏رواية /‏ ‏مؤسسة نوفل،‏, 1986


  • Al-rahhaloun al-`arab wa hadarat al-gharb (Arab travellers and the West), Beirut: Naufal Group, 1991
    • Arab travellers and the West, London: Saqi Books, 1996
  • al-Kātibāt al-Lubnānīyāt: bībliyūghrāfiyā, 1850-1950, Dār al-Sāqī, 2000
    • Secularism and the Arab World: (1850-1939), Saqi Books, 26 June 2002, ISBN 9780863563935



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  • Heather Reyes, (ed) The art of Rawas: conversations with Nazik Yared, Saqi, 2004, ISBN 9780863569098

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