Natalia Zemna

Natalia Zemna
Natalia Zemna
Born Natalia Petrivna Yushchenko
5 January 1942(1942-01-05)
Krekhaiv, Chernihiv Oblast, URSR, (now Ukraine)
Citizenship  Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian
Fields Herbalism
Folk medicine
Ecology movement
Institutions The Green Planet Naturopathy Association
Alma mater Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts,
Moscow Literature Institute,
Kyiv Alternative Medicine Institute
Known for Herbalism
Notable awards

Order of Merit (Ukraine),
Order of St. Equal-to-the-apostles prince Vladimir,
International humanitarian Pushkin society award winner,
First laureate of Eupraxia prize,

Vernadsky prize

Natalia Zemna (real name - Natalia Petrivna Zubytska, maiden name - Yushchenko)[1]), was born on 5 January 1942 in Krekhaiv, Chernihiv Oblast, URSR, (now Ukraine). She is a renowned Ukrainian herbalist[2] and healer. She also serves as a president of The Green Planet Naturopathy Association.

Biography and education

Born on 5 January 1942 in the village of Krekhaiv, situated in Chernihiv Oblast, URSR, Natalia Zemna was raised in the family of traditional herbalists and wildcrafters, and thus became interested in the world of plants from the early age. She obtained her first knowledge of medicinal plants from her mother and grandmother.[3][4] She graduated from three higher education institutions: Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts (1979), Moscow Literature Institute (1981) and Kyiv Alternative Medicine Institute (1994). Additionally, she took specialized courses in the Ukrainian Folk Medicine Association.

An unlucky occurrence in Natalia Zemna's private life became a powerful incentive to her deep scientific research in the field of herbology. Already middle-aged, she was diagnosed with a complicated heart condition, which, according to the doctors of the conventional medicine, required urgent surgery. Unwilling to have on operation, Natalia intuitively started self-administering herbal remedies and soon recovered.[5][6] Having married Danylo Nykyforovych Zubytsky, a hereditary healer in the third generation, Natalia started to work in the Apothecary of Folk Medicine (Apteka narodnykh likiv) in 1991.


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