Mohr (surname)

Mohr (surname)

Mohr is a German language surname and may refer to:

  • Alexander Mohr (1892–1974), a German Expressionist artist
  • Bill Mohr (1909–1971), an Australian rules footballer
  • Charles Mohr (1824–1901), a German-American pharmacist and botanist
  • Christopher Garrett Mohr (born 1966), an American football player
  • Christian Otto Mohr (1835–1918), a German civil engineer
  • Mohr's circle, a two-dimensional graphical representation of the state of stress at a point
  • Mohr-Coulomb theory, a mathematical model describing the response of brittle materials
  • Daniel Matthias Heinrich Mohr (1780–1808), German biologist
  • Ernst Mohr (1910–1989), a German mechanical engineer
  • Georg Mohr (1640–1697), a Danish mathematician
  • Mohr's salt, a double salt of iron sulfate and ammonium sulfate
  • Manfred Mohr (born 1938), a German digital art pioneer
  • Philipp Mohr (born 1972), a German architect and industrial designer
  • Robert Mohr (born 1978), a German rugby union player

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