Modern Educational Complex

Modern Educational Complex
Modern Educational Complex named after Heydar Aliyev
Heydər Əliyev adına Müasir Təhsil Kompleksi (Azerbaijani)
Təhsil millətin gələcəyidir.
Baku,  Azerbaijan
Type School complex
Established 2001
Founder Heydar Aliyev Foundation
Chairperson Sevinc Rzayeva
Age range 6-17
Information (+994) 596 71 73

Modern Educational Complex (Azerbaijani: Müasir Təhsil Kompleksi, abbr. MTK) is located in the securely enclosed campus.[where?] There is a gymnasium, a stadium, a tennis-court, a swimming-pool and a canteen on its territory.



In the office.
Sevinc Rzayeva

General Director of MEC - Sevinge Amir Rzayeva

The Candidate of sciences and the Assistant professor on Physics and Mathematics. In 1971 she graduated from the faculty of “Mechanics and Mathematics” of Baku State University with the Honours Diploma. In 1971-1974 she studied at the post-graduate course. In 1978 she defended candidate thesis. S.A. Rzayeva worked as an assistant, the senior teacher, the docent at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. She worked as the director of the kindergarten at Heydar Aliyev Modern Educational Complex. She has been working as the director of the school since 2003. S.A Rzayeva is the author of more than 20 scientific works. She has been rewarded with the medal ”Progress” for her achievement in the development of the education by the order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Nasim Abishov

The Director of the School - Nasim Ajdar Abishov

The Candidate of Chemical Sciences. In 1996 he entered the post-graduate course of the department of physics and colloid chemistry. While studying at the secondary school and university he became the winner of several International Olympiads on chemistry.

He was rewarded with the diploma “Chemistry Educational association” by the CIS and with the Honorary Certificates by the Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education and Baku State University. N.A.Abishov worked as an assistant at the physical chemistry chair of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in 2000-2001. He got the degree of candidate of sciences on physical chemistry in 2001. He is the member of the board of jury of the Republic Olympiads on chemistry. N. A. Abishov is the author of more than 20 scientific works, 2 textbooks and 6 teaching aids.

Gulnara Osmanova

The Deputy Director of Discipline of the School - Gulnara Aga Osmanova

Graduated from the History faculty of Baku State University in 1975. She was the chief of the cabinet at Moscow Co-operation Institute, the head Methodist at the private Azerbaijan University (the correspondence department). She worked as a supervisor at Baku-Turk Anadolu Lyceum for a long time. G.A.Osmanova has been working as a supervisor at Heydar Aliyev MEC since January 2003. Her pedagogical length of service is 25 years.

Kamala Mammadova

Head of the IR Department–Kamala Kamil Mammadova

Head of the İnternational Realtions Department–Kamala Kamil Mammadova graduated from the Faculty of English of Azerbaijan State University of Languages in 1992. She worked as the English teacher in Political sciences and Sociology University during 1995-1997. In 1996 she was chosen methodologist, participated in the training courses of the British Council. Mrs. Mammadova worked in UNO during 1998-1999. She was the chief of the project work with volunteers of UN. She studied in the improvement courses for teachers of the Oxford University, Great Britain, during 1999-2000.

Mrs. Kamala Mammadova worked as a senior teacher at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. Mrs. Kamala Mammadova was awarded honorary certificate by the Ministry of Education and Outstanding Achievement Award by the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. Mrs. Kamala Mammadova worked as the teacher in Heydar Aliyev Modern Educational Complex during 2004-2005. In 2007-2008 she worked as the Head of the European Languages Department. Since September 2009 she has worked as the Head of the International Relations Department. Mrs. Kamala Mammadova is the author of several articles and theses on English lexicology.


Reception to school is held by a test system. Lessons are taught by the staff of highly qualified teachers. Many Olympiads, games, scientific and theoretical conferences, quizzes and “The Best Pupil of the year” competitions are held at school in order to increase pupils’ interest for the education.

Pupils gain high results in republic and world subject Olympiads and in International Intellect competitions. So, though in 2006 in Moscow our students took part in international Olympiads for the first time, eight men won diplomas on different nominations. Muradli Polad, the pupil of VII form, was rewarded with the bronze medal. But the results of the Olympiad of “Intellect-11” are more motivated. So, Ismat Valiyev got the absolute silver medal, Siraj Garayev got the gold medal among X classes and Faqan Asadov among VI classes. Rzayev Orkhan was awarded with the silver medal in the world Olimpiad on Chemistry, held in Korea in 2006. In 2007 Sultanova Narmin- the pupil of IX form took the first place in the Essay Competition on the subject of “Face to face with the Future Generation” and was awarded with notebook and money. The Olympiad of Protection of the International Environment held in Baku in 2007 was also successful for us. Our pupils Xeyrullayev Tarlan and Aliyev Azer were awarded with the silver medals. Mammadova Momina and Nabiyeva Rafiqa were also awarded with the diplomas in 2007 in International Kids competition in Shankar. Our students also took part in the Essay Competition dedicated to Heydar Aliyev’s birthday. Guliyev Saleh, the IX form pupil was rewarded with the I degree diploma and Huseynov Bahruz with the II degree diploma on the nomination of “Heydar Aliyev is a great son of the Turkish world”. There a lot of chairs in the school. Each chair has its cabinet, which is supplied with computers and other information technologies. The improvement of the teachers’ scientific-methodic and pedagogical preparation is regularly realized by the heads of the chairs.

By Ilham Aliyev’s, the president of the Azerbaijan Republic, October 3, 2007-dated order the director of the secondary school Sevinge Rzayeva was rewarded with the “Improvement” medal and the head of the History chair Akbar Gojayev with the title of “Honoured teacher”. In our school there are Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs in the level of the world standards. There is also the cabinet of the information science, which is supplied with modern computers and other information technologies. At the same time the Internet net of the complex has been created. There is an electronic register, electronic absence and electronic entrance systems in the school. The pupils’ knowledge and skills are evaluated by the 10-point assessment system. The parents have an opportunity of getting information about the pupils’ marks with the help of the electronic register from the web site of the Complex.

Most of the foreign languages are taught at our school in high level. English, Russian, German, French, Arabic are taught in the level of modern demands by the highly qualified and experienced teachers. Language courses are regularly organized in the foreign countries.

There are lingoaphone cabinets at the school. The lingoaphone cabinets have a special role in pupils’ learning the foreign languages and in developing their listening and speaking skills. There is a Sport Complex at our school, too. There is also a swimming pool, a stadium, a lot of training halls for different kinds of sports and a chess school. For the first time in Azerbaijan there are all conditions in this school for holding swimming and water polo competitions. In spite of a short time our students gained high results in the competitions of tennis, chess, water polo and swimming. There is an Aesthetic chair in our school. Professional, talented teachers, professors and People’s Artists work in this chair. There’s also a radio station and sound recording studio in the school. The Scientific Student Society and The School Assembly were created in the Modern Educational Complex. The activities of these organizations is aimed in getting main steps in pupils’ participation in scientific and practical works, in realizing different programs and creating investigation and research habits and skills. The President of the School Assembly is chosen among the children. The children of our school admit universities by high points. Some of them are the President Grantaideds.

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