Misko Iho

Misko Iho

Born May 9, 1975 in Helsinki as Mikko Iho, Misko Iho is a Finnish commercial film and music video director.


Life & work

From 1992 to 1994, Misko was a part of a now-defunct computer demo group, Future Crew, as the graphic artist named "Pixel". Noteworthy demos by Future Crew include Unreal (released at Assembly 1992), Panic (released at The Party 1992), and Second Reality (released at Assembly 1993). Slashdot voted the Future Crew Demo Second Reality as one of the "Top 10 Hacks of All Time". [1]

During 1994, Misko spent few months in the USA designing computer game graphics for the game Epic Pinball by Epic MegaGames.

From 1997 to 2001, he worked as visual effects artist creating visual effects for commercials, feature films [2], and music videos for bands like Bomfunk MC's, JS16 and Darude (Sandstrom, Feel The Beat, Out Of Control). Darude's Sandstorm was the best selling 12" worldwide in 2000.[3]

Misko was also busy from 1997 to 2004 running a club concept in Finland called Screen. During those years, he was involved in organizing over a hundred club events and bringing some of the most influential [4] club deejays in the world to Finland. Screen guests included deejays like John Digweed, Carl Cox, Deep Dish, Josh Wink, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Rampling, Steve Lawler, Sister Bliss, and many others. [5]

Since 2002 he has worked as a commercial and music video director in Finland and abroad. His most known work include the commercial film series for the Finnish Railways.

In 2009 he directed a music video Lose Control for the Finnish dance act Waldo's People, who represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The video has been watched over 2.5 million times on Youtube. [6]

One year later his music video for the Finnish singer Chisu was chosen as the Best music video of the year 2009 in Finland at the annual Muuvi Awards organized by IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and was awarded with a golden Muuvi. The video won the Audience Award at the same gala. [7]

In that same year his debut short film 'Potilas' (The Patient) was awarded of Best Direction at the Super Shorts International Film Festival in London and as the Best short film at the Byron Bay Film Festival in Australia.

Selected filmography

Short films

The Patient (2010)

Best Direction

  • Super Shorts International Film Festival - UK 2010

Best Short Film

  • Byron Bay International Film Festival - Australia 2011

Best International Actor - Jani Volanen

  • Cinefiesta - Puerto Rico 2011

Official Selections

  • Cinefiesta - Puerto Rico 2011
  • Festival Mas Sorrer - Spain 2011
  • Boston LGBT Film Festival - USA 2011
  • Manlleu Short Film Festival - Spain 2011
  • Riverside International Film Festival - USA 2011
  • European Short Film Festival at MIT - USA 2011
  • Palm Beach International Film Festival - USA 2011
  • Byron Bay International Film Festival - Australia 2011
  • Tampere Film Festival - Finland 2011
  • The Magnolia Independent Film Festival - USA 2011
  • FEC Gambrils-Reues XIII European Short Film Festival - Spain 2011
  • Super Shorts International Film Festival - UK 2010
  • Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival - USA 2010
  • The Stepping Stone Film Festival - India 2010
  • Lone Star International Film Festival - USA 2010
  • Helsinki International Film Festival - Finland 2010

Music videos







Sports Career

Skydiving (2004 –present). Belongs into the freefly team Pommi (The Bomb).


  • Gold - Freeflying at Finnish National Skydiving Championships 2009
  • Silver - Freeflying at Finnish National Skydiving Championships 2008
  • Silver - Freeflying at Finnish National Skydiving Championships 2007


  • Finnish national record in freeflying speed round 2007. 6 points.[8]


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