Midbrain reticular formation

Midbrain reticular formation
Brain: Midbrain reticular formation
Latin formatio reticularis mesencephali

The midbrain reticular formation (mesencephalic reticular formation, tegmental reticular formation, formatio reticularis (tegmenti) mesencephali) is a structure in the midbrain consisting of the dorsal tegmental nucleus, ventral tegmental nucleus, and cuneiform nucleus. These are also known as the tegmental nuclei.[1]

The dorsal and ventral tegmental nuclei receive connections from the mammillo-tegmental bundle of Gudden, a branch of the mammillothalamic tract. The bundle of Gudden might be identical to the hypothalamotegmental tract.

Along with the oral pontine reticular nucleus, the midbrain reticular formation projects to the nucleus gigantocellularis.[2]

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