Microsoft FUSE Labs

Microsoft FUSE Labs

Microsoft's Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs was started by Ray Ozzie and is run by Lili Cheng. The group focuses on real-time and media rich experiences and is located in Redmond, WA, Cambridge, MA, and Cambridge, UK.

Its official sub-domain was hacked by hacker named "Hmei7" on October 08, 2011.A pop-up message saying "Hoho microsoft got hacked by Hmei7" Leaving the defaced message "are you microsoft??, hacked by Hmei7" and "what about you?".[1]


  • Bing Twitter - Find out what topics are hottest on Twitter.
  • Bing Twitter Maps - Ever wondered what people are Twittering about around you? Check out Bing Twitter Maps and see.
  • - Discover, Create and Share Office docs with your Facebook friends
  • Kodu - Create your own game! Kodu is a visual programming language made for children (or anyone) to create games on your PC.
  • Project Emporia - Project Emporia opens up an entire social world for you – explore what people participating in Twitter are talking about in specific topic areas and see the world through their lenses.
  • Spindex - Your entire social world in one page - find what’s new, search, see your friends’ trending topics. Make the most of your social time.


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