Marwan E. Jubran

Marwan E. Jubran

Marwan E. Jubran is a Development Manager at Microsoft on the Windows Azure team, responsible for the instrumentation, analysis, and optimization of the engineering infrastructure to support efficient deployment and release of Windows Azure core services across the globe.

Jubran established the Windows Azure on-boarding team in 2007, and took on the challenge to on-board Enterprise, and Web Service applications to leverage Microsoft’s utility computing platform for a two year period. He led the engagement efforts with Customers and Partners. He provided technical support and design guidance to Groups building Enterprise solutions within Microsoft using the platform. He engaged Microsoft’s strategic partners, supported service development efforts, and developed technologies to optimize the on-boarding experience and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.

Jubran joined Microsoft in July 2001, he worked as a Software Design Engineer within Microsoft Game Studios. He became a true expert in the Code Analysis field and introduced the use of this technology in Games. He built the Stability, Security, and Performance team at Microsoft Game Studios. He worked on improving the stability and performance of first party AAA PC and Xbox titles during the course of six years. He worked on great franchise titles such as Zoo Tycoon, Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Halo, and more.

Jubran's tireless efforts helped titles hit their ship date on schedule. He improved product quality and optimized software, which lead to higher customer satisfaction, great user experience, reduced support costs and higher sale revenues. Jubran has a patent award on Custom API Modeling for Source Code Static Analysis Simulator. Jubran received many awards since he joined Microsoft for his outstanding work.

Prior to Microsoft, Jubran was a Research Assistant at the Chemical Engineering department of Florida Institute of Technology. He worked with researchers at Florida Tech on Chemical, Environmental, and Civil Engineering research projects for Florida state government agencies, which included Florida Solar Energy Center, Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of Transportation, South Florida Water Management District, and more.

Jubran worked in the areas of Gas Separation, Pyrolysis of Municipal Solid Waste, Biodegradation of Municipal Solid Waste with Wastewater Sludge and Phosphogypsum, Groundwater Flow, Stormwater Runoff, and Construction & Demolition Landfills. Jubran technical findings are sited in journal articles, publications, and reports.

Jubran holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science (2001), a M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering (1999) from Florida Institute of Technology, a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering (1997) from University of Kentucky, and a B.S. degree in General Sciences (1994) from the Lebanese American University.

Game Credits

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  • Construction and Testing of a Seepage Meter Test Tank and Testing of Seepage Meters, funded by the South Florida Water Management District. Development of correction factors for various seepage meters, and measured water quality. Determination of the accuracy and precision of industrial and conventional seepage meters under hydraulic gradients and flowrates encountered in Florida water bodies.

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