Rajput Clan: Marral
Distribution Punjab (Pakistan)
Descended from: Raes
Branches: None
Religion Islam
Languages Punjabi, Sindhi, and Seraiki
Surnames: Marral

The Marral or Maral are a Muslim tribe of Rajput found throughout southern part of the Punjab, Pakistan province of Pakistan.[1]

History & Origins

According to their traditions, the tribe claims descent from a Marral. This Marral was a Rae Rajput who migrated from Delhi and settled in Sindh. He had three sons, but all his descendents are called Marrals.

The etymology of the name according to some traditions is that a certain Rae was told by his astrologers that a boy would be born in a Rae family who would destroy his kingdom, so he ordered that all the children born to Rae families should be killed, but Maral's mother concealed him in a drum, and so he was named Maral ( from the Sindhi marhna to muffle).[1]

Distribution & Villages

The Marral are found mainly in Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Multan, Muzaffargarh and Jhang districts.

Their villages in Rajanpur District include Jindo Marral and Phagan Marral.

In Chiniot District,chak no 15 monianwala Marralwala, and Multan District, Qasba Marral, Khan Pur Marral and Inyatpur Marral.

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The ancestors of Marral family were migrated from the Rai family from Pani pat kernal tribe in Dehli. They are the descendents of Rai family of Kerna in Dehli. They were the Raja of their tribe. They are the big landlords of punjab. Their land comprises four mouzas of Qasba Marral and many other mouzas (villages) surrounding Qasba Marral. Marral are at top on the basis of landholdings in Multan district. Qasba Marral is also the largest village or qasba (town) of Punjab.

In Sindh they are found in district Kashmore & Ghotki, In Kashmore Village Rais Ahmed Bux Maral, Village Gaji Maral, Village Haji Alim maral, Village Nihal Maral are main villages.

In Sindh they are found in district Kashmore & Ghotki, In Kashmore Village Rais Ahmed Bux Maral, Village Gaji Maral, Village Haji Alim maral, Village Nihal Maral are main villages.

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