Mezzalama Trophy

Mezzalama Trophy

The Mezzalama Trophy (Italian: Trofeo Mezzalama aka white marathon[1]) is an Italian high altitude ski mountaineering competition in the region of Cervinia. The Mezzalama Trophy, that belongs to the "big three of ski mountaineering" (French: les grandes trois de ski de montagne) besides the two other best-known and classical skimountaineering events, the Patrouille des Glaciers and the Pierra Menta, is the highest alpine ski mountaineering competition of the world. The event in the Monte Rosa's massif was named in honor of the mountain guide Ottorino Mezzalama.[2]



The Mezzalama Trophy Foundation was founded by friends of Ottorino Mezzalama in 1933 in his memory.[3] The race was held very year from 1933 and to 1938. Entry was open only to men; the first female participant is presumed to be Paula Wiesinger, who had been invited to view the race in 1935. When Giusto Gervasutti withdrew due to injury, she put on his military uniform and cap and, wearing sunglasses, ran instead of him, but was discovered at a checkpoint.[4] The 1935 Trofeo Mezzalama was filmed by Mario Craveri in his film "Maratona Bianca".[5]

After 1938 the race was discontinued (except that in 1940 a platonic[clarification needed] race was carried out under the name marcia nazionale Ottorino Mezzalama by the Ski Club Torino).[1] Further races were held in 1971, 1973, 1975, and in 1978[6], and the Mezzalama Trophy was revived as a regular biennial race with the eleventh race in 1997.[7]

Cervina (starting point)

In 1975, the Mezzalama Trophy was held as World Championship of Skimountaineering. 33 civilian teams, 12 mountain guide teams and 11 military teams participated in this event.[8] In that year, the first female team competed officially.[9] Together with the Pierra Menta and the Tour du Rutor event, the Mezzalama Trophy is part of the Trophée des Alpes (French for Alps' Trophy) series.

Editions and results

Winner teams of the 1930s

In 1934, all competing teams were overtaken by the German reserve racer Anderl Heckmair, who started as a single racer one and a half hours after the teams left.[10]

edition date ranking participants
1st May 28, 1933 Med 1.png Italy Luigi Carrel aka "Carrelino" Italy Antonio Gaspard Italy Pietro Maquignaz[11]
2nd May 19, 1934 Med 1.png Italy Alberto Chenoz Italy Francesco Chenoz Italy Bartolomeo Carrel[12]
3rd May 26, 1935 Med 1.png Italy Cap. Enrico Silvestri Italy Serg. Carlo Ronc Italy Alp. Attilio Chenoz[13]
4th June 13, 1936 Med 1.png Italy Ten. Francesco Vida Italy Serg. Carlo Ronc Italy Serg. Luigi Perenni[13]
5th June 19, 1937 Med 1.png Italy Ten. Giuseppe Fabre Italy Serg. Luigi Perenni Italy Alp. Anselmo Viviani[13]
6th June 11, 1938 Med 1.png Italy Aristide Compagnoni Italy Severino Confortola Italy Silvio Confortola[14]

Winner teams of the 1970s and 1975 World Championship medalists

edition date ranking participants
7th September 11, 1971 Med 1.png Italy Gianfranco Stella Italy Aldo Stella Italy Roberto Stella[15]
8th June 1, 1973 Med 1.png Italy Gianfranco Stella Italy Aldo Stella Italy Palmiro Serafini[16]
1st World Championship
9th edition on May 10, 1975
Category: "civilian teams"
Med 1.png Italy Renzo Meynet Italy Osvaldo Ronc Italy Mirko Stangalino[17]
Med 2.png  ?  ?  ?
Med 3.png  ?  ?  ?
Category: "military teams"
Med 1.png Italy Angelo Genuin Italy Bruno Bonaldi Italy Luigi "Gigi" Weiss[17]
Med 2.png Italy Gianfranco Stella Italy Aldo Stella Italy Leo Vidi[18]
Med 3.png Italy Willy Bertin Italy Felice Darioli Italy Fabrizio Pedranzini[18]
Category: "mountain guide teams"
Med 1.png Italy Oreste Squinobal Italy Arturo Squinobal Italy Lorenzo Squinobal[17]
Med 2.png  ?  ?  ?
Med 3.png  ?  ?  ?
10th April 29, 1978 Category: "civilian teams"
Med 1.png Austria Rudolf Kapeller Austria Karl Sinzinger Austria Josef Hones[17]
Category: "military teams"
Med 1.png Italy Mario Varesco Italy Fabio Cavagnet Italy Elvio Venturini[17]
Category: "mountain guide teams"
Med 1.png Italy Arturo Squinobal Italy Lorenzo Squinobal Italy Danilo Barell[17]

Top ten rankings since 1997

11th Trofeo Mezzalama (1997)
ranking[19] participants
Med 1.png Italy Fabio Meraldi Italy Enrico Pedrini Italy Omar Oprandi
Med 2.png Italy Fulvio Mazzocchi Italy Leonardo Follis Italy Luciano Fontana
Med 3.png Italy Franco Laurent Italy Nicola Invernizzi Italy Wolfgang Holzner
4 Italy Stefano Chio Italy Stefano Ghisafi Italy Fabio Ghisafi
5 Italy Fabienne Chanoine Italy Giuseppe Ouvrier Italy Ettore Champretavy
6 Italy  Italy  Italy 
7 Italy  Italy  Italy 
8 Italy  Italy  Italy 
9 Italy  Italy  Italy 
10 Italy  Italy  Italy 
First women team
Italy Bice Bones Italy Brunella Parolini Italy Fabiana Battel
12th Trofeo Mezzalama (1999)
ranking[20] participants
Med 1.png Italy Fulvio Mazzocchi Italy Leonardo Follis Italy Luciano Fontana
Med 2.png Italy Fabio Meraldi Italy Enrico Pedrini France Pierre Gignoux
Med 3.png Italy Ivan Murada Italy Graziano Boscacci Italy Luca Negroni
4 Italy Stefano Chio Italy Stefano Ghisafi Italy Fabio Ghisafi
5 Italy Gaudenzio Godioz Italy Nicola Invernizzi Italy Emanuel Conta
6 Italy Ettore Champretavy Italy Jean Pellissier Italy Giuseppe Ouvrier
7 Italy Carlo Battel Italy Adriano Greco Italy Bruno Zen
8 Italy Marco Camandona Italy Massimo Junod Italy Donato Barrel
First women team
Italy Gloriana Pellissier France Danielle Hacquard France Véronique Lathuraz
13th Trofeo Mezzalama (2001)
ranking[21] participants
Med 1.png Italy Graziano Boscacci Italy Ivan Murada Switzerland Heinz Blatter
Med 2.png Italy Fabio Meraldi Italy Jean Pellissier France Stéphane Brosse
Med 3.png Italy Franco Nicolini Italy Enrico Pedrini Italy Carlo Battel
4 Switzerland Damien Farquet Switzerland Rico Elmer Switzerland Emanuel Buchs
5 Italy Nicola Invernizzi Italy Emanuel Conta Italy Dennis Brunod
6 Italy Luciano Fontana Italy Ivano Molin Italy Renato Pasini
7 Italy Donato Svain Italy Massimo Borettaz Italy Giuseppe Ouvrier
8 Switzerland Nicolao Leone Lanfranchi Switzerland Alexander Hug Liechtenstein Olivier Nägele
9 Italy Marco Camandona Italy Massimo Junod Italy Donato Barrel
10 Italy Alberto Stanchina Italy Alfredo Corsini Italy Gian Giuseppe Corsini
First women team
[22] Italy Gloriana Pellissier Italy Arianna Follis Switzerland Alexia Zuberer
14th Trofeo Mezzalama (2003)
ranking[23] participants
Med 1.png Switzerland Damien Farquet Switzerland Rico Elmer Switzerland Rolf Zurbrügg
Med 2.png Italy Jean Pellissier France Stéphane Brosse France Pierre Gignoux
Med 3.png Italy Manfred Reichegger Italy Dennis Brunod Italy Nicola Invernizzi
4 Italy Guido Giacomelli Italy Camillo Vescovo Italy Mirco Mezzanotte
5 Italy Graziano Boscacci Italy Ivan Murada Switzerland Heinz Blatter
6 Switzerland Didier Moret Switzerland Christian Pittex Switzerland Florent Troillet
7 France Cyril Champange France Bertrand Blanc France Grégory Gachet
8 Italy Matteo Pedergnana Italy Matteo Riz Italy Mario Scanu
9 France Patrick Blanc France Tony Sbalbi France Cédric Tomio
10 Slovakia Miroslav Leitner Slovakia Peter Svätojánsky Slovakia Milan Madaj
First women team
[22] Switzerland Cristina Favre-Moretti Italy Arianna Follis Italy Chiara Raso
15th Trofeo Mezzalama (2005)
ranking[24] participants
Med 1.png France Stéphane Brosse France Patrick Blanc Italy Guido Giacomelli
Med 2.png Switzerland Florent Troillet Switzerland Christian Pittex Switzerland Alexander Hug
Med 3.png Italy Jean Pellissier Italy Manfred Reichegger Italy Dennis Brunod
4 Austria Alexander Lugger Liechtenstein Olivier Nägele Italy Hansjörg Lunger
5 Switzerland Didier Moret Switzerland Yannick Ecoeur Switzerland Stéphane Gay
6 Italy Nicola Invernizzi Italy Denis Trento Italy Alain Seletto
7 Switzerland Stephane Millius France Philippe Blanc Switzerland Ernest Farquet
8 Italy Flavio Gadin Italy Giuseppe Pivano Italy Enrico Titolo
9 Italy Roberto Daz Italy Ivan Antiga Italy Alberto Stanchina
10 Germany Wolfgang Panzer Germany Franz Graßl Germany Martin Echtler
First women team
[22] Italy Gloriana Pellissier Italy Christiane Nex Switzerland Natascia Leonardi Cortesi
16th Trofeo Mezzalama (2007)
ranking[25] participants
Med 1.png Italy Guido Giacomelli Italy Jean Pellissier Switzerland Florent Troillet
Med 2.png France Florent Perrier France Grégory Gachet France Patrick Blanc
Med 3.png Italy Manfred Reichegger Italy Dennis Brunod Italy Denis Trento
4 Italy Alain Seletto France Tony Sbalbi Italy Martin Riz
5 Italy Graziano Boscacci Italy Ivan Murada Italy Mirco Mezzanotte
6 Italy Daniele Pedrini Italy Lorenzo Holzknecht Italy Mattia Coletti
7 France Lionel Bonnel France Fabien Anselmet France Sébastien Baud
8 Switzerland Alain Rey Switzerland Yannick Ecoeur Switzerland Ernest Farquet
9 Italy Paolo Moriondo Italy Alberto Fazio Italy Fulvio Fazio
10 Italy Aldo Christille Italy Carlo Christille Italy Nadir Giovanetto
ranking participants
Med 1.png Italy Gloriana Pellissier Italy Roberta Pedranzini Italy Francesca Martinelli
Med 2.png France Corinne Favre France Nathalie Bourillon France Véronique Lathuraz
Med 3.png Germany Judith Graßl Germany Stefanie Koch Germany Silvia Treimer
4 Italy Tatiana Locatelli Italy Marina Ferrandoz Italy Corinne Clos
5 Italy Fabienne Chanoine Italy Silvia Cuminetti Italy Tamara Lunger
6 Italy Micol Murachelli Italy Alessandra Gianatti Italy Gisella Benadotti
7 Switzerland Christine Diaque Switzerland Andréa Zimmermann Switzerland Anne Carron-Bender
8 Italy Maddalena Wegher Italy Petra Seppi Italy Annemarie Gross
9 Italy Chiara Tallia Italy Bruna Riperto Italy Raffaella Gianotti
10 Italy Maria Orlando Italy Claudia Comello Italy Paola Dellavedova
17th Trofeo Mezzalama (2009)
ranking[26] participants
Med 1.png Italy Manfred Reichegger Italy Matteo Eydallin Italy Denis Trento
Med 2.png Italy Jean Pellissier Italy Damiano Lenzi Italy Daniele Pedrini
Med 3.png Italy Alain Seletto France Tony Sbalbi France Didier Blanc
4 Italy Graziano Boscacci Italy Ivan Murada Italy Pietro Lanfranchi
5 Switzerland Didier Moret Switzerland Pierre Bruchez Switzerland Ernest Farquet
6 Switzerland Yannick Ecoeur Switzerland Marcel Marti Switzerland Martin Anthamatten
7 France Jean-François Premat France Alain Premat France Sébastien Baud
8 Italy Alessandro Follador Italy Riccardo Dezulian Italy Ivo Zulian
9 Italy Alex Salvadori Italy Titta Scalet Italy Simone Porta
10 Italy Renato Pasini Italy Fabio Pasini Italy Daniele Chioda
ranking participants
Med 1.png Italy Francesca Martinelli Italy Roberta Pedranzini France Laëtitia Roux
Med 2.png Italy Corinne Clos Italy Orietta Calliari Italy Silvia Rocca
Med 3.png Italy Micol Murachelli Italy Giulia Botti Italy Alessandra Gianatti
4 Austria Veronika Swidrak Austria Maria Strasser Poland Klaudia Tasz
5 Italy Paola Martinale Italy Raffaella Gianotti Italy Sonia Balbis
6 France Isabelle Ciferman France Alice Lauga France Sylvie Turbil
7 Switzerland Birgit Hosner Switzerland Annick Rey Switzerland Lucia Näfen
8 Italy Sabrina Zanon Italy Carla Jellici Italy Nadia Scola
9 Italy Roberta Scocco Italy Maria Orlando Italy Claudia Comello
10 Switzerland Chantal Daucourt United States Lyndsay Meyer Switzerland Cécile Pasche


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  • Rolf Majcen: Bergauf - Abenteuer Ausdauersport (German) ISBN 9783900533397

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