Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft

Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft
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The Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft is the annual draft of outstanding amateur lacrosse players from American colleges and universities into the professional ranks of Major League Lacrosse (MLL). The U.S. league, made up of six teams organized in a single conference, began conducting the draft in 2001.[1] Players drafted each season by MLL teams are listed in the following sections.


2009 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player Position College
Round 1
1 Chicago Kenny Nims Attackman Syracuse
2 Denver
(from Washington)
Max Seibald Midfield Cornell
3 Long Island Zack Greer Attackman Bryant
4 Boston Brandon Corp Midfielder Colgate
5 Washington
(from Denver)
Dan Glading Attackman Virginia
6 Toronto Sid Smith Defenseman Syracuse
7 Denver (from Boston) Shane Walterhoefer Midfielder/Face-off North Carolina
8 Denver Dan Hardy Midfielder Syracuse
9 Washington
(from Toronto through Boston)
Matt Abbott Midfielder Syracuse
Round 2
10 Chicago John Glynn Midfielder Cornell
11 Washington PT Ricci Defenseman Loyola
12 Long Island Mark Kovler Midfielder Princeton
13 Toronto
(from Boston)
Doc Schneider Goalkeeper Massachusetts
14 Denver Brian Christopher Midfielder Johns Hopkins
15 Toronto Brad Ross Midfielder Duke
16 Boston Jordan Burke Goalkeeper Brown
Round 3
17 Chicago Ryan Hoff Attackman Notre Dame
18 Washington Michael Evans Defenseman Johns Hopkins
19 Long Island Drew Adams Goalkeeper Penn State
20 Boston Pete Poillon Midfielder UMBC
21 Denver Shane Koppens Attackman Loyola
22 Toronto Corey Small Attackman Albany
23 Washington Jeff Reynolds Midfielder Maryland
24 Long Island Regis McDermott Defenseman Notre Dame
25 Toronto Mike Timms Defenseman Virginia
26 Washington Dan Groot Midfielder Maryland
Round 4
27 Chicago Steven Bauer Defenseman Georgetown
28 Washington Ben Hunt Midfielder North Carolina
29 Long Island Anthony Muscarella Midfielder Hofstra
30 Boston Matt Messina Midfielder NYIT
31 Denver Chris O'Dougherty Defenseman Rutgers
32 Toronto Garrett Billings Attackman Virginia
33 Washington Ryan McFadyen Defenseman Duke
34 Long Island Chris Eck Face-off Colgate
35 Denver Alex Hopmann Midfielder UMBC
36 Denver Jeremy Blevins Goalkeeper UMBC
Round 5
37 Chicago Thomas Kehoe Midfielder Gettysburg
38 Washington Kylor Berkman Midfielder Salisbury
39 Long Island Donny Moss Defenseman Adelphi
40 Boston Jake Beebe Attackman Springfield (Ma.)
41 Denver Ryan Komorek Midfielder Cornell
42 Toronto Duffy Defenseman Albany

2008 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player Position College
Round 1
1 Boston
(from Chicago)
Paul Rabil Midfielder Johns Hopkins
2 New Jersey
(from San Francisco through Los Angeles)
Matt Danowski Attackman Duke
3 New Jersey Mike Leveille Attackman Syracuse
4 Chicago
(from Washington through Boston)
Stephen Peyser Midfielder, F/O Johns Hopkins
5 Los Angeles
(from Long Island)
Kevin Buchanan Attackman Ohio State
6 Chicago
(from Boston)
Steven Brooks Midfielder Syracuse
7 San Francisco
(from Denver)
Mike Podgajny Midfielder Notre Dame
8 Chicago
(from Rochester through Boston)
Terry Kimener Midfielder UMBC
9 New Jersey
(from Los Angeles)
Joe Cinosky Defenseman Maryland
10 New Jersey
(from Philadelphia through Chicago)
Jordan Levine Midfielder Albany
Round 2
11 Chicago Will Barrow Midfielder Virginia
12 New Jersey
(from San Francisco)
Tony McDevitt Defenseman Duke
13 Denver
(from New Jersey)
Dan Cocoziello Defenseman Princeton
14 Long Island
(from Washington through Los Angeles)
Ben Rubeor Attackman Virginia
15 Washington
(from Long Island)
Matt Bocklet Defenseman Johns Hopkins
16 San Francisco
(from Boston)
Matt Lalli Midfielder Colgate
17 San Francisco
(from Denver)
Kevin Huntley Attackman Johns Hopkins
18 Rochester Kyle Guadagnolo Defenseman Syracuse
19 Long Island
(from Los Angeles)
Jerry Lambe Defenseman Georgetown
20 New Jersey
(from Philadelphia)
Kevin Unterstein Midfielder Hofstra
Round 3
21 New Jersey
(from Chicago)
Dan Brennan Midfielder Syracuse
22 Rochester
(from San Francisco)
Nick O'Hara Defenseman Duke
23 Chicago
(from New Jersey)
Brendan Cannon Attackman Georgetown
24 Los Angeles
(from Washington)
Mike McDonald Midfielder Le Moyne
25 San Francisco
(from Long Island through Los Angeles)
Brendan Loftus Midfielder Syracuse
26 Boston Paul Manesis Midfielder Massachusetts
27 Denver Mike Ward Midfielder Duke
28 Rochester Adam Fullerton Goalkeeper Army
29 Los Angeles Joey Kemp Goalkeeper Notre Dame
30 New Jersey
(from Philadelphia through Chicago then Rochester)
Alex Hewit Goalkeeper Princeton
Round 4
31 Washington
(from Chicago)
Brett Manney Midfielder Delaware
32 San Francisco Ryan Cranston Midfielder Lynchburg
33 New Jersey Matthew Hickman Attackman Salisbury
34 Washington Sean Dougherty Defenseman Notre Dame
35 Long Island Mike Unterstein Midfielder Hofstra
36 San Francisco
(from Boston)
Sean Krygier Defenseman Massachusetts
37 Washington
(from Denver)
Paul Richards Midfielder Loyola
38 Boston
(from Rochester)
Chris Eck Face-off Colgate
39 San Francisco
(from Long Island through Boston)
Daryl Veltman Attackman Hobart
40 Long Island
(from Philadelphia)
Jon Engelke Attackman Towson
Round 5
41 Chicago Bud Petit Goalkeeper Virginia
42 San Francisco Tom Michaelsen Midfielder St. Johns
43 New Jersey Nick Mirabito Attackman Navy
44 Washington Brekan Kohlitz Face-off Michigan
45 Long Island Ryan Heath Attackman Cortland
46 Boston Tony Tanzi Midfielder Sacred Heart
47 Denver Peter Striebel Midfielder Princeton
48 Rochester Brett Queener Goalkeeper Albany
49 Los Angeles Taylor Clagett Face-off Notre Dame
50 Long Island
(from Philadelphia)
Brian Danvers Defenseman Massachusetts

2007 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player Position College
Round 1
1 Chicago Pat Heim Midfielder Penn State
2 Boston
(from Washington)
Kip Turner Goalkeeper Virginia
3 Rochester Alex Smith Face-off Delaware
4 Denver
(from Long Island)
Drew Westervelt Attackman UMBC
5 Chicago
(from New Jersey through Philadelphia then New Jersey)
Bill Looney Midfielder Navy
6 Los Angeles Greg Downing Midfielder Fairfield
7 Rochester
(from San Francisco)
Greg Rommel Midfielder Syracuse
8 Boston David Mitchell Attackman Cornell
9 Boston
(from Denver)
Ray Megill Defenseman Maryland
10 Long Island
(from Philadelphia then Denver)
Matt McMonagle Goalkeeper Cornell
Round 2
11 Chicago Jordan Hall Midfielder Delaware
12 Los Angeles
(from Washington)
Mitch Belisle Defenseman Cornell
13 Rochester Andrew Spack Midfielder Loyola
14 Denver
(from Long Island)
Zachary Jungers Defenseman Princeton
15 Chicago
(from New Jersey)
Steve Whittenberg Defenseman Maryland
16 San Francisco
(from Los Angeles)
Colin Hulme Defenseman Colgate
17 Los Angeles
(from San Francisco)
Alex Buckley Midfielder Brown
18 San Francisco
(from Boston)
Jake Byrne Attackman Johns Hopkins
19 Rochester
(from Denver)
Matt Dasinger Midfielder Salisbury
20 Chicago
(from Philadelphia)
Dan Kallaugher Face-off Loyola
Round 3
21 Boston
(from Chicago through Washington)
Drew Thompson Midfielder Virginia
22 Washington Frank Resetarits Attackman Albany
23 Rochester Brian Clayton Midfielder Cornell
24 Chicago
(from Long Island)
Steve Panarelli Defenseman Syracuse
25 New Jersey
(from New Jersey through Chicago)
Chris Colliniates Face-off Villanova
26 Washington
(from Los Angeles)
Ricky Smith Defenseman Virginia
27 Philadelphia
(from San Francisco)
Peter Trombino Attackman Princeton
28 Chicago
(from Boston )
Dan Deckelbaum Midfielder Delaware
29 Denver Scott Sowanick Midfielder Princeton
30 Philadelphia Ian Dingman Attackman Navy
Round 4
31 Long Island
(from Chicago)
Adam Crystal Defenseman Drexel
32 Washington John Henry Flood Face-off Harvard
33 Rochester Joseph Thon Defenseman Mercyhurst
34 Long Island Nick Bonacci Attackman Dartmouth
35 New Jersey Ryan Hotaling Attackman Nazareth
36 Los Angeles Julian Watts Midfielder Hofstra
37 San Francisco Chris Heier Defenseman Salisbury
38 Boston Brett Garber Midfielder Massachusetts
39 Denver Jesse Schwartzman Goalkeeper Johns Hopkins
40 Philadelphia Mike Graham Defenseman Loyola
Round 5
41 Long Island
(from Chicago)
Brian Hubschmann Attackman Notre Dame
42 Washington Luis Gonzalez Midfielder Salisbury
43 Rochester Chad Amidon Midfielder Nazareth
44 Washington
(from Long Island)
Eric Pittard Attackman Cornell
45 Chicago
(from New Jersey)
Harry Alford Goalkeeper Maryland
46 Los Angeles Jim Borell Midfielder Maryland
47 San Francisco Andrew Recchione Midfielder Massachusetts
48 Boston Dan Whipple Defenseman Massachusetts
49 Denver Peter Hein Midfielder Vermont
50 Philadelphia Mike Fillipone Midfielder Drexel

2006 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player College
Round 1
1 Rochester
(from Chicago)
Joe Walters Maryland
2 Baltimore
(from Denver)
Kyle Dixon Virginia
3 Chicago
(from San Francisco)
Sean Morris Massachusetts
4 Baltimore
(from Long Island)
Matt Ward Virginia
5 Baltimore
(from Denver)
Bill McGlone Maryland
6 Philadelphia Matt Zash Duke
7 Chicago
(from Rochester)
Michael Culver Virginia
8 Rochester
(from Boston)
Chris Unterstein Hofstra
9 Philadelphia
(from Long Island)
Greg Peyser Johns Hopkins
10 Rochester
(from San Francisco)
Jack Reid Massachusetts
Round 2
11 Los Angeles D.J. Driscoll Notre Dame
12 Boston
(from San Francisco)
Matt Poskay Virginia
13 Baltimore
(from Denver)
Brendan Healy Maryland
14 Boston
(from Chicago)
Brett Bucktooth Syracuse
15 Baltimore John Keysor Hofstra
16 Chicago
(from New Jersey)
Joe Boulukos Cornell
17 Denver
(from Long Island)
Geoff Snider Denver
18 Denver
(from Rochester)
Brett Moyer Hofstra
19 San Francisco
(from Boston)
Joe Yevoli Syracuse
20 Denver
(from Long Island)
Casey Cittadino Towson
Round 3
21 Denver
(from Baltimore)
Brendan Mundorf UMBC
22 San Francisco
(from Chicago)
Steve Holmes Virginia
23 Rochester
(from Denver)
Greg Gurenlian Penn State
24 San Francisco Steven McElduff North Carolina
25 San Francisco
(from Los Angeles)
Kyle Dowd Duke
26 New Jersey Reyn Garnett Georgetown
27 Philadelphia Xander Ritz Maryland
28 Rochester JJ Morrissey Virginia
29 Boston Dave Andrzejewski Pennsylvania
30 Long Island Jake Deane Massachusetts
Round 4
31 Rochester
(from Baltimore)
Brian Crockett Syracuse
32 Baltimore
(from Los Angeles)
Greg Havalchak Rutgers
33 San Francisco Brad Heritage Dartmouth
34 Long Island
(from Denver)
Pat Walsh Notre Dame
35 Chicago Dan Flannery Duke
36 New Jersey Dave Paolisso Georgetown
37 Philadelphia Pete Cannon Georgetown
38 Rochester Nate Kenney Syracuse
39 Boston Jamie Coffin Dartmouth
40 Long Island John Orsen Hofstra
Round 5
41 San Francisco
(from Baltimore)
Michael Abou Jaude Bucknell
42 Chicago Adam Goodwin Denver
43 Denver Sean McCarth Hofstra
44 New Jersey
(from San Francisco)
Jason Cappadoro Stony Brook
45 Los Angeles Devon Britts Rutgers
46 New Jersey Jon Birsner Navy
47 Philadelphia Joseph Canuso Villanova
48 Rochester Alex Civalier Nazareth
49 Boston Ryan Danehy Dartmouth
50 Long Island Adam Blechman Pennsylvania
51 Baltimore Matt Russell Navy

2005 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player College
Round 1
1 New Jersey Kyle Harrison Johns Hopkins
2 Philadelphia
(from Long Island)
Jed Prossner North Carolina
3 Baltimore Brodie Merrill Georgetown
4 Baltimore
(from Philadelphia through Boston)
Benson Erwin Johns Hopkins
5 Boston
(from Rochester)
John Christmas Virginia
6 New Jersey
(from Boston)
Andy Corno Georgetown
Round 2
7 New Jersey Graham Gill Navy
8 Philadelphia
(from Long Island)
Kyle Barrie Johns Hopkins
9 New Jersey
(from Baltimore)
Jay Pfeifer Syracuse
10 Philadelphia Justin Redd Cornell
11 Rochester Jason Doneger Princeton
12 Boston Tom Garvey Johns Hopkins
Round 3
13 New Jersey Ben Grinnell Dartmouth
14 Long Island Chris Cara Bucknell
15 Baltimore Matt Rewkowski Johns Hopkins
16 Rochester
(from Philadelphia)
Justin Smith Salisbury
17 Rochester Scott Ditzell Syracuse
18 Boston Jarett Park Syracuse
Round 4
19 Long Island Chazz Woodson Brown
20 Baltimore William Cutler Penn State
21 Philadelphia Jeff Bigas Salisbury
22 New Jersey
(from Rochester through Boston)
Rob Bateman Virginia
23 Boston Brian Giordano Notre Dame
24 New Jersey Kyle Georgalas Cornell
Round 5
25 Long Island Jack deVilliers Virginia
26 Boston
(from Baltimore)
Chris Mucciolo Brown
27 Philadelphia Ryan Vilar Hofstra
28 Rochester James Wagner Army
29 Boston Andrew Goldstein Dartmouth

2004 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player Position College
Round 1
1 Baltimore
(from Philadelphia)
Michael Powell Attackman Syracuse
2 Rochester Ryan Boyle Attackman Princeton
3 Philadelphia
(from Boston)
Tillman Johnson Goalkeeper Virginia
4 Rochester
(from New Jersey)
Sean Lindsay Midfielder Syracuse
5 Baltimore Lee Zink Defenseman Maryland
6 Boston
(from Long Island)
Chris Passavia Defenseman Maryland
Round 2
7 Philadelphia Conor Ford Attackman Johns Hopkins
8 New Jersey
(from Rochester)
Walid Hajj Midfielder Georgetown
9 Boston Ronnie Staines Defenseman North Carolina
10 Philadelphia
(from Boston)
Ben DeFelice Midfielder Towson
11 Baltimore Mike Levin Goalkeeper Brown
12 Boston
(from Long Island)
Kevin Frew Midfielder North Carolina
Round 3
13 Philadelphia Steve Vallone Midfielder Syracuse
14 Rochester Tony Russo Goalkeeper Ohio State
15 Boston Jeff Bryan Attackman Army
16 Rochester
(from New Jersey)
Kevin Dougherty Midfielder Syracuse
17 Baltimore Kevin Boland Midfielder Johns Hopkins
18 Long Island Corey Harned Defenseman Johns Hopkins
Round 4
19 Philadelphia Greg Bice Defenseman Ohio State
20 Rochester Eric Martin Defenseman Salisbury
21 Boston Brian Nee Attackman Syracuse
22 New Jersey Peter Vlahakis Midfielder Fairfield
23 Baltimore Matt Alrich Attackman Delaware
24 Long Island Andrew Murray Midfielder Salisbury
Round 5
25 Philadelphia Andrew Roth Midfielder Cortland
26 Rochester Brian Joy Midfielder Hobart
27 Boston Drew Pfarr Midfielder Towson
28 New Jersey Tom Daniels Midfielder Dartmouth
29 Baltimore Blaise Fletcher Defenseman Bucknell
30 Long Island Steve Berger Midfielder Washington College

2003 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player Position College
Round 1
1 Bridgeport Chris Rotelli Midfielder Virginia
2 Rochester Kevin Cassese Midfielder Duke
3 Boston Chris Fiore Midfielder Massachusetts
4 New Jersey A.J. Shannon Midfielder Virginia
5 New Jersey
(from Long Island)
Ryan McClay Defense Cornell
6 Bridgeport
(from Baltimore)
Mike Springer Attackman Syracuse
Round 2
7 Rochester
(from Baltimore)
Adam Doneger Midfielder Johns Hopkins
8 Rochester Michael Howley Defense Maryland
9 Boston Kevin Leveille Midfielder Massachusetts
10 New Jersey Austin Garrison Midfielder North Carolina
11 Boston
(from Long Island)
Michael Peyser Defense Johns Hopkins
12 Boston
(from Baltimore)
Damien Davis Defense Princeton
Round 3
13 Bridgeport Kyle Sweeney Defense Georgetown
14 Rochester Mike Mollot Midfielder Maryland
15 Boston Chris Garrity Goalkeeper Penn State
16 New Jersey Pat Collins Defense Georgetown
17 Rochester
(from Long Island)
Billy Gladding Midfielder Virginia
18 Baltimore Ryan Moran Midfielder Maryland
Round 4
19 Bridgeport Dan Cocchi Defense Towson
20 Rochester Sol Bliss Defense Syracuse
21 Boston Bobby Benson Attackman Johns Hopkins
22 Baltimore
(from Bridgeport)
Josh Bergey Attackman Salisbury
23 Long Island Kevin Brennan Midfielder Duke
24 Baltimore Trey Whitty Defense Virginia
Round 5
25 Bridgeport Tom Fallon Defense Massachusetts
26 Rochester Tim Booth Midfielder Hobart
27 Boston Ned Bowen Defense Virginia
28 New Jersey Alex Kopicki Midfielder Pennsylvania
29 Long Island Joe Kostolansky Midfielder Hofstra
30 Baltimore Adam Baxter Defense Towson

2002 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player College
Round 1
1 Rochester
(from Bridgeport)
Josh Coffman Syracuse
2 Boston Steve Dusseau Georgetown
3 Boston (from NJ) Conor Gill Virginia
4 Bridgeport
(from Rochester)
Nick Polanco Hofstra
5 Rochester
(from Boston)
John Glatzel Syracuse
6 Baltimore
(from Long Island)
Tom Kessler Hofstra
Round 2
7 Long Island
(from Bridgeport)
Matt McFarland Massachusetts
8 Boston Don Little Massachusetts
9 New Jersey Scott Dooley Hofstra
10 Rochester Will Driscoll Penn State
11 Long Island Dan Paccione Massachusetts
12 Baltimore Justin Cynar Cornell
Round 3
13 Boston
(from Bridgeport)
Jimmy Mormile Brown
14 Boston Marko Lujic Yale
15 New Jersey Brian Solliday Syracuse
16 Boston
(from Rochester)
Galen Beers Cornell
17 Long Island Nick Murtha Johns Hopkins
18 Baltimore Billy St. George Syracuse
Round 4
19 Bridgeport Devin Ryan Notre Dame
20 Long Island
(from Boston)
Tim Pearson Army
21 Bridgeport
(from New Jersey)
Josh Tankersley Towson
22 Rochester Mark Koontz Virginia
23 Rochester
(from Bridgeport)
Nate Watkins Maryland
24 Baltimore Brad Reppert Towson
Round 5
25 Bridgeport Marc Morley Massachusetts
26 Boston Scott Yavarow Bentley
27 New Jersey P.J. DiConza Johns Hopkins
28 Rochester Dan Chemotti Duke
29 Bridgeport
(from Long Island)
Nick Russo Virginia
30 Baltimore Brenndan Mohler Virginia

2001 Collegiate Draft

# Overall Team Player Position College
Round 1
1 Rochester Ryan Mollett Defense Princeton
2 New Jersey Trevor Tierney Goalkeeper Princeton
3 Baltimore Adam Borcz Midfielder Navy
4 Long Island Eric Wedin Midfielder Johns Hopkins
5 Rochester
(from Boston)
Chris Cercy Midfielder Syracuse
6 Baltimore
(from Bridgeport)
Gavin Prout Midfielder Loyola
Round 2
7 Bridgeport
(from Rochester)
Keith Cromwell Attackman Rutgers
8 Boston Mike Law Midfielder Denver
9 Long Island Rob Mulligan Goalkeeper Syracuse
10 Baltimore Jeff Sonke Attackman North Carolina
11 New Jersey Chris Malone Midfielder Maryland
12 Bridgeport Rodger Colbert Defense Georgetown
Round 3
13 Rochester Steve Bishko Midfielder Notre Dame
14 New Jersey Rob Torti Midfielder Princeton
15 Baltimore Shawn Nadelen Defense Johns Hopkins
16 Long Island Brandon Testa Defense Johns Hopkins
17 Boston Mike Henehan Midfielder Georgetown
18 Bridgeport Pat McGinnis Goalkeeper Maryland
Round 4
19 Bridgeport Matt Striebel Midfielder Princeton
20 Boston Scott Doyle Midfielder Georgetown
21 Long Island Rich Kunkel Midfielder Massachusetts
22 Baltimore Tom Glatzel Attackman Notre Dame
23 New Jersey Justin Berry Midfielder Towson
24 Rochester Holt Hopkins Attackman Middlebury
Round 5
25 Rochester Eric Goodberlet Midfielder Nazareth
26 New Jersey Todd Minerly Attackman Pennsylvania
27 Baltimore David Ulrich Attackman Notre Dame
28 Long Island Bobby Horsey Midfielder Loyola
29 Boston Kenny Crowley Defense Denver
30 Bridgeport Bobby Gormsen Defense North Carolina

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