Jersey City Fire Department

Jersey City Fire Department
The Jersey City Fire Department (JCFD)
FDJC Emblem.png
Established September 21, 1829
Staffing Career
Strength 550 uniformed
50 civilian[1]
Battalions 4
Stations 15
Engines 15
Trucks 9
Squads 1
Rescues 1
Fireboats 1
EMS Level First Responder
Fire chief Darren Rivers

The Jersey City Fire Department "JCFD" provides fire protection and medical assistance to Jersey City, New Jersey.[1]



In the spring of 1829, there were several fires in Jersey City (pop. 1,025) and public opinion demanded protection against fire. The Board of Selectmen listened to the demand but the city treasury did not have enough money for fire protection. There was also no way of raising the needed funds through a tax .

An ordinance was passed which prohibited public auctions unless the auctioneer was licensed. A total of $839.50 was collected from the licenses. This money was used to pay for the needed fire protection.

A committee was appointed to find out how much a fire engine would cost. The committee decided to order a new engine from Henry Ludlum of N.Y. for $800.00. It was delivered on August 28, 1829, along with 100 feet of hose purchased for $87.50. The next problem for the Selectmen was to organize and form a fire company. Any citizen could sign up and become one of the first firemen in Jersey City. Thirty citizens signed on. On September 21, 1829, Liberty Engine Company No. 1 was organized and the engine was placed in the stable of Hugh McCutcheon's "Farmers Hotel" at 42 York Street.[1]

The first Chief Engineer ( Chief ) of the fire department was Samuel Bridgart. He was appointed by resolution on February 5, 1835.

In 1870, the fire departments of Jersey City, Bergen City, and Hudson City consolidated under Chief Coyle. A volunteer force at the time was not adequate for such a large area. Because of this, the decision was made to organize a paid fire department. The working force for each company was uniformed, paid, and required to remain in the engine-house. A supplemental force known as "Buffaloes" was organized for each company . They were semi-volunteer and paid a small salary. Their duty was to respond to every alarm and perform the same fire duties as the full paid force.

From these small beginnings the Fire Department of Jersey City has grown into a professional fire department of the highest quality.

Fire Station Locations and Apparatus

The JCFD operates out of 15 Fire Stations, strategically located throughout Jersey City in 4 Battalions, under the command of 4 Battalion Chiefs and a Deputy Chief. The Fire Department of Jersey City also operates a fire apparatus fleet of 15 Engines, 9 Ladders, 1 Squad, 1 Rescue, 1 Haz-Mat. Unit, 1 Light Response Spill Unit(LRSU), 1 Foam Tender, 1 Quick Response Vehicle(QRV), 1 Decon./Rehab. Unit, 1 Mask Service Unit, 1 High-Rise/Tunnel Unit, 1 Mass Casualty Unit, 1 Urban Search and Rescue/Collapse Response Unit, 1 Fire Boat, 1 Safety Battalion, 2 Arson Cars, 1 Office of Emergency Management Vehicle, as well as numerous support and reserve units. Last year, the JCFD responded to over 22,000 emergency calls.[2][3]

In early 2011, the Business Administrator reduced staffing to 20 fire companies and also had the arson duties transferred to the Police Department. In July 2011, the Jersey City Fire Department hired 63 new firefighters from a Federal grant that will pay all the new hires salaries and benefits for 2 years. In September 2011 the Fire Department staffing increased to 24 fire companies when the new firefighters graduated from the Morris County Fire Academy.

JCFD Headquarters, located on 465 Marin Blvd
JCFD Fire Station # 14, located on the corner of Palisade Ave. and Congress St.
Engine Company Ladder Company Special Unit Command Unit Address Neighborhood
Engine 2 160 Grand St. Paulus Hook
Squad 4 Rescue 1 582 Communipaw Ave. Bergen-Lafayette
Engine 5 Ladder 6 MSU. 1, Decon./Rehab. Unit 1 Battalion 1, Safety Battalion 355 Newark Ave. The Village
Engine 6 Ladder 2 High Rise Tunnel Unit Deputy 1 465 Marin Blvd. Downtown
Engine 7 Ladder 3 OEM. Unit Battalion 3 715 Summit Ave. The Heights
Engine 8 Foam Tender, QRV. 1 16 Orient Ave. Greenville
Engine 9 Battalion 4 697 Bergen Ave. McGinley Square
Engine 10 Ladder 12 283 Halladay St. Communipaw
Engine 11 152 Lincoln St. Western Slope
Engine 13 152 Linden Ave. Greenville
Engine 14, Engine 18 Ladder 7 Haz-Mat, LRSU 595 Palisade Ave. The Heights
Engine 15 Ladder 9 200 Sip Ave. Journal Square
Engine 17 Ladder 11 255 Kearney Ave. West Side
Engine 19 Ladder 8 Battalion 2 2 Bergen Ave. Greenville
Engine 22 Tower Ladder 4 486 Ocean Avenue. Greenville
Marine 1 500A Washington Blvd. Newport
USAR(UASI)/Collapse Response Unit, Mass Casualty Unit 48 State St. West Side
Car 30(Arson Unit), Car 30A(Arson Unit) 666 Summit Ave. The Heights
Gong Club/Canteen Unit 244 Bay St. Downtown
Maintenance/Hose Shop 575 Rt. 440 S. West Side

Response Guidelines

  • 1st/All-Hands Box Alarm Assignment:
    • 4 Engines
    • 2 Trucks
    • Squad
    • Rescue
    • 1 Battalion Chief
    • 1 Deputy Chief
    • Safety Battalion Chief
    • Mask Service Unit
  • Working Fire Assignment:
    • 1 Engine
    • 1 Ladder(F.A.S.T.)
    • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 2nd Alarm Assignment:
    • 3 Engines
    • 1 Ladder
    • 1 Battalion
  • 3rd Alarm Assignment:
    • 3 Engines
    • 1 Ladder
    • 1 Battalion Chief
  • Water Leak:
    • 1 Ladder


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