Dusunic languages

Dusunic languages
Linguistic classification: Austronesian

The Dusunic languages are a group of languages spoken by the Bisaya, Dusun, Kadazan, Rungus, and related peoples in the Malaysian province of Sabah on Borneo.


The languages are divided as follows, per Ethnologue 15:

  • Bisaya: Bisaya (a dialect cluster), Tutong, Tatana
  • Dusun: Central Dusun, Kuijau, Papar, Rungus, Lotud, Labuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan, Gana, Kota Marudu Talantang, Kimaragang, Klias River Kadazan, Coastal Kadazan, Tebilung

Not all languages spoken by the Dusun people belong to this group; the East Barito languages include several which are also named 'Dusun'.

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