Double Clutch (Transformers)

Double Clutch (Transformers)

Double Clutch is the name of two Autobot fictional characters from the Transformers.


Transformers: Generation 2

Double Clutch
Double Clutch in the Generation 2 Redux comic
Sub-group Go-Bots
Function Defense Specialist
Rank 5
Motto "Catch me if you can!"
Alternate Modes Lola T94 Indy race car
Series Transformers: Generation 2

Whether on an abandoned dirt track in the desert, or tearing up the tar at Indy, this Autobot defines the word speed. He's also incredibly versatile. Rear spoiler acts as laser deflection shield - converts to energy absorption panel when fuel is depleted. Nose is not only aerodynamic, but radiates electron disrupters to disengage Decepticon tracking sensors.

Fun Publications

Despite being released in the toy line in 1995, it would be 15 years before Double Clutch appeared in any fiction. He is among the Generation 2 Autobots on Earth in the 2010 Botcon story Generation 2: Redux.[1]


  • Generation 2 Go-Bot Double Clutch (1995)
This toy was redecoed into Generation 2 Mirage and Robots in Disguise Mirage.[2][3][4]

Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Double Clutch
Sub-group Rallybots, Power Core Combiners, Scouts
Rank 7
Partner Drag Racer Drone, Race Car Drone, Street Racer Drone, Tuner Drone
Alternate Modes Rally car
Series Transformers: Power Core Combiners

According to his bio, Double Clutch is a master of diversionary tactics, using the speed and noise of his Rallybot team to leave the Decepticons in confusion.[5][6]


  • Power Core Combiners Double Clutch with Rallybots
A new mold. Comes with four race car drones: a Drag Racer Drone, a Toyota GT-One Race Car Drone, a Hyundai Genesis Coupe Street Racer Drone and a Mini Cooper S Tuner Drone - all of which combine with Double Clutch to form a larger robot.[7]


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