Doraemon (2005 anime)

Doraemon (2005 anime)
Doraemon (2005 anime)
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Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 375+[1]
Original run April 15, 2005 (2005-04-15) – ongoing
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Doraemon is the most recent anime series based on Fujiko Fujio's manga of the same name. Produced by Shin-Ei Animation and animated by Studio Pierrot, it began airing on TV Asahi on April 15, 2005. Unlike the 1979 anime, the episodes are split into two or three vignettes. This series also began airing on Canal Sur 2 in Spain and TVB in Hong Kong in January 2009, and on Panda Biggs in Portugal on 2010. It is also expected to be aired on an unknown kids channel in all South East Asian countries in 2010. International versions of all episodes only use the third opening sequence until the Japanese 165th episode and their own endings.

All mini corners, partners, and next episodes previews in all episodes are cut to fit for the 30-minute block in International versions except in Hong Kong, which are cut to fit for the 15-minute block in its timeslot.



Opening themes

In the New Doraemon Series (2005), new opening themes songs were used, except for the first one.

Performer Song Title Starting date Ending date
1. 12 Girls Band (女子十二楽坊?) "Doraemon no Uta" (ドラえもんの歌?) April 15, 2005

(episode 1)

October 21, 2005

(episode 24)

2. Rimi Natsukawa (夏川りみ?) "Hagushichao" (ハグしちゃお?) October 28, 2005

(episode 25)

April 20, 2007

(episode 86)

3. mao[2] "Yume wo Kanaete Doraemon" (夢をかなえてドラえもん?)[2] May 11, 2007

(episode 87)

Ending themes

Since the 2005 series incorporated all the credits into the Opening Sequence, these three themes were used as the Ending Theme.

Song Title Performer Starting date Ending date
1. "Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo 2007" (踊れ・どれ・ドラ ドラえもん音頭2007?) Wasabi Mizuta (水田わさび?) June 29, 2007 August 10, 2007


Season 1 (2005)

Episode Title Original Airdate Hong Kong Airdate South East Asia Airdate
1 "Fishing Pond and Studying / There is No Time Machine!! / Remember! The Excitement of That Day"
"Benkyō Beya no Tsuribori / Taimu Mashin ga Nakunatta!! / Omoidase! Ano Hi no Kandō" (勉強べやの釣り堀 / タイムマシンがなくなった!! / 思い出せ!あの日の感動) 
April 15, 2005 January 2, 2009
January 9, 2009
January 16, 2009
Doraemon and Nobita are fishing in the house./ Doraemon's time machine is missing, so he and Nobita go look for it./ 
2 "Wriggle Slowly / Nobita's Bride"
"Noronoro, Jitabata / Nobita no Oyome-san" (のろのろ、じたばた / のび太のおよめさん) 
April 22, 2005 January 23, 2009
January 30, 2009
Nobita is slow, so Doraemon produces fast pills, and slow pills to help Nobita speed up./ Doraemon takes Nobita to future to see who he will marry. 
3 "Dictator Switch"
"Dokusai Suitchi" (どくさいスイッチ) 
April 29, 2005 February 6, 2009
Doraemon lends Nobita a switch that makes people disappear. 
4 "Sonic Oscillation Terror Machine / Almighty Pass"
"Kyō Onpa Hasshinki / Ōrumaitī Pasu" (驚音波発振機 / オールマイティーパス) 
May 6, 2005 February 13, 2009 September 11, 2010
Nobita and Doraemon takes advantage of Gian's vocals to insect repellents through sound waves of a particular type of machine./ Nobita uses Doraemon's "Almighty Pass" gadget that will take him anywhere. 
5 "Time Cloth / Go to Dandelion Sky"
"Taimu Furoshiki / Tampopo Sora o Iku" (タイムふろしき / タンポポ空を行く) 
May 13, 2005 February 20, 2009
Doraemon and Nobita use a special cloth to fix things. Later, they find the cloth gone and try to find it./ Doraemon gives Nobita glasses that will give him the ability to talk to plants and animals. 
6 "Battle of the (Secret) Spy / Hello Alien"
"(Hi) Supai Daisakusen / Harō Uchūjin" ((秘)スパイ大作戦 / ハロー宇宙人) 
May 20, 2005 February 27, 2009
When Nobita breaks the teacher's vase, Suneo agrees to help Nobita cover up his crime, on the condition that he must do whatever Suneo wants./ 
7 "Nobita's Country"
"Nobita no Chiteikoku" (のび太の地底国) 
May 27, 2005
8 "The Substitution Rope Story / Cartoonist Jaiko"
"Irekae Rōpu Monogatari / Mangaka Jaiko" (入れかえロープ物語 / まんが家ジャイ子) 
June 3, 2005
Doraemon uses a gadget that transforms the sex between Shizuka and Nobita./ Jaiko decides to write jokes, but the contents were totally opposed to desire. 
9 "Full Doraemon / Kokorokoron"
"Doraemon Darake / Kokorokoron" (ドラえもんだらけ / ココロコロン) 
June 10, 2005
10 "My Love Just Won't Stop~Meow / The King's Book Collection"
"Suki de Tomara nyai / Ōkan Korekushon" (好きでとまらニャい / 王かんコレクション) 
June 17, 2005
11 "Odd, Odd Umbrella / So-So Stick"
"Okashina Okashina Kasa / Maa Maa Bō" (おかしなおかしなかさ / まあまあ棒) 
June 24, 2005
Doraemon gives Nobita novelty umbrellas like a bat one that flies and carries Nobita's father away./ 
12 "War of the Worlds of the Ceiling Lining / Cursing Camera / One-Time Perfect Exam"
"Tenjōura no Uchū Sensō / Noroi no Kamera / Isshō ni Ichido wa Hyakuten o" (天井うらの宇宙戦争 / のろいのカメラ / 一生に一度は百点を) 
July 1, 2005
Nobita and Doraemon participate in a battle just below the roof to rescue a princess./ Nobita accidentally makes voodoo dolls of Doraemon and his parents using a camera and they fall into the hands of two rough girls./ Doraemon lends Nobita a computer pencil which writes all the answers to his homework. 
13 "Transformation Biscuits / Goodbye, Shizuka"
"Henshin Bisuketto / Shizuka-chan Sayōnara" (変身ビスケット / しずかちゃんさようなら) 
July 8, 2005
Nobita and Doraemon try to stop his mother from seeing the transformation happening on the visitor./ 
14 "The Orchestra Livens the Mood! / Circle of Friends"
"Mūdo Moriage Gakudan Tōjō! / Tomodachi no Wa" (ムードもりあげ楽団登場!/ 友だちの輪) 
July 15, 2005
15 "Korobashi Shop / Fountain Woodman"
"Korobashiya / Kikori no Izumi" (ころばし屋 / きこりの泉) 
July 29, 2005
16 "Doraemon's Big Prediction / Girls Like White Lilies"
"Doraemon no Dai Yogen / Shira Yuri no Yōna Onnanoko" (ドラえもんの大予言 / 白ゆりのような女の子) 
August 5, 2005
17 "Borrowing in the Shade / Memory Bread for Testing"
"Kagegari / Tesuto ni Anki-pan" (かげがり / テストにアンキパン) 
August 12, 2005
/ Nobita has a test the next day, so Doraemon gives him some bread to help him remember the information. But he keeps forcing Nobita to eat more bread. 
18a/35 "Antique Competition Today / Ghost Lamp"
"Kodōgu Kyōsō / Kaidan Rampu" (古道具きょう争 / 怪談ランプ) 
August 19, 2005
19a/37 "Dream wind chime"
"Yume Fūrin" (ゆめふうりん) 
August 26, 2005
19b/38 "Kisekae Camera"
"Kisekae Kamera" (きせかえカメラ) 
August 26, 2005
20/39 "Bad our ancestors"
"Gosenzo-sama Gambare" (ご先祖さまがんばれ) 
September 2, 2005
21a/40 "Bow Bow grasshopper"
"Peko Peko Batta" (ペコペコバッタ) 
September 9, 2005
21a/41 "Jaiko's lover = Nobita"
"Jaiko no koibito = Nobita" (ジャイ子の恋人=のび太) 
September 9, 2005
22a/42 "Michibiki Enzel"
"Michibiki Enzeru" (ミチビキエンゼル) 
September 16, 2005
22b/43 "Going further and further house"
"Ie ga Dandan Tookunaru" (家がだんだん遠くなる) 
September 16, 2005
23a/44 "Ah, love, love, love!"
"Aa, Suki, Suki, Suki!" (ああ、好き、好き、好き!) 
September 23, 2005
23b/45 "Goodbye Dekisugi out strategy"
"Dekisugi Gussuri Sakusen" (出木杉グッスリ作戦) 
September 23, 2005
24a/46 "Good old"
"Mukashi wa yokatta" (昔はよかった) 
October 21, 2005
24b/47 "Treasure Planet"
"Takaraboshi" (宝星) 
October 21, 2005
25a/48 "Ayaushi! Lion Mask"
"Ayaushi! Raion Kamen" (あやうし!ライオン仮面) 
October 28, 2005
Hiroshi is sick, and Doraemon takes over to draw the comic. 
25b/49 "Nobita and friends away from home"
"Nobita no Naga〜i Iede" (のび太のなが〜い家出) 
October 28, 2005
26a/50 "Akira Naotarou"
"Shōjiki Tarō" (正直太郎) 
November 4, 2005
26b/51 "Head of the Gorgon"
"Gorugon no Kubi" (ゴルゴンの首) 
November 4, 2005
27a/52 "King Competition pistol"
"Kenjū Ō Kontesuto" (けん銃王コンテスト) 
November 11, 2005
27b/53 "Wolf man cream"
"Ookami Otoko Kurīmu" (おおかみ男クリーム) 
November 11, 2005
A japanese wolf is spotted and Nobita sets out to find it. Doraemon then uses the Moon Beam Torch to disguise Nobita as a wolf to make it easier to find the pack. 
28a/54 "All Seasons Badge"
"Ōru Shīzun Bajji" (オールシーズン・バッジ) 
November 18, 2005
28b/55 "Operation: Y Lowe"
"Wai Rō Sakusen" (Yロウ作戦) 
November 18, 2005
29a/56 "Miso grievance"
"Kurō Miso" (くろうみそ) 
November 25, 2005
29b/57 "Tan Kung Konchu"
"Muteki Konchū Tan" (無敵コンチュー丹) 
November 25, 2005
30a/58 "I love the child robot"
"Roboko ga Aishiteru" (ロボ子が愛してる) 
December 2, 2005
Doraemon thinks that none of the girls cheer for Nobita for his talent, so he introduces to him a robot from the 22nd Century named Roboko to be his friend. 
30b/59 "Mass voice"
"Koe no Katamari" (声のかたまり) 
December 2, 2005
31a/60 "N·S Patch"
"Enu·Esu Wappen" (N・Sワッペン) 
December 9, 2005
Gian wants to beat up Nobita, so Doraemon gives him N and S emblems that will protect him from Gian. 
31b/61 "It is an easy Den Den House"
"Den Den Hausu wa Kiraku dana" (デンデンハウスは気楽だな) 
December 9, 2005
Nobita goes on strike in a snail shell 
32a/62 "Large radio-controlled Battle"
"Rajikon Daikaisen" (ラジコン大海戦) 
December 31, 2005
32b/63 "Snow Romance"
"Yukiyama no Romansu" (雪山のロマンス) 
December 31, 2005
32c/64 "Eight days of Riyuu Miyagi"
"Ryūgūjō no Yōkakan" (竜宮城の八日間) 
December 31, 2005

Season 2 (2006)

In this season, the opening song is "Hagushichao", sung by Rimi Natsukawa.

J#/INT# Title Original Airdate Hong Kong Airdate South East Asia Airdate
33a/65 "Lamp smoke monsters Arabian Nights"
"Arabian Naito Rampu no Kemuri Obake" (アラビアンナイト ランプのけむりオバケ) 
January 13, 2006
33b/66 "New Year's party in all or paper"
"Kabegami no Naka de Shinnenkai" (かべ紙の中で新年会) 
January 13, 2006
34a/67 "This man of mystery flu Hadaka Utsushimasu"
"Nazo no Hadaka Otoko Kono Kaze Utsushimasu" (謎のはだかおとこ このかぜうつします) 
January 20, 2006
34b/68 "Gyógyturizmus"
"Onsen Ryokō" (温泉旅行) 
January 20, 2006
35a/69 "Paddy field of Tatami"
"Tatami no Tambo" (タタミのたんぼ) 
January 27, 2006
Doraemon uses a DIY paddy field to grow lots of rice and a machine to make lots of rice cakes. 
35b/70 "Over Over"
"Ōbā Ōbā" (オーバーオーバー) 
January 27, 2006
36a/71 "Illustrated the genuine article"
"Hommono Zukan" (ほんもの図鑑) 
February 3, 2006
36b/72 "Global production method"
"Chikyū Seizō Hō" (地球製造法) 
February 3, 2006
37a/73 "Regression beam evolution"
"Shinka Taika Bīmu" (進化退化ビーム) 
February 10, 2006
37b/74 "Once upon a floating chronicle"
"Ō Mukashi Hyōryūki" (大むかし漂流記) 
February 10, 2006
38a/75 "Dream Channel"
"Yume no Channeru" (ゆめのチャンネル) 
February 17, 2006
Nobita can't sleep and watches other peoples dreams. 
38b/76 "Dinosaur Footprints Discovered"
"Kyōryū no Ashiato Hakken" (恐竜の足あと発見) 
February 17, 2006
39a/77 "Tall big paper tool"
"Kami Kōsaku ga Ō Abare" (紙工作が大あばれ) 
February 24, 2006
39b/78 "Came the dinosaurs!?"
"Kyōryū ga Deta!?" (恐竜が出た!?) 
February 24, 2006
39c/79 "Come to Japan's Dinosaurs"
"Kyōryū-san Nihon e Dōzo" (恐竜さん日本へどうぞ) 
February 24, 2006
40/80 "Nature Plastic Model Series"
"Shizen Kansatsu Puramo Shirīzu" (自然観察プラモシリーズ) 
March 3, 2006
41/81 "Big monster island"
"Mujintō no Dai Kaibutsu" (無人島の大怪物) 
March 10, 2006
42a/82 "Eggs and first transformation"
"Shiritori Henshin Tamago" (しりとり変身卵) 
March 17, 2006
42b/83 "King of the Stone Age"
"Sekki Jidai no Ōsama ni" (石器時代の王さまに) 
March 17, 2006
43a/84 "All or a large avalanche study"
"Benkyō Beya no Ō Nadare" (勉強べやの大なだれ) 
March 24, 2006
43b/85 "Fossil discovery"
"Kaseki Dai Hakken" (化石大発見) 
March 24, 2006
43c/86 "Tarzan Cosmos"
"Uchū Tāzan" (宇宙ターザン) 
March 24, 2006
44/87 "And all the way from the country of the future"
"Mirai no Kuni kara Harubaru to" (未来の国からはるばると) 
April 21, 2006
This episode explains of how Doraemon first met Nobita. Note: The episode is based on the first chapter of the manga series. 
45a/88 "Dreamland: Nobitaland"
"Yume no Machi Nobitarando" (ゆめの町ノビタランド) 
April 28, 2006
Doraemon and Nobita create a town by using a camera that makes miniature version of buildings. 
45b/89 "I'll be a handsome daddy!?"
"Rippa na Papa ni Naruzo!?" (りっぱなパパになるぞ!?) 
April 28, 2006
46a/90 "Esper Suneo"
"Esupā Suneo" (エスパースネ夫) 
May 5, 2006
46b/91 "Suneo is the ideal husband"
"Suneo wa Risō no Onīsan" (スネ夫は理想のお兄さん) 
May 5, 2006
47a/92 "In the stomach, even if the water"
"Tatoe I no Naka, Mizu no Naka" (たとえ胃の中、水の中) 
May 12, 2006
47b/93 "Pero! The Kikaetsu"
"Pero! Ikikaette" (ペロ!生きかえって) 
May 12, 2006
48a/94 "Fever! Jaian F-C (Fan Club)"
"Fībā! Jaian Efu-Shī (Fan Kurabu)" (フィーバー!ジャイアンF・C(ファンクラブ)) 
May 19, 2006
48b/95 "Gunnyari Jaian"
"Gunnyari Jaian" (グンニャリジャイアン) 
May 19, 2006
49a/96 "Large pinch seal perspective"
"Tōshi Shīru de Dai Pinchi" (透視シールで大ピンチ) 
May 26, 2006
49b/97 "Book cover human"
"Ningen Bukku Kabā" (人間ブックカバー) 
May 26, 2006
50a/98 "Don't cry, Jaiko"
"Nakuna, Jaiko yo" (泣くなジャイ子よ) 
June 2, 2006
50b/99 "Jaiko's new Manga"
"Jaiko no Shinsaku Manga" (ジャイ子の新作マンガ) 
June 2, 2006
51a/100 "Lazy day"
"Gūtara no Hi" (ぐうたらの日) 
June 9, 2006
51b/101 "I bought without a cat Nobita"
"Neko no Nobita Irimasen ka" (ネコののび太いりませんか) 
June 9, 2006
52a/102 "Mom take this overloaded"
"Mama o Torikaekko" (ママをとりかえっこ) 
June 16, 2006
52b/103 "Nobita Chau disappeared?"
"Nobita ga Kiechau?" (のび太が消えちゃう?) 
June 16, 2006
53a/104 "Only one in the town of the future"
"Mirai no Machi ni Tada Hitori" (未来の町にただ一人) 
June 23, 2006
53b/105 "They thaw Schedule"
"Sukejūru Dokei" (スケジュールどけい) 
June 23, 2006
54a/106 "Become a singer and licking candy"
"Kyandī Namete Kashu ni Narō" (キャンディーなめて歌手になろう) 
June 30, 2006
Jaian has failed to sing "Boku Note", which has sung by Sukima Switch 
54b/107 "Memories of Grandma"
"Obāchan no Omoide" (おばあちゃんの思い出) 
June 30, 2006
54c/108 "Jin Mike"
"Jīn to Kandōsuru Hanashi" (ジーンと感動する話) 
June 30, 2006
55a/109 "Sounarujyou"
"Sōnarujō" (ソウナルじょう) 
July 7, 2006
55b/110 "World full of lies"
"Yo no Naka Uso Darake" (世の中ウソだらけ) 
July 7, 2006
56a/111 "Nobita's drifting chronicle"
"Nobita Hyōryūki" (のび太漂流記) 
July 14, 2006
56b/112 "Two-dimensional camera Chippoketto"
"Chippoketto Nijigen Kamera" (チッポケット二次元カメラ) 
July 14, 2006
57a/113 "Baka bullet session"
"Jigen Baka Dan" (時限バカ弾) 
July 21, 2006
57b/114 "Diary advance terrible"
"Arakajime Nikki wa osoroshii" (あらかじめ日記はおそろしい) 
July 21, 2006
58a/115 "Assorted monsters"
"Tsumeawase Obake" (つめあわせオバケ) 
July 28, 2006
58b/116 "Awasel"
"Awasēru" (アワセール) 
July 28, 2006
59a/117 "The crisp and what you two?"
"Futarikkiri de Nani Shiteru?" (ふたりっきりでなにしてる?) 
August 4, 2006
59b/118 "For processing peppered Wed"
"Mizu Kakōyō Furikake" (水加工用ふりかけ) 
August 4, 2006
60a/119 "Byodo Bakudan"
"Byōdō Bakudan" (ビョードーばくだん) 
August 18, 2006
60b/120 "I am a Taskeron"
"Boku o Tasukeron" (ぼくをタスケロン) 
August 18, 2006
61a/121 "Santain"
"Santain" (サンタイン) 
August 25, 2006
61b/122 "Utsutsu Pillow"
"Utsutsu Makura" (うつつまくら) 
August 25, 2006
62/123 "Doraemon, back to the future ..."
"Doraemon, Mirai ni Kaeru ..." (ドラえもん、未来に帰る…) 
September 1, 2006
63a/124 "Doraemon's Song"
"Doraemon no Uta" (ドラえもんの歌) 
September 8, 2006
63b/125 "Play lighter"
"Raitā Shibai" (ライター芝居) 
September 8, 2006
Nobita is going to have a play by using "Play lighter" 
64/126 "Doraemon: Emergency Specials!! The Largest Secret Tools Special"
"Doraemon Kinkyū Tokuban!! Shijō Saidai no Himitsu Dōgu Supesharu" (ドラえもん緊急特番!!史上最大のひみつ道具スペシャル) 
September 15, 2006 N/A N/A
65a/127 "Nobita has taken 100 points"
"Nobita ga Hyakuten Totta" (のび太が百点とった) 
September 22, 2006
65b/128 "Debirukado"
"Debirukādo" (デビルカード) 
September 22, 2006
66a/129 "Fluffy Zusshiri Meter"
"Funwari Zusshiri Mētā" (ふんわりズッシリメーター) 
October 20, 2006
66b/130 "Unknown and likely to favor machines"
"Michi tono Sōgūki" (未知とのそうぐう機) 
October 20, 2006
67a/131 "Leaves Delon"
"Dorompa" (ドロン葉) 
October 27, 2006
67b/132 "God love the robot's hand!"
"Kamisama Robotto ni Ai no Te o!" (神さまロボットに愛の手を!) 
October 27, 2006
68a/133 "Bird Taxes"
"Zeikin Tori" (税金鳥) 
November 3, 2006
68b/134 "Human eyes glaze Tou Ming"
"Tōmei Ningen Megusuri" (とう明人間目ぐすり) 
November 3, 2006
69a/135 "Machine confidence Guratsu"
"Jishin Guratsuki" (自信ぐらつ機) 
November 10, 2006
69b/136 "Diamond luck"
"Akuun Daiya" (悪運ダイヤ) 
November 10, 2006
70a/137 "Rope Justice for Osorobeki"
"Osorubeki Seigi Rōpu" (おそるべき正義ロープ) 
November 17, 2006
70b/138 "Mini Hot Air Balloon"
"Mini Netsukikyū" (ミニ熱気球) 
November 17, 2006
71a/139 "Four-dimensional block Tatemashi"
"Yojigen Tatemashi Burokku" (四次元たてましブロック) 
November 24, 2006
72a/140 "Urashima Candy"
"Urashima Kyandī" (ウラシマキャンディー) 
December 1, 2006
72b/141 "Doraemon and Doremi-chan"
"Doraemon to Dorami-chan" (ドラえもんとドラミちゃん) 
December 1, 2006
73a/142 "Devil passport"
"Akuma no Pasupōto" (悪魔のパスポート) 
December 8, 2006
73b/143 "Cute Stones"
"Kawaii Ishikoro" (かわいい石ころ) 
December 8, 2006
74/144 "Nobita Man"
"Nobita Man" (ノビタマン) 
December 31, 2006

Season 3 (2007)

Episode Title Original Airdate Hong Kong Airdate South East Asia Airdate
75a/145 "Moshimo Box"
"Moshimo Bokkusu" (もしもボックス) 
January 12, 2007
75b/146 "Shizuka-chan o Torimodose (Zempen)" (しずかちゃんを とりもどせ(前編))  January 12, 2007
76a/147 "Shizuka-chan o Torimodose (Kōhen)" (しずかちゃんを とりもどせ(後編))  January 19, 2007
76b/148 "Suteki na Mī-chan" (すてきなミイちゃん)  January 19, 2007
77a/149 "Nemuri no Tensai Nobita" (ねむりの天才のび太)  January 26, 2007
77b/150 "Robinson Crusoe Set"
"Robinson Kurūsō Setto" (ロビンソンクルーソーセット) 
January 26, 2007
78a/151 "Atokarahonto Supīkā" (アトカラホントスピーカー)  February 2, 2007
78b/152 "Dai Pinchi! Suneo no Tōan" (大ピンチ!スネ夫の答案)  February 2, 2007
79a/153 "Sekai Chimbotsu" (世界沈没)  February 9, 2007
79b/154 "Couple Test Badge"
"Kappuru Tesuto Bajji" (カップルテストバッジ) 
February 9, 2007
80/155 "Chitei no Kuni Tanken (Zempen)" (地底の国探検(前編))  February 16, 2007
81/156 "Chitei no Kuni Tanken (Kōhen)" (地底の国探検(後編))  February 23, 2007
82/157/158 "Mōten Boshi / Ōkami Ikka" (モーテン星/オオカミ一家)  March 2, 2007
83/159 "Kagami no Nai Sekai" (かがみのない世界)  March 9, 2007
84/160/161 "Anime Seisaku nante Wake nai yo / Nobita no Burakkuhōru" (アニメ制作なんてわけないよ/のび太のブラックホール)  March 16, 2007
85/162/163/164 "Mahōtsukai Nobita / Maō no Shiro no Himitsu / Joshō Shin Makai Dai Bōken" (魔法使いのび太/魔王の城のヒミツ/序章・新魔界大冒険)  March 23, 2007
86/165/166 "Akai Kutsu no Onnanoko / Akichi no Jōzu" (赤いくつの女の子/空き地のジョーズ)  April 20, 2007
87/167 "Nobita Kyūshutsu Kesshi Tanken Tai" (のび太救出決死探検隊)  May 11, 2007
88/168/169 "Arigataya / He is Living"
"Arigatāya / Ano Hito wa Ima" (アリガターヤ/あの人は居間) 
May 18, 2007
89/170/171 "Majokko Shizu-chan / Shizuka-chan no Kokoro no Himitsu" (魔女っ子しずちゃん/しずかちゃんの心の秘密)  May 25, 2007
90/172/173 "Hero Justice: Super Gian / Hero Justice: Fukoro-Man"
"Seigi no Hīrō Sūpā Jaian / Seigi no Hīrō Fukuro Man" (正義のヒーロー スーパージャイアン/正義のヒーロー フクロマン) 
June 1, 2007
91/174/175 "Doraemon is a Sheperd Imasen? / Gian's Birthday: FEAR"
"Doraemon Kaimasen ka? / Kyōfu no Jaian Tanjō Bi" (ドラえもん飼いませんか?/恐怖のジャイアン誕生日) 
June 8, 2007
92/176/177 "Kyōfu no Jaian Tanjō Bi Ritānzu / Jaian ga Makechatta !?" (恐怖のジャイアン誕生日 リターンズ/ジャイアンが負けちゃった!?)  June 15, 2007
93/178/179 "Heta Uma Supurē / Shitenai Chokin o Tsukatchao !" (へたうまスプレー/してない貯金を使っちゃお!)  June 22, 2007
94/180 "Kaizoku Dai Kessen 〜Nankai no Rabu Romansu 〜" (海賊大決戦 〜南海のラブロマンス〜)  June 29, 2007
95/181/182 "Nobita no Heya no Chiheisen / Tamago no Naka no Shizuka-chan" (のび太の部屋の地平線/たまごの中のしずかちゃん)  July 6, 2007
96/183 "Ninki Sutā ga Makkuro ke" (人気スターが真っ黒け)  July 13, 2007
97/184/185 "Muriyari Asurechikku Hausu / Neko ga Kaisha o Tsukutta nya" (むりやりアスレチック・ハウス/ネコが会社を作ったニャ)  July 20, 2007
98/186/187 "Kumo no Naka no Pūru / Sukūpu! Nobita to Himitsu no Dēto" (雲の中のプール/スクープ!のび太と秘密のデート)  July 27, 2007
99/188 "Zō to Ojisan" (ぞうとおじさん)  August 10, 2007
100/189/190 "Harapeko Goshujin-sama / Mama no Daiya o Nusumidase" (腹ペコご主人さま/ママのダイヤを盗み出せ)  August 17, 2007
101/191/192 "Mirai no Kaimono wa Goyōjin / Doraemon ga Jūbyō ni ?" (未来の買いものはご用心/ドラえもんが重病に?)  August 31, 2007
102/193 "Doraemon ga Umarekawaru Hi" (ドラえもんが生まれ変わる日)  September 7, 2007
103/194/195 "Watashi no Jakku o Toranai de / Nobita ga Sodateta Kaguya Hime" (私のジャックをとらないで/のび太が育てたかぐや姫)  September 14, 2007
104/196/197 "Otsukai wa Son Gokū, Zōkingake wa Shinderera / Nobita Sennin ni Naru !?" (おつかいは孫悟空、 ぞうきんがけはシンデレラ/のび太仙人になる!?)  September 21, 2007
105/198 "Taifū no Fūko" (台風のフー子)  October 26 , 2007
106/199/200 "Pinokio no Hana / Nijūi-sseiki no Otono-sama" (ピノキオの花/21世紀のおとのさま)  November 2, 2007
107/201/202 "Gurume Tēburu Kake / Yukiotoko no Arubaito" (グルメテーブルかけ/雪男のアルバイト)  November 16, 2007
108/203/204 "Boku Mini Doraemon / Kao ka Chikara ka Aikyū ka" (ぼくミニドラえもん/顔か力かIQか)  November 30, 2007
109/205 "Ōji o Mamore! Densetsu no Dorami San Kenshi" (王子を守れ! 伝説のドラミ三剣士)  December 7, 2007
110/206/207/208 "Nobita no Chiisana Chiisana Dai Bōken / Sengoku Jidai no Dora Jizō / Mō Sugu Nezumi-doshi da yo , Doraemon" (のび太の 小さな小さな大冒険/戦国時代のドラ地蔵/もうすぐネズミ年だよ、 ドラえもん)  December 31, 2007

Season 4 (2008)

J#/INT# Title Original Airdate Hong Kong Airdate South East Asia Airdate
111/209/210 "Dengeki Torēdo / Okashi Bokujō" (デンゲキトレード/おかし牧場)  January 11, 2008
112/211/212 "Chikoku Sutoppu Dai Sakusen / Datō Jaian! Mahō no Jumon" (ちこくストップ大作戦/打倒ジャイアン! 魔法の呪文)  January 18, 2008
113/213/214 "Nobita + hato =? / Tsuyo〜i Ishi" (のび太+ハト=?/強〜いイシ)  January 25, 2008
114/215/216 "Suneo, biyō-in e iku / Sayōnara Suneo..." (スネ夫、美容院へ行く/さようならスネ夫…)  February 1, 2008
Suneo Special: Birthday Episode. 
115/217 "Space Gunfighter Nobita (Part One)"
"Uchū Ganfaitā Nobita (Zempen )" (宇宙ガンファイターのび太 (前編)) 
February 8, 2008
116/218 "Space Gunfighter Nobita (Part Two)"
"Uchū Ganfaitā Nobita (Kōhen)" (宇宙ガンファイターのび太 (後編)) 
February 15, 2008
117/219/220 "Nobita Taichō ni Keirei! / Tensai Dekisugi no Roketto Keikaku" (のび太隊長にけい礼!/天才・出木杉のロケット計画)  February 22, 2008
118/221/222 "Muteki no Urutora Supesharu Maiti Sutorongu Sūpā Yoroi / Nobita ni Koi shita Seirei" (無敵のウルトラ・スペシャル ・マイティ・ストロング ・スーパーよろい/のび太に恋した精霊)  February 29, 2008
119/224 "Mori wa Ikiteiru" (森は生きている)  March 14, 2008
120/225 "Tokusatsu Uradoraman" (特撮ウラドラマン)  March 21, 2008
121/226/227/228 "Kībō ga koi o shita / Mō Hitotsu no "Midori no Kyojin-den" / Jikiruhaido" (キー坊が恋をした/もうひとつの“緑の巨人伝”/ジキルハイド)  March 28, 2008
122/229 "Boku no Umareta Hi" (僕の生まれた日)  April 25, 2008
123/230 "Tameshi ni Sayōnara" (ためしにさようなら)  May 2, 2008
124/231 "Doraemon VS Dracula"
"Doraemon Bāsasu Dorakyura" (ドラえもんvsドラキュラ) 
May 9, 2008
125/232 "Doraemon Bāsasu Dorakyura (Kōhen)" (ドラえもんvsドラキュラ (後編))  May 16, 2008
126/233/234 "Doramachikku Gasu / Nobita wa Erai! o Mō Ichido" (ドラマチックガス/のび太はエライ!をもう一度)  May 23, 2008
127/235 "Shizuka-chan eno Purezento wa Nobita" (しずかちゃんへのプレゼントはのび太)  May 30, 2008
128/236/237 "Mirai no Hommono Gēmu / Mei Tantei Nobita" (未来の本物ゲーム/迷探偵のび太)  June 6, 2008
129/238/239 "Chichi no Hi ni Chikatetsu o / Koi Suru Jaian" (父の日に地下鉄を/ 恋するジャイアン)  June 13, 2008
130/240/241 "Koi Suru Jaian tsū / Sensuikan de Umi e Ikō" (恋するジャイアン 2/ せん水艦で海へ行こう)  June 20, 2008
131/242 "Nemuru Umi no Ōkoku" (眠る海の王国)  June 27, 2008
132/243 "Tanabata no Uchū Sensō" (七夕の宇宙戦争)  July 11, 2008
133/244/245 "Boku yori Dame na Yatsu ga Kita / Bodī Gādo wa Haigorei" (ぼくよりダメなやつがきた/ボディーガードは背後霊)  July 18, 2008
134/246/247 "Baibain/ Goodbye, Hana-chan"
"Baibain / Sayonara Hana-chan" (バイバイン/さよならハナちゃん) 
July 25, 2008
135/248 "Shikashi Yūrei wa Deta!" (しかしユーレイはでた!)  August 1, 2008
136/249/250 "Tanjōbi wa Keikakuteki ni / Jinsei Yarinaoshiki" (誕生日は計画的に/人生やりなおし機)  August 8, 2008
137/251 "Sekki Jidai no Hoteru" (石器時代のホテル)  August 15, 2008
138/252 "Jaianzu o Buttobase" (ジャイアンズをぶっとばせ)  August 22, 2008
139/253/254 "Sekai o Nurikae yō / Doraemon ni Kyūjitsu o!!" (世界をぬりかえよう/ドラえもんに休日を!!)  August 29, 2008
140/255 "Doraemon no Aoi Namida" (ドラえもんの青い涙)  September 5, 2008
141/256/257 "Adoben-cha / Berosō Uranai de Ō Atari!!" (アドベン茶/ベロ相うらないで大当たり!!)  September 12, 2008
142/258 "Nobita ga Mujintō de Sanzennichi" (のび太が無人島で3000日)  September 19, 2008
143/259/260 "Nobi Robo wa Yakutatazu / Nobita no Deai Katarogu" (のびロボは役立たず/のび太の出会いカタログ)  October 17, 2008
144/261/262 "Kaitei Haikingu / Nobita Tachi no Aisu Shō" (海底ハイキング/のび太たちのアイスショー)  October 24, 2008
145/263/264 "Koi no Uwasa wa Yamerare nai / Jikan yo Ugoke〜!!" (恋のウワサはやめられない/時間よ動け〜っ!!)  October 31, 2008
146/265 "Soshite, Bokura wa Tabi ni Deta" (そして、ボクらは旅に出た)  November 7, 2008
147/266 "Suneo no Muteki Hōdai" (スネ夫の無敵砲台)  November 14, 2008
148/ 267 "Zabuton nimo Tamashii ga Aru" (ざぶとんにもたましいがある)  November 21, 2008
149/268/269 "Otōto o tsukurō / Aku no Michi o Susume!" (弟をつくろう/悪の道を進め!)  November 28, 2008
150/270/271 "Dorami no Saiaku no Ichinichi / Sekaiichi no Meron-pan" (ドラミの最悪の一日/世界一のメロンパン)  December 5, 2008
151/272 "Ō Abare, Tezukuri Kyodai Robo" (大あばれ、手作り巨大ロボ)  December 12, 2008
152/273/274 "Korogaru Saka no Tsue / Nobita no Reiten Dasshutsu Sakusen" (ころがる坂のつえ/のび太の0点脱出作戦)  December 19, 2008
153/275/276/277 "Yūrei-jō e hikkoshi / Nobi-ke ga Mujūryoku / Nezumi ga Saru made Ato Yojikan" (ゆうれい城へひっこし/野比家が無重力/ネズミが去るまであと4時間)  December 31, 2008

Season 5 (2009)

J#/INT# Title Original Airdate Hong Kong Airdate South East Asia Airdate

Season 6 (2010)

J#/INT# Title Original Airdate Hong Kong Airdate South East Asia Airdate

Season 7 (2011)

J#/INT# Title Original Airdate Hong Kong Airdate South East Asia Airdate


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