DinI-like protein family

DinI-like protein family
DinI-like family
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solution structure of dini
Symbol DinI
Pfam PF06183
InterPro IPR010391
SCOP 1ghh

In molecular biology, the DinI-like protein family is a family of short proteins. The family includes DNA-damage-inducible protein I (DinI) and related proteins. The SOS response, a set of cellular phenomena exhibited by eubacteria, is initiated by various causes that include DNA damage-induced replication arrest, and is positively regulated by the co-protease activity of RecA. Escherichia coli DinI, a LexA-regulated SOS gene product, shuts off the initiation of the SOS response when overexpressed in vivo. Biochemical and genetic studies indicated that DinI physically interacts with RecA to inhibit its co-protease activity.[1] The structure of DinI is known.[2]


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