Devolve (EP)

Devolve (EP)
EP by Shihad
Released 1990 (Vinyl) 1991 (CD)

The Devolve EP is now infamous in Shihad fan culture as something of a holy grail. Originally released in 1990 on a limited run of 1000 vinyl records (Later re-released to a limited run of CDs).

Devolve received critical acclaim and while only being the band's first release, they were already one of the most talked about bands in New Zealand, at point of release they had already opened for such famous metal acts as Faith No More and Anthrax.

Shihad's lineup at the time included young Hamish Laing, who only ever appears on this recording (later to be replaced with Karl Kippenberger), as well as Shihad - then Shihäd - main stayers Jon Toogood, Phil Knight and Tom Larkin.

The track 'The Wizard' is a cover of the Black Sabbath song The Wizard that was on the self titled Black Sabbath album.

Track listing

  1. It
  2. Down Dance
  3. Subject Matters
  4. The Wizard

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