List of Case Closed episodes (season 20)

List of Case Closed episodes (season 20)

The twentieth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン?, lit. Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The series focuses on the adventures of teenage detective Shinichi Kudo who was turned into a child by a poison called APTX 4869, but continues working as a detective under the alias Conan Edogawa.

The episodes currently use six pieces of theme music: three opening and four ending themes. The first opening theme is "tear drops" by Caos Caos Caos and is used up to episode 612.[3] The second opening theme is "Don't Wanna Lie" by B'z from episodes 613 to 626.[4] Following is "Misty Mystery" by Garnet Crow.[5] The first ending theme, Jûgoya Kuraishisu (Kimi ni Aitai) (十五夜クライシス~君に逢いたい~?, lit. "Full Moon Night's Crisis (I Want to See You)") by Hundred Percent Free is used up to 609.[3] The second ending theme is Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou (月夜の悪戯の魔法?, lit. "Mischievous Magic on the Moonlit Night") by Breakerz is used from episodes 610 to 626.[6] The third ending theme is Pilgrim (ピルグリム Pirugurimu?) by B'z and was used for episodes 627 and 628.[5] The fourth ending theme is "Your Best Friend" by Mai Kuraki beginning on episode 629.[7]

The season began airing on February 19, 2011 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[8]


Episode list

Ep no. Title Original Airdate
606 "Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (Part 1)"
"Houtei no Taiketsu IV Saibanin Kobayashi Sumiko (Zenpen)" (法廷の対決IV裁判員小林澄子(前編)) 
February 19, 2011[8]
Sumiko Kobayashi is called to be a jury for a murder Tadashi Ishigaki. Toshio Iwamatsu, a burglar who broke into Ishigaki's home, is held accounted for the murder and Eri Kisaki is assigned as his attorney and Reiko Kujo acts as the prosecutor. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan attend the hearing where Ishigaki's housemaid and brother-in-law deliver their testimonies of discovering the body. Unable to find the murder weapon, the court ends without a decision and will resume the day after. During the session, Sumiko notes aloud that the painting in Ishigaki's room is upside down prompting Kogoro and Conan to investigate the room. Inside the painting, they find a document stating Iwamatsu burrowed money from Ishigaki. Conan deduces the culprit took a document and placed the painting upside down in his rush and discovers that a vase in the room is missing after Ishigaki's murder. 
607 "Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (Part 2)"
"Houtei no Taiketsu IV Saibanin Kobayashi Sumiko (Kōhen)" (法廷の対決IV裁判員小林澄子(後編)) 
February 26, 2011[9]
Due to the housemaid's behavior, Conan pressures the housemaid about the vase. That night, Kogoro and Conan ambush her in the middle of returning the vase to the crime scene. The next day, court resumes and Reiko presents the documents pertaining Ishigaki's burrowed money and the murder weapon found in a distant pound. Eri calls the maid up as a witness who explains she found the vase at a garbage collection point. Eri then calls upon Kogoro whom Conan tranquilizes and reveals the culprit to be the brother-in-law, Tooru Tsukano. Conan explains that after Tsukano murdered Ishigaki, he took a document, hunt up the painting, and hid behind the door as Iwamatsu entered the room and knocks the vase to Tsukano's feet. Tsukano hides the knife and gloves inside the vase and leaves the vase at the garbage collection point and establish and alibi. He then afterwards placed the knife in the park and disposes the gloves he used to commit the murder. As evidence, a bloody fingerprint is found in the vase. Tsukano confesses and reveals he embezzled money from Ishigaki whom took his sister's deed to a land as a result and enraging Tsukano to murder him. In the end Iwamatsu is cleared of murder charges and Tsukano will be trailed for murder. 
608 "White Day of Betrayal (Part 1)"
"Uragiri no Howaito Dē (Zenpen)" (裏切りのホワイトデー(前編)) 
March 5, 2011[10]
Kogoro appears in a commercial to promote white chocolate for White Day and is invited to a chocolate company's party. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan attend and are introduced to the company presidents, Taruto Urai and his wife Hoshie Urai. During the party, Taruto dies from cyanide poisoning. Inspector Megure and his Officers are called to investigate the death. The investigation leads Hoshie to be the prime suspect. As she is taken away to be searched, Hoshie trips and falls on a table causing many lemon tea glasses to shatter. Meanwhile, evidence of a medicinal wafer containing poison is found in Urai's mouth suggesting suicide. Conan is ascertain Hoshie to be the culprit and investigates on how she delivered the poison to her husband. 
609 "White Day of Betrayal (Part 2)"
"Uragiri no Howaito Dē (Kōhen)" (裏切りのホワイトデー(後編)) 
March 19, 2011[11]
Conan investigates and upon discovering the method, tranquilizers Kogoro and explains how Hoshie committed the murder. He explains the burn marks on Hoshie's napkin indicate cyanide was on the napkin and the poison was placed on a lemon slice. Conan elaborates explaining how Taruto was famously known to hate sour things, and had planned to surprise his guest by eating sour food with the use of synsepalum dulcificum. Upon testing if the synsepalum dulcificum was still in effect, Taruto ate the poisoned lemon slice. While down, Hoshie took the lemon and placed the medicinal wafer in her husband's mouth and hid the lemon slice among the others during her fall. Conan concludes that Hoshie's fingerprint and Taruto's saliva should be on the poisoned lemon slice. Hoshie confesses revealing her motive is revenge for her former boyfriend who Taruto pushed to suicide. On the way home, Ran is visibly saddened when she is the only one to have not received a White Day gift but is cheered up when she discovers white throat lozenges from a postage left by Shinichi. 
610 "The Victim is Shinichi Kudo"
"Higaisha wa Kudō Shinichi" (被害者はクドウシンイチ) 
April 9, 2011[12]
Heiji and Kazuha arrive at the Mori Detective agency revealing he was hired by a man named Shinichi Inubushi, one of the eight illegitimate children of the rich Tsunechika Inubushi. After Tsunechika's death, the health of his wife, Satomi, begins to fail and subsequently two of the illegitimate children are murdered. Believing the murderer is after the inheritance, Shinichi surrenders his share and takes up his mother's surname, Kudo, and has Heiji investigate the murders. Heiji and Conan drop by Kudo's home only to find out from his personal care assistant, Funae Abukawa, that he is asleep. After half an hour, they discover Kudo dead from Carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a single charcoal burner. Their investigation reveals Abukawa is the murderer, as Kudo's body revealed he died much earlier and a single charcoal burner would take too long to fill the entire room. Abukawa confesses to have set up the crime scene but explains she found Kudo dead in his closet and was threatened by the murderer to cover that fact. Heiji and Conan discover a pink pearl in Kudo's mouth and perceive it as a dying message to indicate the murderer. 
611 "Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Chapter of Ghost Fire)"
"Inubushi Jou En no Mainu (Onibi no Akira)" (犬伏城 炎の魔犬(鬼火の章)) 
April 16, 2011[13]
Mori takes Ran, Kazuha, Conan, and Heiji to the Inubushi household where they are introduced to the family. They learn about the legend passed down in the Inubushi family where their ancestor set his dog on fire after mistakenly assuming the dog killed his daughter while in reality, the dog saved his daughter. The ancestor was then killed in a house fire and the myth of the Inubushi curse was passed down. Conan and Heiji decide to investigate the headstone of the supposed dog when they witness Saki Inubushi fall from a cliff. Saki claims an ablaze inugami chased her and dies shortly after. Conan and Heiji discover flaming dog-prints atop the cliff establishing Saki's story. Inspector Misao Yamamura is called to the scene and joins them on their investigation. They discover that the other three victims had a pachinko ball, table tennis ball, and marble beside their bodies. Conan and Heiji return to Saki's crime scene to investigate. Ran and Kazuha feed the family dog and are confronted by the inugami. 
612 "Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Chapter of Footprints)"
"Inubushi Jou En no Mainu (Ashiato no Akira)" (犬伏城 炎の魔犬(足跡の章)) 
April 23, 2011[14]
Ran and Kazuha retreat inside the house and discover the inugami is gone. Conan and Heiji's investigation leads them to find conclusive evidence Saki's death was planned by the culprit. After hearing Ran and Kazuha's story, they realize the culprit is housing the inugami nearby and investigates an abandoned cabin. Inside the cabin yields evidence of a dog living there confirming their deduction. Nearby, Tomoaki Inubashi is pounced by the inugami and receives minor burns; an onion is found near the attack. Heiji asks Miyuki Inubashi about the family history and learns that Tsunechika had planned names for all eight of his illegitimate children which are based on the eight virtues of confucianism
613 "Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Chapter of Princess)"
"Inubushi Jou En no Mainu (Hime no Akira)" (犬伏城 炎の魔犬(姫の章)) 
April 30, 2011[15]
Satomi attempts to leave her room and collapses; she is found holding onto a broken Buddhist prayer beads with a black bead four down from the top. Later that night, they discover a letter signed by Miyuki confessing to the crime and is at the abandoned cabin. Conan and co head there and discover the cabin covered in gasoline and the inugami running towards it. Conan catches the inugami revealing the fire effect was created by imitation fire clothing with remote controlled lights. The flaming dog-prints were caused by modified lighters placed on the ground and tied to a wire with a hoop at the end. The dog had a mesh-enclosed charcoal tied to its tail, and when passing over the lighters, ignited them. When the dog retrieved the hoop, the lighter came with it, explaining how the lighters were not found after creating the dog-prints. Heiji points out Tomoaki as the culprit, evidenced by the inugami recognizing him as his master, and Satomi's prayer beads. The beads indicated the fourth of the eight virtues which is found in Tomoaki's name. As Tomoaki is taken into custody, he reveals he wanted to increase his inheritance in order to maintain the Inubushi household for Satomi. 
614 "The Secret the Diary Plays (Part 1)"
"Nikki ga Kanaderu Himitsu (Zenpen)" (日記が奏でる秘密(前編)) 
May 7, 2011[16]
The Detective Boys are stranded on a mountain when Agasa's car breaks down. Seeking shelter from the rain they come across a villa where piano music was heard and enter the house when their calls are unanswered. Inside, they explore and discover a diary on the table confessing to a plan of a kidnapping and murdering a boy; a blackout then occurs due to the storm. They find a small coffin planned for the murder and realize its empty and the possibility the boy is still be alive. At that moment, piano music is heard again. Conan assures them it will be safe to search the house as the culprit is playing the piano. Ayumi wanders off on her own and finds a photo of a family and a room with water leaking out of it. 
615 "The Secret the Diary Plays (Part 2)"
"Nikki ga Kanaderu Himitsu (Kōhen)" (日記が奏でる秘密(後編)) 
May 14, 2011[17]
Realizing the piano playing they hear is a recording, they enter the piano room. Conan notices the piano chair was set to a child's height and deduces where the boy is. He has the Detective Boys sing a song in the piano room and catches the boy watching them and befriends him. The boy, Keita Onoda, is a piano prodigy to which the kidnapper abducted to allow his daughter to win a piano competition. Conan also reveals the dairy entry is out of order due to Keita's tampering and that the kidnapper felt increasingly guilty as the days went on. After reading the last page in the dairy, they realize the kidnapper plans to suicide in the bathroom and manage to save him. In the aftermath, Keita's mother does not push charges due to Keita's defense. The kidnapper's daughter meanwhile, revealed she skipped the piano competition as she was worried about Keita's disappearance. 
616 "Holmes' Revelation (Holmes' Apprentice)"
"Hōmuzu no Mokushiroku (Hōmuzu no Deshi)" (ホームズの黙示録(名探偵の弟子)) 
May 21, 2011[18]
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan find a cat belonging to a rich British woman who offers to pay their expenses on a trip to London so Kogoro may share his detective stories with her friends. To get past airport security, Haibara offers Conan two antidotes to the APTX 4869 for the trip and back. At the Holmes museum, Ran calls Shinichi asking him if he wants a souvenir from London. His weak reaction causes Ran to angrily hang up. Outside the museum, a kid named Apollo Glass asks to see Sherlock Holmes to a solve a code that will prevent a person from being murdered. Conan offers to solve the riddle by posing as Holme's apprentice. Apollo reveals a strange man gave him a note containing seven coded riddles, declaring someone in London will die if it is left unsolved. They learn from the police that many children received the same code which Conan speculates to mean a large number of people will die. Conan and Agasa separate from the group as they attempt to decode the riddles. 
617 "Holmes' Revelation (Love is 0)"
"Hōmuzu no Mokushiroku (Love is Zero)" (ホームズの黙示録(Love is 0)) 
May 28, 2011[19]
Ran, feeling upset as she believes Shinichi does not share her feelings, is confided by Apollo's sister, pro tennis player Minerva Glass. Minerva then parts ways with Ran advising her love is zero and would never amount to anything no matter the effort. Ran calls Shinichi for advice on the riddles. Conan, tells Ran the first riddle "A rolling bell rises me", refers to Big Ben and accidentally reveals he is in London. Realizing Ran will discover Conan's true identity if she finds him, Conan and Agasa flee from her. Conan becomes cornered in a phone booth and is forced to take the antidote to the APTX 4869 for the return trip and confronts Ran as Shinichi. Ran confesses her pain of liking Shinichi who is indifferent to her feelings and runs away as he pursues her. 
618 "Holmes' Revelation (Satan)"
"Hōmuzu no Mokushiroku (Satan)" (ホームズの黙示録(サタン)) 
June 4, 2011[20]
The next day, the police reveal the identity of the man who created the note, Sabara Hades. Kogoro and Ran decode the riddle "My portion is like a chilled boiled egg like a corpse" which refers to City Hall. There, they find many dolls with Mazarin Stone written on their shirts where when beheaded, reveals the letter "T". The riddle "I finished up with a whole pickle" refers to 30 St Mary Axe where scratched up pens labeled as Dancing Men reveal the letter "N". Ran and Kogoro revisit Big Ben following the riddle "It rings again for my hatred" and find an arrow pointing to a drain where The Valley of Fear of fear is inscribed. They deduce something had been sunk in the river, and find a drain cover with the letter "A". Apollo leads the two to the next riddle, "Now I remember to ask a cake to celebrate in advance" referring to St Bride's Church where they find letters entitled A Scandal in Bohemia. Soaking the letter in water reveals the letter "S". 
619 "Holmes' Revelation (Code Break)"
"Hōmuzu no Mokushiroku (Code Break)" (ホームズの黙示録(Code Break)) 
June 11, 2011[21]
Conan deduces the line "I'm a long nosed wizard in a castle" refers to Elephant & Castle tube station and shares this with Ran and Kogoro. There, they notice a strange man with identity written on his suitcase who explains he was paid to wear those clothes and carry the case. Conan explains it refers to the Sherlock Holmes story A Case of Identity and asks them to check the man's pants where the letter "U" is found. The final riddle "It tells me to finish everything piercing a white back with two swords" refers to a logo of a porcelain store. Visiting the store, they find an ornament containing strings of different colors with a bell at the end. They conclude it refers to A Study in Scarlet where a red string is found with the letter "R". Conan realizes the word is Saturn meaning Saturday. On the day of the supposed murder, they find that tracing the locations from the code reveals a tennis racquet indicating Hades plans to kill someone during the Wimbledon championships finals. Conan and Co are able to enter Henman Hill with Diana's assistance in order to observe the finals. As Minerva plays against her opponent, she prays for Holmes to help her. 
620 "Holmes' Revelation (Grass Court Queen)"
"Hōmuzu no Mokushiroku (Gurasukōtokuīn)" (ホームズの黙示録(芝の女王)) 
June 18, 2011[22]
Conan notices Minerva's serves are braille for "help" and convinces Apollo to lend him his ticket in order to enter Centre Court to locate Hades. From the stands, Conan conveys to Minerva he is Holme's apprentice and he will help her. In the same manner, Minerva relays the message "Game Set Death Mom" revealing that at the end of the finals, her mother, Juno Glass, will die. Conan suspects that the teddy bear Juno received contains a bomb and the detonator is with Hades who is presumed to be watching her from across the stands with a video camera. Realizing it would be impossible to remove the bomb without Hades noticing, Conan opts to search for the criminal and asks Minerva to stall the match as long as possible. 
621 "Holmes' Revelation (0 is Start)"
"Hōmuzu no Mokushiroku (Zero is Start)" (ホームズの黙示録(0 is Start)) 
June 25, 2011[23]
Conan locates Hades during Minerva's rally with her opponent and proceeds to his location. He meets his parents on the way who gives him the tickets needed to enter the stands where Hades is located. Yusaku Kudo explains that during a tennis match, the heads of the fans would follow the ball while Hades would continuously look onwards at Juno. With Minerva's help, Conan is able to apprehend Hades who is taken into custody. After Minerva wins the championships, Ran meets with her and tells her Shinichi confessed to her; proclaiming that while love is zero, zero is also a starting point. Conan meanwhile, is given an antidote for the APTX 4869, by his parents for the return trip to Japan. 
622 "Emergency Situation 252 (Part 1)"
"Kinkyū Jitai 252(Zenpen)" (緊急事態252(前編)) 
July 2, 2011[24]
The Detective Boys sneak into an abandoned building that due to be demolished to play hide and seek. While playing Genta hears someone tapping a 2-5-2 code which is used in Japan to call for help. They find two construction workers who claim to be surveying the area before destroying the building by implosion. Conan quickly deduces they are confining a person in the building due to regulations preventing the building they are in to be imploded. The criminals, realizing they have been figured out, seal up the building and chase after the kids. Conan is knocked out by his rebounding soccer ball and Ai is captured. The criminals prevent the remaining Detective Boys from calling the police by threatening to kill Conan and Ai. 
623 "Emergency Situation 252 (Part 2)"
"Kinkyū Jitai 252(Kōhen)" (緊急事態252(後編)) 
July 9, 2011[25]
Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta hide in the lockers where the criminals confine their hostages. The criminals attempt to call the hostage's home for ransom but is answered by a young man. Concluding their plan to be a failure, they opt to set the building ablaze to hide the evidence. Conan communicates to the Detective Boys by tapping his detective badge, and orders them to call their cellphones to lure the criminals out of the room. After doing so, Conan incapacitates one of the criminals and tricks the other one into fleeing the building. The second criminal is then knocked out by Subaru Okiya who picks up the kids and reveals the kidnappe to be Agasa. Subaru reveals he deduced Agasa's situation from observing the house and receiving the ransom phone call and had tracked the kids down using Conan's spare glasses. Meanwhile, Agasa reveals he tapped the 2-5-2 purely by coincidence while hoping others would notice. 
624 "The Video Letter of the First Love"
"Hatsukoi no Bideoretā" (初恋のビデオレター) 
July 16, 2011[26]
Chiba searches the storage room of Teitan Elementary for a thirteen year old VHS tape from his childhood love, Naeko Miike, which contains the reply to his love letter. At the same time, the Detective Boys are sent to the archives to search for a tape for their teacher. Chiba reveals to them that he received a phone call from Naeko Miike asking him if he has seen the tape, prompting him to resume his search for it. Conan deduces the tape contains the video Chiba and Naeko filmed years ago and finds the tape has been recorded over. He realizes Chiba was pron to sweaty hands and reveals Naeko wrote on the side the tape with red permanent markers which reveal she reciprocated Chiba's feelings. Chiba attends the school reunion only to find out Naeko did not attend. Unbeknownst to him, he passes Naeko in an officer uniform. Naeko reveals to her partner she recently transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in order to get closer to Chiba but is saddened he was unable to recognize her. 
625 "The Screaming of the Operation Room (Part 1)"
"Zekkyō Operūmu (Zenpen)" (絶叫手術室(前編)) 
July 23, 2011[27]
Kogoro attends his alma mater and takes Conan, Ran, and Sonoko with him. A university student named Sonsaku Tsujiei asks Ran if she could examine how realistic their corpse is and guides the her along with Conan and Sonoko through a haunted house production hosted by Tsujiei and his three friends. Inside the set, Anna Tadami dies after convulsing on a table. The police conclude it to be suicide after finding a cyanide capsule in her mouth and her past obsession with death. However, Conan points out that marks on the victim's face revealed an unknown assailant forced Tadami to bite into the capsule allowing the police to consider the possibility of murder. 
626 "The Screaming of the Operation Room (Part 2)"
"Zekkyō Operūmu (Kōhen)" (絶叫手術室(後編)) 
July 30, 2011[28]
Conan investigates the scene and deduces Tadami was already dead before they arrived in the room and that the culprit feigned her convulsion in order to fake the time of death. He tranquilizes Sonoko and explains his deductions to the police revealing the culprit went under the table and used his feet in place of Tadami's which caused the convulsion. He declares Tsujiei as the culprit, evidenced by Tsujiei's toe nails which were painted red to match Tadami's feet. Tsujiei confesses and reveals Tadami encouraged their terminally ill friend into suicide a month ago because she wanted to see a person die. 
627 "The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (Part 1)"
"Conan Kiddo no Ryōma Otakara Kōbō-sen (Zenpen)" (コナンキッドの龍馬お宝攻防戦(前編)) 
August 20, 2011[29]
The Phantom Thief Kid sends a notice to Jirokichi Suzuki announcing he plans to return three stolen artifacts belonging to Sakamoto Ryōma: the letter, a cup with Ryōma's blood, and the pistol; during the Ryōma exhibition. Jirokichi persuades the owner of Ryōma's items, Shishihiko Tarumi, to host the exhibition in his museum while he sets up a trap to capture Kid. Sonoko, Ran, and Conan visit Jirokichi for more details. While there, they receive a second notice from Kid who announces his heist will take place the following day and quotes Ryōma on his plans to clean up. Conan deduces Kid ascertained the day due to the forecasted rain and advises Jirokichi to install metal detectors in the museum. 
628 "The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (Part 2)"
"Conan Kiddo no Ryōma Otakara Kōbō-sen (Kōhen)" (コナンキッドの龍馬お宝攻防戦(後編)) 
August 27, 2011[30]
On the day of the heist, Conan is confronted by Kid in the bathroom stalls who reveals he was able to bypass the metal detectors by removing the lead from the pistol. As Kid leaves, Conan overhears Tarumi and his appraiser hoping Kid succeeds in his plot. Kid appears at the announced time and publicly claims he is cleaning up before setting off the fire sprinklers; he blends into the crowd who are also soaked from the rain and makes his escape. The water washes off the description plates in the museum revealing messages from Kid detailing the items in the Ryōma exhibition are fake and how Tarumi had been creating forgeries and selling them to the black market. This is confirmed when they discover many identical copies of the letter, cup, and pistol returned by Kid. As evidence, the blood on the cup is revealed to belong to Tarumi's appraiser and partner in crime. Conan, after deducing Kid would be disguised as an obese man due to the number of objects he would be carrying, confronts him and lets him leave crediting it as a favor to Ryōma. 
629 "The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (Part 1)"
"Puromobideo Satsuei Jiken (Zenpen)" (プロモビデオ撮影事件(前編)) 
September 3, 2011[31]
Conan, Ran, Sonoko and the Detective Boys are invited to a small island resort for diving lessons. While exploring the island, they find a filming crew lead and directed by Yuuya Miyasaka, an actor who lost his fame due to assault causing the drama he stared in to cancel. When the weather turns bad, they all return to the resort. Later, Miyasaka is found dead in his room. The resort staff, film crew excluding Miki Kitagawa, and Conan's company meet in the lobby to discuss the identity of the murderer. Due to the rooms having an automatic lock when closed, they conclude Miyasaka had let the perpetrator into his room and suspects it to be the work of one of the crew members. 
630 "The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (Part 2)"
"Puromobideo Satsuei Jiken (Kōhen)" (プロモビデオ撮影事件(後編)) 
September 10, 2011[32]
Kitagawa returns to the lobby and exclaims she saw Shingo Takayama, the cameraman, fleeing from the resort. Lead by Kitagawa, they find Takayama's body off a cliff. After investigating Miyasaka's body and the camera which recorded the first instance the body was found, Conan realizes who the culprit. After tranquilizing and impersonating Sonoko, he reveals Miki Kitagawa as the culprit. He reveals that the instance they found Miyasaka, he was feigning death as a prank. After everyone except Kitagawa goes to the lobby, she committed the murder and exchanged the knife, evidenced by the stains on the knife's handle. She then proceeded to murder Takayama who was an accomplice to Miyakasa's prank to hide her alibi. Kitagawa confesses and reveals her as vengeance after her first big role as an actor was denied after Miyakasa caused the show to drama to be canceled. 
631 "What the Floral Clock Knew"
"Hana Tokei wa Shitte Ita" (花時計は知っていた) 
September 17, 2011[33]
For the past few days, Ayumi has been practicing her baton throws in the local park and has noticed a strange man watching her. One day while accompanied with her friends, the strange man is found dead. The police conclude it to be an accidental death after he fell from climbing the infrastructure. Since the victim was found with a cut on his face on the 6 of the floral clock, they presume the death to be at 4:30. Conan realizes the victim, Shousaku Yoda, is not the strange man and that the murderer impersonated him to have the Detective Boys become witnesses to his death. The police investigate Kyouichirou Kawaguchi, a man who bears a grudge against the victim, but has an alibi for the presumed time of death. After Conan investigates, he gathers the police and reveals Yoda's time of death was false. Kawaguchi murdered Yoda on the 6 but climbed across the clock to scratch his face on the 12. As certain proof he is the culprit, Conan reveals Yoda wrote Kawaguchi's name in paint in the clock's maintenance room. 
632 "The Guardian of Time's Sword (Part 1)"
"Toki no Bannin no Yaiba (Zenpen)" (時の番人の刃(前編)) 
October 1, 2011[34]
633 "The Guardian of Time's Sword (Part 2)"
"Toki no Bannin no Yaiba (Kōhen)" (時の番人の刃(後編)) 
October 8, 2011[35]
634 "The Crime Scene is a Very Narrow Shop"
"Hankou Genba wa Geki Sema Ten" (犯行現場は激セマ店) 
October 15, 2011[36]
635 "Be Careful When Going on a Diet"
"Daietto ni Goyoujin" (ダイエットにご用心) 
November 5, 2011
636 "'The Most Useful School in the World' Case (Part 1)"
"Sekaiichi Uketai Jugyō Jiken (Zenpen)" (世界一受けたい授業事件(前編)) 
November 12, 2011
637 "'The Most Useful School in the World' Case (Part 2)"
"Sekaiichi Uketai Jugyō Jiken (Kōhen)" (世界一受けたい授業事件(後編)) 
November 19, 2011
638 "Solving the Puzzle Pushing Through the Autumn Leaves (Part 1)"
"Kōyō Fumiwake Nazo o Toku (Zenpen)" (紅葉踏み分け謎を解く(前編)) 
November 26, 2011
639 "Solving the Puzzle Pushing Through the Autumn Leaves (Part 2)"
"Kōyō Fumiwake Nazo o Toku (Kōhen)" (紅葉踏み分け謎を解く(後編)) 
December 3, 2011


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