Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota
Genres Crust punk, grindcore
Years active 1988–1994
Labels Havoc Records
Associated acts Code 13, Damage Deposit, Nigel Pepper Cock, Brainoil, Stormcrow, Disembodied, Look Back and Laugh, Disrespect, PersonHurter, Servitude, Segue, The Murderers
Felix Havoc - Vocals 1988-1994
Mark Snorkelman - bass 1988-1991
Dallas - guitar 1988-1991
Kirby Pringle - drums 1989-1990
Yngwie Markstein - guitar 1990-1994
Chris - drums 1990-1992
Mitch Useless - Drums 1992-1994
CyberNate Scabies - guitar 1992-1994
Jake Scabies - bass 1992-1993
Mandy Manduke - vocals 1993-1994
Troll - bass 1993-1994

Destroy! was an American crust punk band from Minneapolis from 1988 to 1994. Vocalist Felix Havoc founded Havoc Records in 1992 as a vehicle for Destroy!'s Burn this Racist System Down 7" EP.



  • Felix Havoc (Code 13, Damage Deposit)
  • CyberNate Scabies (Code 13, Nigel Pepper Cock, Brainoil, Stormcrow)
  • Yngwie Markstein (Disembodied, Look Back and Laugh, No Statik)
  • Troll (Disrespect)
  • Mitch Useless (PersonHurter, Servitude, Segue, and The Murderers)



  • Create Chaos demo, AYF, (1989)


  • Total Fucking Chaos 7" EP, Relapse (GTGP) Records, (1991)
  • Burn this Racist System Down 7" EP (1992)


  • The Basement Years cassette, AYF, (1990)
  • Necropolis LP/CD, Sound Pollution, (1994)

Live Albums

  • Live @ CBGBs cassette, AYF, (1990)

Split Albums

  • Destroy!/Disrupt split 7" EP, Adversity Records, (1991)
  • Destroy!/Disturb split 7" EP, (1995)


  • Son of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! 7" compilation, Slap A Ham
  • Bloodless Unreality 7" comp.
  • Crust & Anguished Life CD, MCR Recs., Japan. (1992)
  • Songs For The Socially Retarded Cassette Compilation (Various Artists), Thrashing Mad

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