Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections

Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections

The Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (IDJC) is a state agency of Idaho that operates juvenile correction centers. The agency has its headquarters in Boise.[1]



  • Juvenile Corrections Center Saint Anthony[2]

Juvenile Corrections Center Saint Anthony is located in the town of St. Anthony and is for higher risk Juveniles. It is the largest[3] state run youth correctional facility in the state of Idaho[4] with over one hundred youth incarcerated in its borders. JCC SA has recently begun work on fences for the campus and the campus is set up with several small cottages. Each cottage holds one or more groups of up to twelve juveniles. The St. Anthony’s program uses a PPC[3] (Positive Peer Culture) style of programming and also teaches T-FAC classes, a drug treatment program and sex offender programming. St. Anthony’s is the only state run program in the state of Idaho in which juveniles are allowed to physically restrain the other juveniles if they become uncooperative (Although this happens at many other programs it is only allowed to happen at St. Anthony’s.) St. Anthony’s has a broad mixture of juveniles from across the state, both male and female. St. Anthony’s rarely has contraband or drugs smuggled into it. Juveniles at St. Anthony’s frequently leave the campus as a group for community service but virtually never leave the campus for individual community passes. The average stay at St. Anthony’s is approximately 12 months.

  • JCC Nampa, Observation and Assessment [2]

Observation and Assessment is a state run facility.[3]

O&A is different from a detention center in a few ways. Juveniles still get a private cell, but the way the cell is designed is different. It has a polished metal mirror bolted to the wall of each cell, and a porcelain sink and toilet combo which has a different design than the ones at most detention centers in Idaho. Also some of the doors at OnA are made of thick wood instead of metal. Besides for these differences however the facility looks similar to a standard Idaho Detention Center. O&A is where all juveniles who get committed go, so it is a mixing pot of people with various types of crimes. Some common crimes are armed robbery, gang related assaults, drug possession and distribution, sexual offenses, aggravated assault, assault on an officer, burglary, and less commonly habitual offenders who have not committed very serious crimes but whom committed less severe crimes frequently. The ages at O&A range from around twelve to around seventeen, much less commonly an older or younger person may end up at O&A however. When juveniles are at O&A they receive a battery of tests which assess their risk level. They are also under constant observation of staff and are logged on at all times. After being at O&A for about one month juveniles are given the ICLA or the Initial Custody Level Assessment. Depending on the ICLA level (Level 1-5, 5 being the highest risk to the community) of the juvenile, availability of facilities and location of the juveniles home they are then sent to a "Rehabilitation Program."


Choices is a state run facility.

Choices is located in the same building as Observation and Assessment, in Nampa Idaho. C.H.O.I.C.E.S. (an acronym which stands for Creating Honest, Open Individuals Choosing Enduring Solutions) is a program which focuses on juveniles who have very serious drug and alcohol problems and a wide range of risk levels, although the average juvenile in Choices often has a medium to high risk level. Choices does not use the PPC or EQUIP style of programming but rather uses a unique mixture of TASC (Thinking And Self Change) and drug and alcohol rehabilitation books. Choices focuses almost exclusively on drug and alcohol problems and the vast majority of programming at the Choices facility reflects this. Choices is made up of three groups which are housed in three different pods, A, B, and C pods. Each pod has up to twelve juveniles in it, and Choices can hold a total of thirty-six juveniles. The three pods are divided into twelve cells each. The cells at Choices are very similar to the cells at Observation and Assessment, but only C-pod has private toilets and sinks located in the cells, and a semi-communal shower (three shower stalls divided by concrete walls). The other pods have two toilets and two completely separate showers. Choices uses a level system and juveniles who achieve a high level are allowed to leave the program on community service and home passes. In following the restorative justice model, community service passes are granted to the highest functioning juveniles in an attempt to give something back to the community (as well as fulfill court ordered CS hours, and are a requirement for graduation from the program). Home passes are also granted only to the highest functioning juveniles in the program, in hopes that the juvenile will be able to build, or re-build bonds with their families. The average stay at Choices is nine months to a year but occasionally juveniles will stay for as long as eighteen months. The average stay at CHOICES is approximately 9–12 months.

Juvenile Corrections Center Lewiston[2]

Lewiston is a state run facility.

A facility located in the northern Idaho city of Lewiston.[4] Often has juveniles with anger problems stay for programming. The average stay at Lewsiton is approximately 9–12 months.


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