Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art

Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art

The Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art is a non-profit institution headed by art collector Giuliana Setari Carusi. The institution was founded in 2001 in New York, United States. It has since extended its activity internationally, with an office in Paris since 2003. The Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art encourages and helps the circulation of young Italian artists in the context of international art.



Leisure sector of the City of Milan, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, private foundation and its financial patrons for Upload an Artist’s scholarship, RAM / Zerynthia Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti in Turin, Museion and Sparkasse Foundation. City of Turin as part of Project Passport, Unicredit Private Banking Spinola Banna per l'Arte.


Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art aims to promote and disseminate the Italian contemporary visual art in a perspective of international trade, with the specific purpose of strengthening bonds between the Italian and foreign culture, preserving a particular interest to the United States and France. Each year the curators responsible for the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art select Italian artists and curators, recommended by competent institutions, which will be offered the chance to spend a training period abroad. During the residency, the persons selected will be able to confront the socio-cultural system of the host city. Events for these scholars are organized by the foundation, such as exhibitions, meetings, seminars, debates, study visits and meetings with curators. Scholars will, in fact, be introduced and put into actual contact with the art scene of the city, encouraging the first step toward inclusion on the international arena.

Residences, awards, scholarships and partnerships

  • Art Omi International Artists Residency at the Summer Colony at the Art Omi International Arts Center. Founded in 2001, an award made possible through the collaboration of Dena Foundation and Dora Stiefelmeier (Zerynthia director at the time of the birth of Dena). Every year is awarded a scholarship for Summer Colony, to an artist from the center or south Italy.

The selected artist is invited to reside at the center for a period of three weeks (July). Up to now, have received scholarships for the Summer Colony: Donatella Spaziani (2001), Francesco Jodice (2002), Nicoletta Agostini (2003), Domenico Mangano (2004), Stanislao di Giugno (2005) Corrado Sassi (2006), Luana Perilli (2008), Marinella Senatore (2009).

  • The Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art was established in 2001 an international award, theDena Foundation Art Awardfor young artists who have created an installation from social content in public spaces. The award selection process and implemented in collaboration with members of the Scientific Committee of the foundation, allowing the foundation to observe the evolution of artistic production and current issues related to social and architectural structures.

The award is accompanied by the publication of a book designed by the artist according to his inspiration and sensibility. Artists Award winners: Fabien Verschaere (2001), France, presented by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Luca Vitone (2002), Italy, presented by Roberto Pinto.

Michael Rakowitz (2003), United States, presented by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

Michael Sailstorfer (2005), Germany, presented by Helmut Fridel.

Ryan Gander (2007), Great Britain, presented by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Renata Lucas (2009), Brazil, presented by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

  • As part of a collaboration between Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, settore Tempo Libero del Comune di Milano, Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera of Milan and Centre Culturel francais de Milan, launched in 2004 a new Project for awarding scholarships to young curators graduates to master's degree in “Organization and communication of Visual Arts” at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. The curators awarded the scholarship were selected by a special selection committee remained unchanged over the years includes: Roberto Pinto curator and critic, Jean-Paul Ollivier Director of the Centre Culturel Francais de Milan, Giuliana Setari Carusi Fernando de Filippi and Laura Masserini he director and manager and her Master of Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and, thanks to the convention mentioned, have done an internship at the Centre Pompidou-MNAM

curators selected: Chiara Agnello (2004), Alexandra Sandrolini (2005), Francesca di Nardo (2006), Mariacristina Ferraioli (2007) and Carola Annoni (2008).

In 2002, Foundation Dena was invited to be part of Organismes de parrainage of the Centre International d'Accueil et d'Echanges des Recollets proceeds in the old convent des Recollets which was founded in Paris in 1604 will of Enrico IV. Since 2002, the center has become a welcoming place for artists, academics, intellectuals and European researchers in order to promote research and cultural exchanges in the Paris area. The Centre International d'Accueil et d'Echanges des Recollets hosts inside three different cultural bodies: the Centre d'Accuel, the Biblioteque Nationale de France, the Cité européenne des Récollets and Maison de l'Architecture French Order of Architects. The decision to transform the convent into a place of welcome for European cultural synergy was deliberate when he was appointed the Independent Authority for Real Estate in the Town of Paris in order to decide their use.

Within the Centre International d'Accueil et d'Echanges des Recollets’s structure were made studio apartments in which artists and researchers can stay from one month to two years from the perspective of public-private partnership. The partner institutions involved in the selection of assignees of the apartments, so you can always make choices quality verified. Since 2003, Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art has launched an intensive residency program for artists and curators at the Centre. Among the initiatives promoted by Dena Foundation in partnership with other institutions for the award of a home-study at the Centre include: Artists and curators-in-Residence Program, Artist Award, Project Passport, Upload an Artist, DE. MO. / Movin Up, discussed below.

  • In 2002, theArtists and curators-in-Residence Program started, which awards scholarships(promoted by regional institutions and private collaboration with Dena Foundation) for a period of residence at the Centre International d'Accueil et d 'des Echanges Recollets.

Members of the partnership: Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, Youth Sector of the Municipality of Milan and Centre Culturel Francais of Milan, Prime Ministers Department of Youth, Ministry for Heritage and Activities cultural PARC - Directorate General for Quality and Protection of landscape architecture and contemporary art, GAI, Accademia Albertina, Museion foundation, Municipality of Turin with Spinola Banna per l’Arte foundation and Unicredit Private Banking, Sparkasse foundation, Fondazione Cariplo, Free Undo. selected artists: Dafne Boggeri (2003), Rebecca Agnes (2004), Meris Angioletti (2005), Angelo Sarleti (2006), Martina della Valle (2007), Invernomuto (2007), Federico Peri (2007), Alessandro Piangiamore(2007) Valerio Berruti (2007), Antonella Grieco (2008), Linda Fregni Nagler (2008), Paola Anziché (2008), Alberto Tadiello (2008), Luca Pozzi (2009), Cleo Fariselli (2009), Rychard Sympson (2009), Diego Marcon (2009).

  • Was created in 2007 in Turin “Progetto passaporto” in partnership with Spinola Banna per l'Arte foundation, Turin City Council and UniCredit Private Banking.

selected artist: Paola Anziché (2008)

  • Recently Dena fo Contemporary Art Foundation has established a three-year agreement with Museion and Sparkasse Foundation for the Artist Award funded by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano.

Artist selected: Michael Fliri (2008).

  • “Upload an artist” is given a scholarship to young emerging Italian artists. Among the metrics is reserved a particular attention to the interest, which the artist expresses towards knowledge of the art scene in other countries opening to contact and exchange with new cultural circuits.

is a fellowship dedicated to public or private supporters who decide to finance a period abroad for an Italian artist emerging. For the selection of artists Dena Foundation collaborates with different committees. artists selected: Coniglio Viola (2008) with collaboration of Accademia Albertina delle Arti in Turin and with the support of a private patron Francesco Fossati (2009) in collaboration with FreeUnDo e Fondazione Cariplo.

  • ProjectDE.MO. / Movin 'Up. Founded in 2009 in collaboration with: the Prime Ministers Department of Youth in Italy, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture Italian, PARC, Directorate General for Quality and Protection of landscape, architecture and contemporary Italian, GAI Circuit Association for Young Italian Artists.

Other nominees: Michele Bazzana (2009)


  • Andata e Ritorno, Aller-Retour, Round Trip, ed. Municipality of Milan – Free time area, Milan / Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, 2007.
  • Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev (interview to the artist curated by), Circumventions Michael Rakowitz, ed. onestar press / Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, 2003.
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  • Danièle Granet e Catherine Lamour, Grands et petits secrets du monde de l’art, Ed.Fayard, Paris, 2010.
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  • Hans Ulrich Obrist (interview to the artist curated by)Intellectual Colors di Ryan Gander, ed.SilvanaEditoriale, Milan / Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, 2007.
  • Helmut Friedel (interview to the artist curated by ) Michael Sailstorfer, ed. Silvana Editoriale, Milan / Dena *Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, 2006.
  • Nadia Candet, Collections particulières, Ed. Flammarion, Paris, 2008.
  • Judith Benhamou, Global Collectors, Ed.Phébus, 2008.
  • Pier Luigi Sacco, Walter Santagata, Michele Trimarchi, L’arte contemporanea italiana nel mondo, Ed. Skira Opera DARC, Ginevra-Milan, 2005.
  • Chiara Parisi, Jérome Sans, A Novel for Life Fabien Verschaere, Ed. Dena Foundation/Palais de Tokyo, site de creation contemporaine/Segno and Progetto, Turin, 2003.
  • Roberto Pinto (interview to the artist curated by), Sound Paths di Luca Vitone, onestar press/Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, 2002.

Giuliana Setari Carusi

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