David Sourdive

David Sourdive

David Sourdive, born in Paris on December 26, 1966, has a PhD in Molecular Virology. He is Executive Vice President, Corporate Development for the biotechnology company Cellectis, which he cofounded in 1999 with André Choulika, the company’s Chief Executive Officer[1]. He is also a Member of the Board of Medicen Paris Region, where he holds the post of Vice-President for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.



After graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique, in 1989, David Sourdive joined the Institut Pasteur, where he conducted research for a joint DEA (advanced postgraduate diploma) in General Virology and General Microbiology awarded by the University of Paris VII. It was also at the Institut Pasteur that he completed his PhD in Virology in 1995, which he followed with an AEA (Certificate of Advanced Studies)in Advanced Immunology one year later. His thesis on protein-protein interactions with the liver-specific transcription factor HNF1 was supervised by Professor Moshe Yaniv at the Institut Pasteur’s Oncogenic Virus Unit.

In 1997, after his PhD in Molecular Virology, David Sourdive joined one of the world’s leading antiviral immunology laboratories at Emory University (Atlanta, United States). Under the supervision of Professor Rafi Ahmed, he combined analysis techniques focusing on immune repertoires and vaccine antigens to elucidate the workings of antiviral cytotoxic immune memory in murine models. At the end of the following year, he headed a research group at the INSERM Unit on Gene Molecular Biology at the Institut Pasteur, supervised by Professor Philippe Kourilsky, and continued his research into immunological memory (CD8 + T-cells).

From 1989 to 1999, David Sourdive held various positions at the Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) of the French Ministry of Defense, particularly at Le Bouchet Research Center, where he was Director of the Biotechnologies Laboratory from 1998 to 1999. On December 20, 1999, he co-founded the company Cellectis with André Choulika, who he had met at the Institut Pasteur, and joined Class 17 for the Challenge+ program run by the prestigious Paris-based business school HEC, which provides support for the start-up of innovative high-technology companies.

Scientific publications

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