Peewee Ferris

Peewee Ferris

Peewee Ferris is a DJ from Sydney, Australia. Ferris began mixing at an early age, being inspired by his older brothers Stephen and John who are also DJs.[1]

Ferris has headlined numerous events including the Big Day Out and Ministry of Sound and the Australian tours of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers,Primal Scream, and Cream Tour ,Godskitchen,Stereosonic,Future Music Festival , and many more... He has ranked highly in various dance magazine polls, gaining worldwide exposure and thus gaining work through Asia, Europe and Africa.[1]

Ferris' album Social Narcotic gained him two ARIA Award nominations, with the single "I Feel It" certified Gold by ARIA. He has remixed for many artists including Human Nature and Men At Work and composed for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and the Doha 2006 Asian Games and Shanghai World Expo 2010 .[2] Ferris also composes the soundtracks for Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks .

In 2004 Ferris became the exclusive ambassador for the Italian clothing company Kappa and in 2009 became official ambassador for the Sydney FC and Ableton Live 8 .



One of Australia’s most influential DJ and producer, Peewee Ferris has been instrumental in the Australian and international dance movement for well over fifteen years. He has headlined many major Australian dance events, including the Big Day Out (1996, 1997, 2000, 2004, and 2009), Future Music Festival, Ministry of Sound Australia, Summadayze and Australian tours of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Cream.

Whether DJing in the remote town of Kalumburu or at his monthly residency in Melbourne, Peewee is still the Resident DJ at the club Sublime at Home Nightclub Sydney. Sublime celebrated its 12th birthday in 2008 with a classic club anthem CD called Sublime XII, programmed and mixed by Peewee.

Peewee was voted one of the Top 40 DJs in the 2004 and 2005 by Australian website Inthemix, one of the top 25 most influencing people in the Australian dance scene by Ministry of Sound Australia magazine, voted one of the top DJs in the world by German Juice magazine and one of the top 100 DJs in the world by British DJ Magazine.

This international exposure has led Peewee to work throughout Asia, Europe and even Africa. Peewee has toured China twice, alongside Seb Fontaine and Yousef and has made guest appearances at the legendary Zouk in Singapore. Further, Peewee was the first Australian DJ to play in South Africa at Freedom Festival during 2001. Peewee also graced the shores of Hannover, Germany, where he was invited to play at Lovestern Galatika Meets EXPO 2000, with an international line-up and more than 15,000 party people.

Peewee has twice been nominated for an ARIA award for his album Social Narcotic and his Top 20 single "I feel It" and has been awarded an ARIA Gold Record for production work. Peewee has knotched up over 70 different dance remixes for Australian and international artists such as Ultrasonic, Jocelyn Brown and Eternal Rhythm. Peewee’s pseudonyms include Evac, Slot Jockies, and Pipi Le Oui. Peewee was the first DJ to release a DJ mixed DVD compilation featuring 74 minutes of VJ (video jockey) visuals.

Music production is an imminent part of Peewee Ferris’ career. The role of the DJ has become more than just a jukebox but a producer, remixer and songwriter. By far the most prestigious highlight of Peewee’s career was composing original music for the opening and closing ceremonies for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, reaching an audience of over 4 billion people worldwide.

Peewee was the musical composer and arranger for the Sydney Gay Games opening ceremony. His diverse musical production repertoire extends from corporate television and radio advertising campaigns to film soundtracks all around the world.

Peewee has recently released ‘Sublime XII’, ‘Peaktime Vol 4’ and ‘Wildweekends Vol 3’ double CD’s for Central Station Records and composing and remixing music for the Opening Ceremony of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. He is currently the soundtrack composer for Sydney New Year's Eve and is also touring in Indonesia playing at Ocean Beach Club in Kuta and Club Sykgarden.

In 2009 Peewee played to his biggest audience ever at the Big Day Out Tour. Over 40,000 people packed inside the Boiler room to see Peewee perform before The Prodigy who ended the festival. Peewee has hit the record books with highest number of national tours on the Big Day Out Festival-Six plus many more side shows.


  • Shanghai World Expo 2010 Opening Ceremony
  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Games - Opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Arranged the soundtracks for Sydney New Year's Eve (2000, 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).
  • Music for the Sydney 2002 Gay Games - Opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Arranged soundtrack(s) for the Doha 2006 Asian Games.


  • Sublime XII
  • Wildweekenders Vol 3
  • Peaktime Vol 4
  • Hard Trance Volume Four CD/DVD
  • In the Main Room
  • Future Trance Volume Two
  • Two Tribes (Shock Records)
  • Sublime Submission Volume Four (Shock Records)
  • Digital Domination 2002
  • Heartbeatz Volume One (Blackhole Recordings, Holland)
  • Ministry Of Sound Dance Nation (Ministry)
  • Peewee Ferris Live (Dancepool)
  • Hammered - Clubbed To Death (Dancepool)
  • Strictly Techno Three (Sony)
  • Central Energy One
  • DJ 's Downunder Volume One (Reachin Records)
  • MCA House Party (MCA)

Released Tracks

  • Peewee Ferris ‘Spaghettification’ (Perfecto UK)
  • Peewee Ferris vs John Truelove ‘Brain’ (Tec UK)
  • Peewee Ferris ‘Heaven or Hell?’
  • Gay Olympic Games Sydney 2002
  • Peewee Ferris ‘Genesis’ (Dancepool/Tec Uk)
  • Music for the Opening Ceremony of Sydney 2000 Olympic Games ‘Arrivals’ (Sony)
  • Peewee Ferris Vs Dj Heaven ‘10,000 Miles Apart’ (Bang On)
  • Slot Jockeys ‘Be My Man’ (Tinted)
  • Infusion - 'Smokescreen/Lux’ (Dancepool)
  • Peewee Ferris ‘Social Narcotic” Album (Sony Dancepool)
  • Peewee Ferris ‘ Driving Me Insane’ (Sony Dancepool)
  • Peewee Ferris ‘The Future/Everybody Get Down’ (Reverb Uk, Sony Australia)
  • Peewee Ferris ‘Playhouse’ (Tinted)
  • Pipi Le Oui – ‘Le Funky Bus’ (Disc Blue) France
  • Dj Mark James 'Work It ‘ & ‘Dirty Dancin’ (Sony)
  • Evac - ‘First Class’ (Mds)
  • Evac – ‘Non Stop’ (Mds)
  • Slot Jockeys – ‘Gotta Release’ (Tinted)
  • Asio –‘Pure Power’ (Mds)
  • Asio – ‘Punk Rock’ (Urban Sounds) Holland
  • Bovver Boys- ‘Say Hey - We Came To Party (Dancepool)
  • Marco Polo & Peewee Ferris –‘Inspirations’ (Moonlite) Italy
  • DJ Peewee Vs Dj Darren Briais ' I Feel I ' (Dancepool)
  • F.O.E (Friends Of Earth ) Lp (Sony Dancepool )
  • Dj Peewee Vs John Ferris 'Time To Make The Floor Burn ' (Dancepool)
  • Bass Culture - ' B. C Nation ' Lp Featuring Gina G, Kate Ceberano
  • Toni Pearon, Lisa Maxwell, & Susie Ahern (Mushroom )
  • DJ's Beats - Beyond The Turntable - Featuring Australia DJ's
  • Collette -' Raise The Roof' Lp (Sony)
  • Lisa Maxwell - 'Stand My Ground' Ep (Sony)
  • Bellydance - 'Green Revolution / Three Days Man ' (Regular)
  • DJ Mark James 'Work It ‘ & ‘Dirty Dancin’ (Sony)
  • DJ Darren Briais Vs Peewee -‘Do It’ (Weepee)
  • Body Corp - ‘Take Me Higher’ (Shock Records)

Remixing Credits

  • Icehouse - ‘Icehouse’ (Warner music)
  • Dannielle -‘Tell that you like it’ (Warner music)
  • Selwyn -‘That the way love supposed to be’ (Sony)
  • Southend - ‘Winner Is…’(Dancepool)
  • Mark James - ‘Don’t you forget about me’
  • Ofortuna - ‘Ofortuna’ (Global)
  • Pants & Corset - ‘Damit Janet’ (Global Records)
  • Men At Work – ‘Down Under’ (Sony)
  • Tina Arena – ‘Now I Can Dance’ 7” Radio, 12” Club & Dub Remix (Sony)
  • Our House- ‘Floorspace 98’ (Mds)
  • A.K.Soul Featuring Jocelyn Brown - ‘Free’ (Outlaw/Festival) 7 ” Radio ,12” Club Mix
  • Human Nature - ‘Whisper Your Name’ 7” Radio Remix 12’ Club, Dub
  • Lisa Maxwell - ‘Rock Your Baby’ (S3 Sony) 7’ 12’ Remix
  • Human Nature - ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ (Sony) 7 ” Radio 12” Club
  • Bass Culture Featuring Gina G - 'Love The Life ' 96 (Mushroom) 7” Radio 12” Club
  • Dead Or Alive - ‘Sex Drive’ (Dancepool) 12” Remix
  • Bexta - ‘Rising Sun’ (Dancepool)
  • Savagegarden - ‘I Want You’ (Roadshow Music) 12” Remix
  • CDB - ‘Goodtimes (Epic) 12” Remix & 12” Hyperdisco Mix
  • Ultrasonic -'Do You Believe ' (Clubsence Uk) 12” Remix
  • DJ Versatile -'Bido Bido 95 ' (Reachin) 7” Radio , 12” Club Mix
  • Gatecrushers - ‘Party Rockin Jam’ (Central Station Records) 12”
  • Bubblegum Crisis - 'Your Love ' (Prozac) 12” Remix
  • Urban Sound Of Amsterdam - ' P.A.R.T.Y ' (Reachin) 7” Radio,12” Remix
  • Velocity - 'Set Me Free ' (Crucial) 7 ” Radio, 12” Club
  • Duck & Cover Disco - ' Something For Your Mind '
  • (Indochina Uk) 12” Remix
  • Vision 4/5 - 'Funkify' (Volition) 12” Remix
  • Eternal Rhythm - 'Deep Downunder ' (Logic Germany) 12” Remix
  • Kruption -“Crazy” (Sony) 12” Remix
  • Ekko -' Love Is A Drug ' (Central Station) 7” Radio, 12” Mix
  • Eurphoria - ' Did You Ever Leave Me ' (Emi) 12” Remix
  • Boxcar -'Ultrasonic ' (Volition) 12” Remix
  • Ross Wilson -'Dark Side Of The Man ' (Warner) 12” Club, 12” Mix
  • Noiseworks - 'Freedom' (CBS) 12” Mix
  • Kate Ceberano - ' Love Dimension ' (Festival) 12” Remix
  • Jenny Morris - 'Are You Ready ' (Warner) 12” Remix
  • Craig Mclachlan - 'I Almost Felt Like Crying ' (CBS) 12” Remix
  • Boom Crash Opera - ' Bombshell ' (Festival) 12” Remix
  • Mark Williams - 'Show No Mercy ' (Emi) 7” Radio 12” Remix
  • Party Boys - 'Follow Your Heart ' (CBS) 12” Remix
  • Radiators - 'Rock'n'roll ' 12” Remix
  • Machinations - 'Do To You ' (Festival) 12” Mix
  • MC Miker G & Dj Sven - 'Holiday Rap ' (CBS)
  • Sparklers - 'Big Brother ' 12” Mix
  • Technicolor - 'Can't Leave You Alone ' (Regular) 7” Radio 12”
  • Collette - 'Ring My Bell ' (CBS) 7” Radio 12” Remix
  • Culture Shock - 'Satisfy The Groove / My Enemy / Saviour / Amor Serenade ' (Sony) 7” Radio 12” Remix
  • Bass Culture - 'Love The Life / You've Got A Friend / B C Nation ' 7” Radio, 12” Remix
  • Cosmic Goddess - 'Age Of Aquarius ' 12” Remix
  • Tony Llewellan - 'Pick You Up ' (Warner) 12” Remix
  • Exposed - 'Blue Monday ' (Roadshow Music) 7” Radio 12” Mix



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