Cédric is a Belgian comic strip created by writer Raoul Cauvin and drawn by Laudec. A series of animated cartoons based on the comic have been produced as well.



Cédric is an eight year old boy who falls in love with fellow pupil Chen, who comes from China. His grandfather often gives him advice based on his own experience. His friend Christian will help him in trying to obtain Chen's affections, but this is just one of the schoolboy's and tribulations.


  • Cédric: eight-year old boy who is in love with Chen;
  • Chen: The girl whom Cédric falls in love with. She is Jen in the American version;
  • Christian: Cédric's friend;
  • Marie-Rose: Cédric's mother;
  • Robert: Cédric's father;
  • Grandpa: the father of Mary-Rose and a widower who lives with Cédric and his parents;
  • Nicolas: another schoolboy who is Cedric's rival and talks to Chen to make him jealous.
  • Caligula: a dog owned by Cédric's neighbor;
  • Lily
  • Yeti: Cédric's proud cousin. Her real name is actually Yolanda.


Since 1989, 23 albums have been published by Dupuis. Cédric is one of the most popular French language comics according to the list of best selling new comics of the ACBD, with e.g. in 2006 alone 288,900 albums, putting Cédric at the fourth spot.[1] By 2008, Cédric had dropped to the 8th position, still selling 273,000 copies that year.[2]


  1. Première Classe (First Class)
  2. Classes de Neiges (Snow Class)
  3. Classe Tout Risque (High-Risk Class)
  4. Papa a de la classe
  5. Quelle mouche le pique
  6. Chaud et Froid (Hot and Cold)
  7. Pépé se mouille
  8. Comme sur des roulettes
  9. Parasite sur Canapé
  10. Gâteau-surprise (Surprise Cake)
  11. Cygne d'étang
  12. Terrain Minets
  13. Papa, Je veux un cheval! (Dad, I want a horse!)
  14. Au pied, J'ai dis!
  15. Avis de Tempêtes
  16. Où sont les freins? (Where is the break?)
  17. Qui a éteint la lumière?
  18. Enfin Seuls!
  19. On se calme!
  20. J'ai fini!
  21. On rêvasse? (We dream?)
  22. Elle est moche! (She is ugly!)
  23. Je veux l'épouser!
  24. J'ai gagné! (I win!)

Cartoon series

In 2001, French TV channel Canal J started broadcasting the animated series based loosely on the comics. The same series started twenty days later on France 3 as well. Until now, 104 episodes of 13 minutes each have been made, with 52 more to come.[3] 12 DVDs have been produced so far. The show is also available in Tamil which is broadcast on Chutti TV from Mon-Friday 9:00 A.M. In 2005, PorchLight Entertainment dubbed the series in American voices and released them to DVD through Genius Entertainment.


  • The Pilot - Cedric's grades are falling down, and so he joins a music class, just to impress Jen and also go around the world with her.
  • In Style - Cedric wants to fit in by styling himself. His idea of ear piercing though, could get him grounded!
  • I Want to Marry Her - Cedric wants to marry Jen, and so he and Christian give her a cassette player.
  • My Cousin, Yolanda - Cedric's cousin Yolanda visits.
  • Tiberius Versus Caligula - Nicholas is stealing Jen with his dog, and Cedric borrows his neighbor's mutt. It seems as though Nicholas and Cedric will have to compete to see who's dog is "best in show".


From 2004 on, a series of 7 books about Cédric have appeared in French in the Bibliothèque rose.


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