Consumer Protection Commission (Republic of China)

Consumer Protection Commission (Republic of China)

Consumer Protection Commission (CPC; Traditional Chinese:消費者保護委員會) is an independent regulatory agency subordinate to the Executive Yuan which is responsible for policies and measures to protect consumers from fraud, Internet scams, misleading advertisements, content labeling, food safety, product safety, dispute resolution with traders, consumer complaints, licensing and regulation of some business activities and informing consumers about their rights.[1]



The CPC was created on July 1, 1994 to administer consumer protection responsibilities.[2]


The CPC composition is made up of one chairman and eleven to nineteen commissioners with terms of 3 years. These commissioners are nominated by the Executive Yuan and are appointed by the President. The Vice President of the Executive Yuan chairs the CPC, and the commissioners include eight senior officials of relevant government agencies, three representatives of national consumer protection groups, two presidents of nationwide enterprises, two scholars, and three experts. The commission meeting holds each month, but the Chairman has the right to convene unscheduled meetings when necessary.[3]

The top civil bureaucrat is the Secretary General of the administrative departments.[4]


  • Planning Department
  • Supervision Section
  • Legislation Department
  • Administration Department
  • Consumer Protection Officials
  • Consumer Center

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