Concert Number6

Concert Number6
Concert Number6
Tour by Joey Yung
Associated album Airport
Start date November 19, 2010
End date TBD
Legs 2 (TBD)
Shows 12 in Hong Kong
1 in China
Joey Yung tour chronology
StarLight Live
Concert Number6

NOKIA Joey Yung Concert Number 6 is Joey Yung's seventh major concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum and sixth major solo concert, named after Joey's favourite number. Suggested by fellow singer and good friend Eason Chan, it was decided that the concert would be named after the number 6 for several reasons. First of all Joey's birthday is June 16th (6.16), hence it is her favourite number (Joey also cited that she likes how the number looks). For the same reason, the number 6 can be found a lot in her personal cell phone number, for her license plates (JY616 and JY6), and is also used as the official name of her fan club, also called JY6. Most importantly, this concert series is her sixth major solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. The theme of this concert is "airport", and was suggested by lyricist-fashion enthusiast Wyman Wong (who also acted as a wardrobe advisor for the concert). The idea was that the Hong Kong Coliseum would be Joey's airport, which she would land on when the concert series starts.

The production team for this concert was the same as her previous StarLight concert series, as are the dancers and the music director, Carl Wong. The costumes worn by Joey included both outfits created by costume designer Kenneth Chan, and outfits sponsored by globally renown fashion designers/labels Yves Saint Laurent, Manish Arora, Chanel, and Iris Van Herpen. For the concert merchandise, specially designed travel kits were sold reflecting the airport theme. The production team also invited Swedish designer Emeli Martensson of 5preview to design concert tees for the shows.

The concert series was considered a major success, gaining popular and critical acclaim from fans, the media, DJs, and fellow entertainers alike. While tickets did not sell out as fast as expected, partly due to increased competition by other first-tier singers holding concerts around the same time, sales were consistent and strong. Due to popular demand, additional shows would be added six times totalling 8 additional shows to the original 4 dates for a total of 12 shows. During the 2010 Ultimate Song Chart Awards, DJ Donald said before presenting the Best Female Singer Gold to Joey, "Many people felt that her StarLight concert had reached mankind's limit. But this year, she was somehow able to give us an even more amazing concert." This concert series is also the most shows ever performed by Joey at the Hong Kong Coliseum for a single concert series (not including StarLight's Part 2).


The stage

The stage was a complex "in the round" stage. The setup included multiple elevators, and a stage that resembled an airplane/airport runway. Above the stage was a red circular display with four LED screens attached to it. The set up also consisted of props including a large white perfume bottle, a mid-air living room with many lamps on it, as well as a giant pair of inflatable legs that reached down to the stage floor from above the stage during one of the performances. It also featured an LED runway connecting the B-stage to a larger LED floor which would recline creating a vertical projection screen that rotates 360 degrees. Throughout out the concerts, live footage as well as video backdrops/graphics would be displayed on the LED screens and the vertical projection screen.

The show

The show was divided into seven segments. For the opening segment, Joey performed 逃 and 跑步機上 featuring an altered version of the two song's famous choreography followed by a number of ballads that were changed every night. The second segment featured Joey wearing the carousel dress sponsored by Manish Arora while singing and dancing to 世界小姐, 我所知的兩三事, and 全身暑假. The third segment is known as the "Angels and Demons" segment. For the "Angel" part, Joey wore a large white Chanel fur coat while singing 流淚眼望流淚眼 and 天之驕女. For some of the shows, Joey would suddenly change from singing 流淚眼望流淚眼 to the chorus and bridge of best friend (and rumoured partner) Denise Ho's 勞斯 萊斯 halfway through which led to loud screams of surprise from the audience every night. For the "Demon" segment, giant inflatable legs descended on to the stage with Joey singing 蛇, 穿花蝴蝶, and 桃色冒險 while dancing with dancers dressed as 'snakes'. One of the routines was met with controversy as it resembled a 'threesome' with two dancers, though during a later interview Joey joked that her "dancers were snakes, how would you tell which ones were male or female?". The fourth segment featured a more elegant Joey singing 飛, 習慣失戀, 痛愛, and 破相 on the circular mid-air living room wearing a dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent's head designer Stefano Pilati. Joey had met Pilati in Paris when she was invited to attend the YSL Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show earlier that year during the Paris fashion week. The fifth segment started with Joey performing in front of the LED floor-turned-projector screen, singing Scream! while dancing to a routine coordinated to complement the video backdrop projected on the screen. This was followed by a fast song medley which consisted of 夢路, 喜喜, 未知, and 隆重登場. For the sixth part, Joey entered the stage singing the concert theme song 空港 while (for the first time) playing guitar gaining a huge round of applause and shouts of support from the audience. This was followed by another round of classic Joey ballads that changed every night, but always ended with Joey singing 心淡 with the audience (which had become a Joey concert tradition since the Showup! Tour in 2003). For the final segment (and 'supposed' encore), Joey came out wearing a water/crystal-like costume designed and custom-tailored by designer Iris Van Herpen from her "Crystallization" collection. The segment started with Joey reciting a monologue reflecting upon her career and thanking her fans for making her 'stronger' followed by a rearranged ballad version of the song 越唱越強 (The More I Sing, the Stronger I Become).

Set list


  • Producer: Alex Fung
  • Concert Director: Fran9
  • Choreographer: High King
  • Stage Designer: Cheung Tak Wai, Chow Ching
  • Video Director: John & Pong
  • Costume Designer: Kenneth Chan
  • Hair Stylist: Heibie Mok@HairCulture / Billy Choi@Hair Culture
  • Make Up Stylist: Arris Law/Make Up For Ever
  • Musical Director/Bassist: Carl Wong

This is only a partial list of the personnel

World Tour

On April 26th, 2011, Joey Yung performed her first show in Europe at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. The show combined elements of Concert Number6 and her previous StarLight tour, thus the concert did not carry the N6 name and is not considered the first stop of her Number6 tour outside of Hong Kong.

On August 13th, Joey will perform in Guangzhou as part of her Number6 world tour, making it the first official stop outside Hong Kong. The concert will be held at the 60,000 seat Tianhe Stadium, making this show Joey's first outdoor stadium concert and the largest venue Joey has ever performed a solo concert at. This will be Joey's first time performing a concert in Guangzhou in six years, hence furthering the symbolic significance of the number 6 even for this Guangzhou stop. Joey hopes that by bringing the concert to a larger stadium-sized venue, she will be able to avoid the problem encountered at her last Guangzhou concert where many fans were unable to obtain tickets due to the concert being sold out.

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
Hong Kong
November 19, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 20, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 21, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 22, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 23, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 24, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 25, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 26, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 27, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
November 28, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
December 3, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
December 4, 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
August 13, 2011 Guangzhou China Tianhe Stadium
January 7, 2012 Macau China CotaiArena
Joey Yung Live at the Royal Albert Hall London
April 26th, 2011 London United Kingdom Royal Albert Hall

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