Burn Notice (season 2)

Burn Notice (season 2)
Burn Notice season 2
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Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 16
Original channel USA Network
Original run July 10, 2008 – March 5, 2009
Home video release
DVD release date June 16, 2009
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Burn Notice is an American television comedy-drama[1] series created by Matt Nix and starring Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, and Sharon Gless. The second season premiered July 10, 2008. The season was split into two parts, with episodes 1–9 airing in the summer of 2008 and episodes 10–16 being broadcast in early 2009.

A burn notice is a document issued by intelligence agencies to discredit or announce the dismissal of agents or sources who are considered to have become unreliable. The television series is a first-person narrative (including frequent stream of consciousness voice-overs providing nuggets of exposition) from the viewpoint of covert-operations agent Michael Westen, played by Jeffrey Donovan. Michael Westen often delivers tips on unrelated subject matters, such as on burglar-proofing houses or getting promoted during commercial breaks.[2][3][4]


Season overview

The second season of Burn Notice continues the plot lines of the first season. Michael Westen had struggled to find out why he had been burned and by whom. Westen continues his work as an unlicensed private investigator and freelance spy for anyone in town who can pay him any money in order to fund his personal investigation into his own situation as a blacklisted agent. Westen battles and outwits an array of mobsters, con artists, contract killers, professional thieves, drug traffickers, arms dealers and kidnappers.

Season 2 introduces a mysterious woman named "Carla" (Tricia Helfer), an agent of the organization behind Michael's burn notice who is now trying to get him to work for that organization. Although he resists, she assigns him various tasks (which he later learns are preparation for an assassination), while he also attempts to find out who she is. She often coerces him into working for her by threatening the people he cares about with violence. Midway through the season, Michael is almost assassinated by an unknown group.[5] Carla gets the assignment to discover who placed the hit, while Michael digs around for the mastermind to find what could be either a potential ally or a dangerous new enemy.

Carla's operation is sabotaged by a rogue agent in her organization, and Michael is assigned to find out who it was. At the end of Season 2, he has an encounter with Carla's superior, simply known as "Management" (John Mahoney). Putting the pieces together, Michael realizes that Management falsified records to paint him as both corrupt and unreliable, forcing the government to burn him. When Michael demands Management leave him alone, Management complies. While it frees Michael from their grasp, it also removes the organization's protection, which now exposes Michael to police attention and allows enemies he made as a U.S. covert operative to track him down.


Jeffrey Donovan returned as the still-burned spy Michael Westen. Gabrielle Anwar reprised her role as ex-IRA operative Fiona Glenanne, and Bruce Campbell returned as ex-Navy SEAL Sam Axe. Sharon Gless also returned, as Madeline Westen, Michael's mother.

The second season saw even more recurring guests than the first. The most prominent of these was Tricia Helfer, who appeared in many episodes as Michael's handler, Carla. Paul Tei also made several appearances returning as money-launderer Barry Burkowski. Seth Peterson returned as Michael's brother, Nate Westen. Michael Shanks was introduced as wrangler Victor Stecker-Epps. Silas Weir Mitchell made two appearances as the quirky arms dealer Seymour. Marc Macaulay and Brandon Morris returned for one episode as Agents Harris and Lane, two FBI agents who were formerly in charge of Michael's surveillance. Agent Jason Bly, another FBI agent, also returned for one episode, portrayed by Alex Carter. Gary Weeks made various appearances as Campbell, Fiona's boyfriend, while Audrey Landers made a single appearance in her previous role as Sam's girlfriend, Veronica. Virgil Watkins, a former client, made an appearance, portrayed by Chris Ellis. Various other characters were introduced, who later became important recurring characters. These included John Mahoney as Management, Tim Matheson as Michael's former mentor-turned-assassin "Dead" Larry Sizemore, and Jay Karnes as arms dealer Tyler Brennen. Notable one-time guest stars included Kevin Alejandro, Erick Avari, Rob Benedict, Assaf Cohen, Patrick Fabian, Oded Fehr, Method Man, Larry Miller, Amy Pietz, and Fawad Siddiqui.


In the following table, "U.S. viewers in millions" refers to the number of Americans who viewed the episode on the day of original broadcast.

Title Directed by Written by U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
Original air date Production
13 1 "Breaking and Entering" Paul Holahan Matt Nix 5.39[6] July 10, 2008 (2008-07-10) BN201
Michael remains in the same truck he drove into (at the conclusion of season 1); awaiting his desired meeting with those who burned him. Instead, however, the truck drops him off at the site of a recent gun battle - where Michael finds a hog-tied man and two dead bodies. He receives a call from the woman - identifying herself as Carla; who orders Michael to help the man - named Jimmy (Patrick Fischler), steal data on the operations of a private military company named "Security Associates" - a corporation which, essentially, offers mercenaries for hire; where Jimmy was employed to install its information security system. As collateral, Carla has taken Jimmy's family hostage to ensure Michael will complete the job. With these "incentives" in mind, Michael, after getting the promise of a face-to-face meeting with Carla, agrees. Returning to Miami, Michael reconnects with Sam and Fiona and, after convincing Jimmy to work together, is given an introduction by Jimmy to Ryder Stahl (James C. Burns), where Michael poses as a businessman who needs some muscle to extract diamonds from a hotly contested area in Africa. This allows Michael to get a preview of the security measures in the building, and discovers a soft spot to break into to steal the data. Michael and Jimmy are successful in their task, though the alarm is tripped accidentally by Jimmy and both are exposed by Ryder. After escaping, Michael lays a trap for Ryder and his men by tricking them into thinking Jimmy is dead (via an explosion on a yacht he is apparently on), thus they stop hunting him and are forced to deal with the police. Jimmy then departs to Argentina and is reunited with his family. Later on, Michael meets Carla (although he does not realize this, as Carla did not initially identify herself when Michael saw her). 
14 2 "Turn and Burn" John Kretchmer Alfredo Barrios, Jr. 4.87[7] July 17, 2008 (2008-07-17) BN202
Michael meets Carla (Tricia Helfer) again, this time for a proper face-to-face meeting. Carla, taking on the role of his new handler, orders Michael to duplicate an advanced keycard badge for unknown reasons; specifically by taking the card to Nefzi (Erick Avari), one of the greatest known counterfeiters, and paying him for the job. Meanwhile, Michael is introduced, by Sam, to Sophia (Jacqueline Piñol), a young waitress who is being stalked by a man named Raul (Kevin Alejandro). With more investigation, Michael discovers that Raul is involved in major narcotics trafficking, and Sophia is actually a DEA agent who has been working undercover to build a case against the whole drug organization. Michael agrees to un-officially help Sophia (as, being burned, she could go to jail for getting Michael involved in government business). Michael poses as a "facilitator" for drug shipping, formerly employed by the organizations' Mexican rivals, and approaches Raul with the offer to work for him, and tell him about weaknesses he spotted in the operation in exchange for money. Unfortunately, this catches the interest of the crime boss, Campos (Mario Ernesto Sánchez). Changing plans, Michael frames Raul for trying to kill Campos, and Campos, convinced, orders his men to hunt Raul down; leading Raul to turn himself in to the DEA and cooperate with them in exchange for his safety. After this, Michael receives the counterfeit badges, and makes efforts to try and find out what the badges are for. Unfortunately, Carla's organization has Nefzi killed before he can find out (though nevertheless, Michael secretly retains one of the badges). Later, while turning the other badges over to Carla, she lets slip she can speak fluent Arabic with a Kurdish accent; giving Michael a new direction in his investigation. 
15 3 "Trust Me" Paul Holahan Craig O'Neill & Jason Tracey 4.76[8] July 24, 2008 (2008-07-24) BN203
Michael follows up on the lead on Carla, by going to the Miami Pakistani Consulate and, while Sam creates a distraction that draws the attention of the head consul (Fawad Siddiqui) and the head of security; Waseem Ali Khan (Assaf Cohen) - who is also really a spy, Michael successfully steals several semi-important documents and later threatens Waseem that he will release them to the highest bidder if he doesn't use his connections to look for any trace of Carla's presence in Kurdistan; though Waseem is prepared to take the chance Michael will do so or not. Meanwhile, Michael and Fiona (reluctantly) work together to help Andy (Michael Naughton) recover the money he had been lent by a loan shark; Baranski, from a flashy conman named Zeke (Patrick Fabian) who Andy fell victim to when Zeke tricked him into investing in a fictitious night club in Cuba. Michael poses as a Texan wealthy playboy whom Zeke decides to make his new mark. While struggling for time from Baranski, Michael, in the end, successfully cons Zeke into giving him the money and so, while Zeke is left at the mercy of his irate "partners", Michael turns over the money to Baranski, who backs off. Michael ultimately succeeds in gaining information from Waseem after framing him for, apparently, taking bribes, which could destroy his career, or at least get him re-assigned (which Waseem is afraid of, as he has grown to appreciate the luxuries his posting in Miami has brought him). Waseem hands Michael a dossier of Carla's work when she was an operative in Kurdistan in exchange for the fabricated proof. Michael also tells his mother that he and Fiona are no longer together. 
16 4 "Comrades" John Kretchmer Matt Nix & Jason Ning 4.86[9] July 31, 2008 (2008-07-31) BN204
Michael reviews the dossier he received on Carla and discovers Carla was an "irrigation consultant" as her cover in Kurdistan. He dispatches Sam to investigate all of the irrigation consultants in Miami, but to do so, Sam will need to get the information from Harvey Gunderson (Larry Miller), a well-connected Miami politician. Meanwhile, Michael's brother, Nate has returned to Miami and asks for Michael's help with his friend Katya (Emily Foxler). Katya tells Michael that her sister; Elena, was kidnapped by the Russian mafia after Katya couldn't pay what they demanded in exchange for bringing Elena into the United States, and intend to kill her. Fiona kidnaps Ivan Petrov (Andrew Divoff), the man in charge of the Russian mafia's human trafficking in Miami, and then make it appear to him he is being held by the CIA while they have compromised and are currently dismantling his organization. Sam and Nate play the CIA agents, while Michael poses as "Sergei Yablonovich"; the head of another branch of the trafficking organization supposedly based in Tampa; and also under the employ of Ivan's boss Takarov. After convincing Ivan their organization is steadily being dismantled by the CIA; they stage an escape and Michael convinces Ivan to take him to where the kidnapped women are being kept, and, while Michael, Sam and Fiona stage a rescue, Ivan is set up to be killed for Takarov for, apparently, selling out the organization to the CIA. Initially, Sam's attempts on getting information from Gunderson are foiled as Gunderson subtly knows he is being played, though in the end changes tactics and poses as a DEA agent looking for information on a drug-related operation, and, after threatening to have Gunderson's career ruined for not cooperating, Gunderson, who greatly enjoys the fruits of his many political positions, panics and capitulates. From Gunderson, Sam learns of Carla's cover in Miami - her full name is Carla Baxter and she is posing as an aquifer specialist. Michael and Fiona begin surveillance of the address listed on Carla's business card. 
17 5 "Scatter Point" Rod Hardy Ben Watkins 4.56[10] August 7, 2008 (2008-08-07) BN205
Michael is planning to storm the heavily-guarded building where Carla may work when he is approached by an ex-con, Trevor (Maurice Compte), who has just been released from prison. After leading a criminal career specializing in driving get-away cars for heists, for the sake of his newborn son and his own past regrets, he now wants to escape the criminal life; however he has been recruited unwillingly to participate in a jewelry heist being planned by Timo (Oded Fehr). After having the team's safecracker arrested in the failed hope it would cause Timo to call off the job, Michael infiltrates Timo's group, posing as a new safecracker, and is able to convince the group that Timo had stolen the jewelry with no plans of sharing it; ensuring this by (apparently) blowing up the boat house they had been using. Enraged, Kandi, another member of the gang and Timo's girlfriend, hunts down and kills Timo, allowing Trevor to finally leave his criminal past behind. Meanwhile, Veronica proposes to Sam but he tells her that he had been married years ago and never officially divorced. As a result of his confession, Veronica breaks up with Sam. Michael breaks into Carla's building but he has missed his chance - the building is empty of people and has been stripped bare, evacuated after Michael unknowingly revealed he was nearby during an earlier attempt at infiltration. Waiting for him in the empty office are a bottle of champagne, balloons with the word "congratulations" on them, and another newspaper-coded message. 
18 6 "Bad Blood" Bronwen Hughes Matt Nix & Rashad Raisani 3.88[11] August 14, 2008 (2008-08-14) BN206
Having successfully deciphered the newspaper message (Episode 5), Michael meets one of Carla's fellow operatives, Victor (Michael Shanks), an eccentric and psychotic member of Carla's organization who works as a "wrangler" - meant to keep operatives in line. Victor informs Michael there is an operation being planned in Miami and the organization wants Michael to help. Victor orders Michael to participate in a mission to intercept a shipment between two undisclosed locations, and Michael is forbidden to know what the shipment box will contain. Victor uses the threat to harm his family and other extreme methods to keep Michael in line and on the mission, all the while expertly derailing Michael's attempts to learn more. Meanwhile, Michael meets and re-connects with the brother of one of his childhood friends-Ricky Watkins (Ben Watkins) who asks for his help: Ricky is the head accountant of Sweet Valentine Enterprises, a record label headed by the big hip-hop mogul, Sweet Valentine (Method Man). Valentine has just discovered $2 million is missing from the company's charity account and has put Ricky on the task of finding it: not only is the money gone, but Ricky learns he has been set up to take the blame. Ricky also knows, as Valentine was originally a gangster, that it will get him killed. The only other possible suspect is Eddie Ash (Rob Benedict), the company's financial adviser and Valentine's friend and ally. Ricky hires Michael to find the necessary proof that will prove his innocence. Michael, after discovering Eddie did indeed take the money but left no trail, works with Barry to allow Michael to pose as a money launderer and subtly push Eddie into giving him the money. Victor, as part of his efforts to keep Michael focused on the mission, almost sabotages his efforts, but Michael works quickly to make it seem the FBI, informed by Ricky, is investigating Eddie. Eddie is convinced that killing Ricky is the only option, and so confronts Ricky in his home with a gun. While Eddie has the gun pointed at Ricky's head, Eddie, feeling secure, proudly boasts that not only did he embezzle the money and set Ricky up, but he also admits his disdain for Valentine over hoarding so much of the money he believes really belongs to him after all the work he did for him. Meanwhile, Fiona and Sam have secretly brought Valentine to Ricky's house and, hearing everything, Valentine deals with Eddie "gangster-style" for his actions. Michael and Victor complete their mission; with Victor departing with the box, believing Michael knows nothing of its contents. But Michael, through the use of a home-made x-ray machine, discovers that the box contained a sniper rifle. 
19 7 "Rough Seas" Jeremiah Chechik Alfredo Barrios, Jr. & Michael Horowitz 3.86[12] August 21, 2008 (2008-08-21) BN207
In attempting to track the sniper rifle he had helped steal, Michael and Fiona meet Seymour (Silas Weir Mitchell), an arms dealer, in a remote area of Miami. Seymour involves Michael and Fiona in a gun fight with Bulgarian mobsters, and are forced to flee. When Michael returns home, Virgil (Chris Ellis), a former client, is waiting there for him. Virgil informs Michael that $1 million worth of medicine has been stolen from a medical clinic. Upon investigation, Michael tracks down the mastermind of the stolen medicine, Gerard (Max Martini). Posing as a nerdy chemist, Michael sets up Gerard to be arrested by the police while moving the medicine to a new location. The medicine is recovered and returned to the clinic. Michael and Fiona meet again with Seymour and learn that a man named "Bill Johnson" has picked up the rifle. Just before the meeting, Fiona tells Michael that she is dating someone new. 
20 8 "Double Booked" Tim Matheson Craig O'Neill & Jason Tracey 4.77[14] September 11, 2008 (2008-09-11) BN208
Michael and Sam discover the location of Bill Johnson (Joe Kimble) by going through his trash and finding laundry bluing, a staple among spies to prevent snooping in trash. Michael returns to his loft to find Larry Sizemore (Tim Matheson), a former mentor of Michael's. Larry offers Michael $30,000 to kill a nurse named Jeannie (Amy Pietz) who stands to gain a lot of money when her ailing husband dies. Michael and Fiona track down Jeannie and inform her that Drew (Zachery Ty Bryan), her stepson, has placed out a bounty on her head. Michael protects Jeannie by faking her poisoning, aided by Fiona's new boyfriend, Campbell (Gary Weeks), a paramedic. Larry kills Drew to cover his tracks and leaves Miami. Michael and Sam follow Bill Johnson into a building and find out that Carla has been using Michael for tactical support for an unknown operation. Michael had collected the ID card for entry into the building (Episode 2), and the rifle that sniper Bill Johnson would be using. Michael also attends family counseling with his mother.
This episode was nominated for "Best Episodic Drama" at the Writers Guild of America Awards 2008.[13] 
21 9 "Good Soldier" Jeff Freilich Alfredo Barrios, Jr. 4.67[15] September 18, 2008 (2008-09-18) BN209
After infiltrating a building where Carla has set up the sniper Bill Johnson, Michael learns that the building is a perfect point for an assassination on a ferry that sails by on a daily basis. Michael and Sam begin surveillance at Carla's hotel in anticipation that a murder is imminent. Meanwhile, Fiona's boyfriend Campbell sets Michael up with a job to stop a man named Max Lesher (John Allen Nelson) from kidnapping a rich Venezuelan oil tycoon's daughter, Isabella Arroyo. Posing as a recently divorced security guard who struggles with alcohol abuse, Michael becomes the perfect target for Lesher to turn into an inside man. Michael thwarts the kidnapping and sends Lesher to jail. He then learns that Carla has had his brother Nate thrown into jail and is proceeding with the assassination plan. However Bill Johnson is killed, and when Michael arrives back home, the apartment is rigged to explode. Michael jumps off the stairs as the device detonates; his fate is unknown as the episode ends with the words "To Be Continued". 
22 10 "Do No Harm" Matt Nix Matt Nix 5.12[16] January 22, 2009 (2009-01-22) BN210
The episode starts with Michael waking in the arms of Sam, having barely survived the attempt on his life. A car chase ensues as Carla's people chase Michael and Sam through the streets of Miami. During their getaway, Michael stumbles upon a man named Kenny (David Barry Gray) who tries to kill himself so his family can collect insurance for his terminally ill son. Kenny tells Michael he was tricked by a group that preys on parents with children that have diseases that are difficult to treat. Michael enlists the help of Fiona who in turn again requests the help of her boyfriend, Campbell. Campbell reluctantly goes along with the plan, but ultimately breaks up with her. Michael and Fiona eventually pin down the mastermind of the plan, Rachel (Stacy Haiduk), and force her to confess to the police that she has been defrauding many people. After the job, Michael returns home to find Carla, who gives him orders to find the people who tried to kill him. Michael decides to go along with the orders, but to withhold any findings from Carla. 
23 11 "Hot Spot" Stephen Surjik Ben Watkins 5.38[17] January 29, 2009 (2009-01-29) BN211
Sam's friend, a high school football coach (Michael Irvin), has a player who is being hunted by a gang of local car thieves. Michael, Fiona and Sam pose as a new gang of car thieves in order to prevent the gangster, Felix, from going after the teenager. They attack Felix several times to try to scare him out of Miami, but attract the attention of the local crime boss. He tries to have Michael join his crew, but Michael devises an elaborate plan to decline the offer. Fiona and Michael discuss their first meeting, and look for the person who booby-trapped Michael's loft. The bomber turns out to be a demolitions expert for the city, but Michael sends Carla on a wild goose chase instead of telling her. Fiona finds the house of the bomber, but walks into a booby-trap. The trap sets the house ablaze, leading Michael to believe that she is dead. She spends the night with Michael after he discovers that she is still alive. 
24 12 "Seek and Destroy" Scott Peters Rashad Raisani 5.27[18] February 5, 2009 (2009-02-05) BN212
Michael tracks a hacker for a wealthy art dealer and poses as a corporate-security specialist. He finds the spy in the gallery, the receptionist, but she tells him her father was an artist and the art dealer had him killed for a multi-million dollar painting. Michael then cons the art dealer and plays on his paranoia to get him to reveal the location of the painting. In gratitude, the secretary offers Michael a fat wad of cash, which he accepts. Meanwhile he and Fiona hook up with Seymour, the arms dealer first encounterd in Episode 7, to track down the man who bombed Michael's loft. They capture the bomber and find he was a freelancer; all he knows is a bank account number in the Cayman Islands. 
25 13 "Bad Breaks" John Kretchmer Michael Horowitz 4.84[19] February 12, 2009 (2009-02-12) BN213
Michael and Sam meet with Barry after asking him to track down the account number Michael got from Derek Poole. During lunch, Michael notices how strangely Barry is acting and realizes he is being recorded. Suddenly, the government agent responsible reveals himself - Agent Jason Bly, the troublesome agent whom Michael blackmailed in Season 1. Though Michael wishes to use the blackmail materials to destroy Bly's career, Bly has an effective counter-measure (explaining his return): he has discovered Barry's illegal investigation efforts and threatens to expose Michael's ties to Barry unless Michael forfeits the materials. Locked in a stalemate, Bly once again tries to make Michael's life miserable, and so Michael focuses his effort on a new job to help a woman deal with a stalker - Tom Prescott. While in the private bank where the woman works, awaiting Prescott, Bly once again confronts Michael. No sooner have they agreed to destroy one other than Prescott arrives. But Prescott is not a stalker: he is a bank robber. Prescott and a gang of professional armed thieves take everyone hostage, including Michael and Bly. Initially, Bly is resistant to working with Michael; acting independently, he tries to get the upper-hand on the robbers by attacking one of them. In response, Prescott shoots him in the arm, which sends Michael into action. Claiming to be doctor and, after managing to contact Sam for help (meanwhile comically interrupting his latest date), he begins to subtly sabotage Prescott's robbery efforts (with Bly's eventual assistance), giving them the impression they are having a serious case of bad luck. On Michael's cue, Sam tracks down Prescott's getaway boat and subdues one of Prescott's awaiting men. He then forces the man him to make a fake radio transmission to the remaining team, implying Sam is the mysterious owner of the bank they are robbing and is attacking their operation. The bank robbers, already decimated and paranoid by Michael's sabotage efforts, begin to crack. The conflict reaches its climax when Fiona blows up the getaway truck; Prescott and his remaining men hold one other hostage, the crisis ending when Prescott shoots and kills his remaining men and attempts to escape on his own, only to be captured immediately by arriving police. Michael and Bly, by this time, have developed a grudging mutual respect and so agree not to ruin each other's lives. In exchange for the blackmail materials, Bly agrees to release Barry and to use CSS resources to locate information on the account number. Bly reports that not only is there no name on the account, but someone (either Barry or Bly himself) accidentally tripped a security program linked to it. Whoever owns this account now knows Michael is looking into it. Bly then departs, this time on good terms with Michael. 
26 14 "Truth & Reconciliation" Ernest R. Dickerson Alfredo Barrios, Jr. 4.67[20] February 19, 2009 (2009-02-19) BN214
Michael, after spending a great deal of money, has finally tracked down Gustavo, the Cayman Islands bank manager who managed the mysterious account, and arranges to meet him in a parking garage to give him a cash bribe (presumably the cash earned in Episode 12) in exchange for more information. However, the man who meets him is an impersonator, the real Gustavo having been murdered after the account holder learned of Michael's attempt to get information about the account. The man Michael meets is an assassin and during their fight, he stumbles over the wall of the parking structure, falling several stories to his death. Now, Michael asks Fiona to pressure her trafficking contacts for details on how the assassin was smuggled into the United States. Meanwhile, Michael is approached by Claude Laurent, a Haitian national whose daughter Veronique had been imprisoned and executed after speaking out against Jean-Pierre Duman, a corrupt Haitian government official who, along with his family (obviously modelled on the Duvalliers), had ruled over Haiti with an iron fist until being forced to flee after stealing most of the island's money. Laurent tries to convince Michael to try to expose Duman's true identity and, after an attack of conscience, Michael agrees. Initially, Michael tries to bluff Duman into giving him information on his true name, claiming to be an agent of Flintridge Industries - the corporation which, being just as corrupt, worked with the Duman family while they were in power, and so Michael is there to make Duman's family's alibi secure when it appears the FBI is investigating them (really FBI Agents Lane and Harris; convinced by Sam to bend protocol and help them expose Duman in exchange for the potential career boost expected from Duman's capture). Just when it seems Michael will succeed in his bluff, Duman's tyrannical father Sebastien reveals himself and, having contacts in Flintridge, knows Michael is lying. After escaping, though losing the information, Michael resorts to simple kidnapping. With the unofficial and behind-the-scenes aid of Lane and Harris, Michael has Duman sent back to Haiti where many people await to confirm his identity and send him to trial. Later, Michael and Fiona prepare an assault on the storage container the assassin used as a base of operations, and they give chase to a man already waiting there for them. The man gets away, but before escaping, he reveals himself as Victor (from Episode 6). 
27 15 "Sins of Omission" Dennie Gordon Craig O'Neill & Jason Tracey 4.85[21] February 26, 2009 (2009-02-26) BN215
Samantha (Dina Meyer), Michael's ex-fiance, shows up at his loft to plea for help; her son was kidnapped by a black market trader. Samantha was blackmailed into stealing an expensive, valuable military chip. When Samantha's son, Charlie, is rescued, it is revealed that Charlie is not Michael's son; Samantha had let Michael believe that Charlie might be his to secure his help. The trader, Brennen (Jay Karnes), is an ex-spy who became disillusioned, went rogue and was burned. Michael and Fiona try to con Brennen into giving them the chip, but eventually must convince him that giving them the chip to return to its high-security facility is his only option. Michael and Samantha manage to replace the chip using several explosive devices thus ensuring that the chip will never be missed. Samantha leaves Miami with Charlie, and Michael admits to Fiona that the reason he broke up with Samantha was that he loved Fiona more. Later, Michael manages to arrange a meeting with Victor, but both men get into a fight so Michael incapacitates and captures Victor. 
28 16 "Lesser Evil" Tim Matheson Matt Nix 6.1 [22] March 5, 2009 (2009-03-05) BN216
Michael, Fiona and Sam have Victor locked up in an old factory. They interrogate him and he tells Michael about files he has in his hideout located on a boat. They find out that while Victor was staying in Mexico, Carla had his wife and 4 year old son killed, and he was burned. Victor tells Sam that Carla and her men will go after Michael's family, so Mike sends Sam to get his mother and take her out of the city. Michael and Victor are left alone in the factory; when Carla's men arrive, they are chased throughout Miami but they manage to elude them. Michael and Victor decide to leave the city for Cuba and go to his boat. When Victor goes out to start it, one of Carla's snipers shoots him. Carla calls Michael and tells him that she will blow up the boat if he doesn't kill Victor. Carla gets anxious, and is about to blow up the boat when Fiona shoots and kills her, telling Sam who was standing right next to her that it was, "finally." Victor tells Michael that he will die either way and tells Mike to shoot him so that "Management" will spare him. Before Mike kills him, Victor warns him to get out of the spy business while he still can. Michael comes out of the boat and gets on a helicopter with the head of Carla's business, referred to only as Management. The helicopter flies out into the middle of the ocean and Management (John Mahoney) tells Michael that he has a job opening for him, and if he refuses, his organization will stop protecting Michael and his family from his many enemies. Michael tells him, "I'll take my chances," jumps out of the helicopter, and begins the long swim back to Miami. 



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