Habakkuk (disambiguation)

Habakkuk (disambiguation)

Habakkuk was a biblical prophet, from which the name originates.

The Book of Habakkuk is the book of the Hebrew Bible written by that prophet.

Habbakuk may also refer to:

* Habakkuk Commentary, a Dead Sea scroll
* Project Habakkuk, a never-completed project to build a huge floating airfield from ice during World War II
* Chabakkuk, a portmanteau describing a fusion of a number of different Hasidic philosophies
* Habbakuk (Dragonlance), a god from the fantasy book series "Dragonlance"
* "Habakkuk and the Angel", a sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
* Habakkuk thesis, in economics

* A 2006 noise music album by Locust Sympathizer
* "'Twas On The Good Ship Habakkuk", a 1960s folk song by fictional character Rambling Syd Rumpo

* Paul Guldin, originally "Habakkuk Guldin" (1577-1643), a Swiss mathematician and astronomer
* John Habakkuk (1915-2002), an English economic historian

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