Color Machine

Color Machine
Color Machine
Studio album by The Lights Out
Released September, 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Rock
Length 45:36
Label Self-Released
Producer Jason Dunn
The Lights Out chronology
Color Machine

Color Machine is an album by Boston-based rock group The Lights Out inspired from the tracks on their ep's The Lights Out (EP) and ¡Heist!. It was self-released in September 2009.



The album received positive reviews and listings from publications and websites such as

  • The Boston Phoenix [1]
  • The Boston Globe [2]
  • The Boston Herald [3]
  • The Music Slut [4]
  • Playground Boston [5]

Track listing

  1. "Money Or Time"
  2. "Gottagetouttahere"
  3. "Red Letter Day"
  4. "Liquid"
  5. "Five Seventeen"
  6. "Never Going Back"
  7. "Ms. Fortune"
  8. "Stormy"
  9. "Count Me Out"
  10. "Get Up Get Up"
  11. "Last Hurrah"
  12. "New Gets Old"
  13. "Danny Partridge"

The Lights Out (EP)

The Lights Out (EP)
Studio album by The Lights Out
Released 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Rock
Label Self-Released
Producer Jason Dunn
The Lights Out chronology
The Lights Out

The Lights Out (EP) is an EP by Boston-based rock group The Lights Out. It was self-released in 2007. The majority of the songs were later used to create The Lights Out first LP Color Machine.

Track listing

  1. "Make Me"
  2. "Count Me Out"
  3. "Miss Fortune"
  4. "Last Hurrah"


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