List of coalfields

List of coalfields
Coal reserves in BTUs as of 2009

A coalfield is an area of certain uniform characteristics where coal is mined. The criteria for determining the approximate boundary of a coalfield are geographical and cultural, in addition to geological. A coalfield often groups the seams of coal, railroad companies, cultural groups, and watersheds and other geographical considerations.

At one time the coalfield designation was an important category in business and industrial discussions. The terminology declined into unimportance as the 20th Century progressed, and was probably only referred to by a few small railroads and history buffs by the 1980s. Renewed interest in industrial heritage and coal mining history has brought the old names of the coalfields before a larger audience.




May also refer to the Rural Municipality of Coalfields No. 4, Saskatchewan

  • Sydney Coalfield
  • Inverness Coalfield
  • Mabou Coalfield
  • Pictou Coalfield
  • Spring Hill Coalfield
  • Joggins River Herbert Coalfield
  • St Rose-Chimney Corner Coalfield
  • Beersville Coalfield
  • Minto Coalfield
  • St. George Coalfield
  • Howley Coalfield
  • Onakawana Coalfield
  • Estevan Coalfield
  • Willow Bunch Coalfield
  • Wood Mountain Coalfield
  • Cypress Coalfield
  • Taber Coalfield
  • Flathead Coalfield
  • Crowsnest Coalfield
  • Elk Valley Coalfield
  • Princeton Coalfield
  • Tulameen Coalfield
  • Merritt Coalfield
  • Hat Creek Coalfield
  • Nanaimo Coalfield
  • Comox Coalfield
Coalfields of Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Northern France


  • Ibbenbüren Coalfield (Middle Ages - present)
  • Ruhr Coalfield (Middle Ages - present)
  • Aachen Coalfield
  • Erkelenz Coalfield (1914-1997)
  • Inde Coalfield (middle ages - 1944)
  • Wurm Coalfield (middle ages - 1992)
  • Saar Coalfield (Middle Ages - present)
  • Zwickau Coalfield (Middle Ages - 1979)
  • Lugau-Oelsnitz Coalfield (1844–1971)


  • Campine Coalfield (1917–1992)
  • Liege Coalfield (Middle Ages - 1980)
  • Charleroi Coalfield (Middle Ages - 1984)
  • Centre Coalfield (Middle Ages - 1973)
  • Borinage Coalfield (Middle Ages - 1973)

The Netherlands

  • Limburg Coalfield (Middle Ages - 1974)
  • Peel Coalfield (1955–1962)


  • Lower Silesia Coalfield
  • Upper Silesia Coalfield
  • Lublin Coalfield


  • Nord-Pas-de-Calais Coalfield (1852–1990)
  • Lorraine Coalfield (1820–2004)
  • Aumance Coalfield
  • Blanzy Coalfield
  • Brassac Coalfield
  • Carmaux Coalfield
  • Champagnac Coalfield
  • Dauphiné Coalfield
  • Decazeville Coalfield
  • Epinac Coalfield
  • Gard Coalfield
  • Hérault Coalfield
  • La Machine Coalfield
  • Loire Coalfield
  • Messeix Coalfield
  • Provence Coalfield
  • St Eloi Coalfield

Great Britain



  • Burnley Coalfield
  • South Lancashire Coalfield
  • Warwickshire Coalfield
  • Wyre Forest Coalfield


  • Ayrshire Coalfield
  • South Ayrshire Coalfield
  • Central Ayrshire Coalfield
  • Brora Coalfield
  • Canonbie Coalfield
  • Central Coalfield
  • Clackmannan Coalfield
  • Dailly Coalfield
  • Douglas Coalfield
  • Fife Coalfield
  • Central Fife Coalfield
  • East Fife Coalfield
  • West Fife Coalfield
  • Lanarkshire Coalfield
  • Lothians Coalfield
  • Machrihanish Coalfield
  • Midlothian Coalfield
  • Northeast Stirlingshire Coalfield
  • Sanquhar Coalfield
  • Scremerston Coalfield



  • South Karanpura Coalfield
  • North Karanpura Coalfield
  • Ramgarh Coalfield
  • West Bokaro Coalfield
  • East Bokaro Coalfield
  • Raniganj Coalfield


  • Joban Coalfield


  • Thar Coalfield

South Africa

  • Waterberg Coalfield[2]
  • Highveld Coalfield[2]
  • Witbank Coalfield[2]
  • Ermelo Coalfield[2]
  • Utrecht Coalfield[2]
  • Klip River Coalfield[2]

United States


  • Warrior Coalfield
  • Cahaba Coalfield
  • Coosa Coalfield
  • Sand Mountain Coalfield
  • Lookout Mountain Coalfield


  • Nenana Coalfield


  • Arkansas Valley Coalfield


  • Trinidad Coalfield
  • Pagosa Springs Coalfield
  • Durango Coalfield
  • Nucla Naturita Coalfield
  • Canyon City Coalfield
  • Grand Mesa Coalfield
  • Somerset Colorado Coalfield
  • Crested Butte Coalfield
  • Grand Hogback Coalfield
  • Book Cliffs Coalfield
  • Colorado Springs Coalfield
  • South Park Coalfield
  • Boulder-Weld Coalfield
  • North Park Coalfield
  • Yampa Coalfield
  • Dan Forth Hills Coalfield




  • Appanoose-Wayne Coalfield
  • Walnut Creek Coalfield
  • Fort Dodge Coalfield
  • Eldora Coalfield



  • East Kentucky Coalfield
  • West Kentucky Coalfield

These are geologic terms, as opposed to the largely economic definition that appears to be used for most of the other sub-entries in this entry. Kentucky is the only state with two separate and distinct bituminous coalfields of the geologic definition: They contain many seams of coal that underlie a large area and form a continuous region where coal is found (except around the edges, where eriosion and faults have created outlying areas of coal). In other states and nations with more complex geology, coalfields are often smaller and more discontinuous, and thus are identified as separate fields though they may have the same geologic origin. In Kentucky, both coalfields are of Pennsylvanian geologic age, but coal in Western Kentucky, part of the Illinois Basin, tends to have higher sulfur content than coals in the east, part of the greater Central Appalachian coalfield. In some cases the state's two fields are referred to as Eastern and Western and "coal field," two words rather than one.


  • Georges Creek Coalfield
  • Upper Potomac Coalfield
  • Cassellman Coalfield
  • Upper Youghiogheny Coalfield
  • Lower Youghiogheny Coalfield

North Carolina


  • Pittsburgh No. 8 Coalfield
  • Cambridge Coalfield
  • Coshocton Coalfield
  • Crooksville Coalfield
  • Hocking Coalfield
  • Jackson Coalfield
  • Pomeroy Coalfield
  • Ironton Coalfield
  • Goshen Coalfield
  • Amsterdam-Salineville Coalfield
  • Lisbon Coalfield
  • Massillion Coalfield
  • Palmyra Coalfield
  • Federal Creek Coalfield
  • Meigs Creek Coalfield


  • Anthracite Coalfield (Coal Region)
  • Connellsville Coalfield
  • Klondike Coalfield
  • Pittsburgh Coalfield
  • Irwin Gas Coalfield
  • Indian Valley Coalfield
  • Ligonier Coalfield
  • Westmoreland Coalfield
  • Somerset Pennsylvania Coalfield
  • Meyersdale Coalfield
  • Windber Coalfield
  • Black Lick Coalfield (aka Nanto Glo Coalfield)
  • Mountain Coalfield
  • Snowshoe Coalfield
  • Moshannon Coalfield
  • Clearfield Coalfield
  • Bennetts Branch Coalfield
  • Shawmut Coalfield
  • Punxsutawney Coalfield
  • Indiana Coalfield
  • Freeport Coalfield
  • Kittanning Coalfield
  • Low Grade Division Coalfield
  • Butler Coalfield
  • Mercer Coalfield
  • Clarion Coalfield
  • Beaver Coalfield
  • Broad Top Coalfield
  • Georges Creek Coalfield
  • Bernice Coalfield
  • Blossburg Coalfield
  • Ralston Coalfield
  • Keating Coalfield
  • Cameron Coalfield


  • Cumberland Gap Coalfield
  • Jellico Coalfield
  • Lafollette Coalfield
  • Wartburg Coalfield
  • Rockwood Coalfield
  • Soddy Coalfield


  • Coalville Coalfield
  • Blacktail Coalfield
  • Vernal Coalfield
  • Sunnyside Coalfield
  • Castlegate Coalfield
  • Wasatch Plateau
  • Emery Coalfield
  • Book Cliffs Coalfield
  • Henry Mountains Coalfield
  • Teton Basin Coalfield
  • Kaiporonitis Plateau Coalfield
  • Harmony Coalfield
  • Kolob Plateau Coalfield

West Virginia


  • Pocahontas Coalfield
  • Clinch Valley Coalfield
  • Buchanan Coalfield
  • Southwestern Coalfield (Big Stone Gap Coalfield)
  • Richmond Coalfield
  • Valley Coalfield (Anthracite)


  • Hanna Coalfield
  • Rock Creek Coalfield
  • Black Hills Coalfield
  • Powder River Coalfield (aka Gillette Coalfield)
  • Bighorn Coalfield
  • Jackson Hole Coalfield
  • Hams Fork Coalfield
  • Wind River Coalfield
  • Green River Coalfield
  • Goshen Hole Coalfield


  • Donetsk Coalfield

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