Stroud (disambiguation)

Stroud (disambiguation)

Stroud may mean:

Place names

In Australia:
*Stroud, New South Wales

In Canada:
*Stroud, Ontario

In England:
*Stroud, Gloucestershire
*Stroud (district), Gloucestershire
*Stroud (UK Parliament constituency)
*Stroud, Hampshire, near Petersfield
*Stroud, Surrey, near Haslemere
*A former village in Middlesex, in what is now the Holloway Road area

In the United States:
*Stroud, Oklahoma
*Stroud Township, Pennsylvania

People (Example: Mr. T. Stroud)

*David Stroud, British footballer
*Don Stroud, American actor
*Donna Stroud, American lawyer
*Irene Elizabeth Stroud, former minister of First United Methodist Church of Germantown, her credentials revoked for lesbianism
*Jack Stroud, American footballer
*James A. Stroud, Dallas Multi-Millionaire
*Jonathan Stroud, author of the Bartimaeus Trilogy
*Kenny Stroud, British footballer
*Les Stroud, Canadian television survival enthusiast
*Marcus Stroud, American football player
*Mike Stroud, one of several people including
**Mike Stroud (physician), (born 1955) British physician and explorer
**Mike Stroud (musician), guitarist in the New York electronic music duo called Ratatat"
*Morris Stroud, American football player
*Robert Franklin Stroud, prisoner, convicted of manslaughter and murder; author of some books on avian pathology; known as “The Birdman of Alcatraz.”

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