Christlich Soziale Partei (Belgium)

Christlich Soziale Partei (Belgium)
Christlich-Soziale Partei
Leader Mathieu Grosch
Founded 1972
Preceded by None
Headquarters national secretariat
Kaperberg 6, Eupen
Ideology Christian Democracy
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
European affiliation None
European Parliament Group European People's Party
Cartel None
Official colours Orange, Black
Walloon counterpart Humanist Democratic Centre
Flemish counterpart Christian Democratic and Flemish
Politics of Belgium
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The Christian Social Party (German: Christlich-Soziale Partei, CSP) is a party operating in the German-speaking community of Belgium. Its President is Mathieu Grosch.

In the 2004 European Parliament election, standing as Christlich-Soziale Partei - Europäische Volkspartei, the party gained the single seat allocated by Belgian law to the German-speaking community. The CSP works together with its Francophone counterpart Humanist Democratic Centre in other elections.

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