Choti Bahu 2

Choti Bahu 2
Choti Bahu 2
Choti Bahu 2.jpg
Intertitle of "Choti Bahu," season two.
Format Drama
Created by DJ's Creative Unit
Written by Damini Kanwal Shetty, Raaj Shetty & S. Manasvi
Directed by Mohit Kumar Jha
Starring see below
Opening theme "Choti Bahu 2" by Ali Aslam
Country of origin India
Language(s) Hindi with English translations at bottom
No. of episodes 203 as of November 18, 2011
Producer(s) Tony Singh & Deeya Singh
Running time approx. 23 minutes
Original channel Zee TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Original run February 15, 2011 – Present
Preceded by Choti Bahu
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Choti Bahu 2 (Hindi: छोटी बहू) is the second season of an Indian television drama-series that is aired on Zee TV channel. It focuses on the lives of Radhika and Dev and is a different story than the first season and started on February 15, 2011.


Choti Bahu is the love saga of Radhika and Dev.

Radhika, a Brahmin by birth, was adopted and brought up by a family of weavers in a small town called Rawal. Dev, whose family has been in the service of Rajpurohits for generations, visits Rawal as a child on the occasion of Janmashtmi. Dev and Radhika meet each other in playing the roles of radha and kanha in krishn leela and became good friends.but dev told his name as krishn kanhaiya thinking she is mocking with him telling her name as radhika.Radhika and Dev one day were accidentally playing in a mandir and didn't know that on that day whoever gets married will be together for eternity. While Dev and Radhika were playing with one side of chunnari in dev's hand and other side in radhika's hand(as her chunnari got wet and they were drying it by running) they reached at the place where 50 couples were tieing in the knot of marriage and 1 agnikund was unused due to absence of one couple and circled the holy fire 7 times and Dev rubbed sindoor on her forehead which she got on her head accidentally while coming out of temple.They tie the chunnari together at mansadevi temple which was got opened from tree and fell on dev's head.While running,they found the gold coin too.So they got married fully accidentally without their knowledge. Later,that night a priest who was present at Dev and Radhika's wedding comes to Radhika's home and tell her mother and father that Radhika is married.After knowing this,radhika tries to tell dev but got unable to meet him again but continues to apply sindoor on kanha's feet for the name of his krishn kanhaiya as her mother denies to apply on forhead. Maheshwari (played by Pragati Mehra), the eldest bahu of the Purohits, hopes to inherit Dadaji's property. However, her plans hit a snag when Maheshwari realizes that Dadaji has willed all his property is in the name of Choti Bahu and if youngest son doesn't get married until 23,property will be transferred to trust. While hearing Dadaji's conversation with the lawyers and thinking youngest son as rohan,she decides to get such a wife for him who obey her fully and transfers all property to her.

After 12 years

One night after college Radhika misses the last boat back to Rawal but there she meets Dev.Both had feelings for each other .He offers to take her by boat and she agrees. Next day,they again meet each other.and spent time with each other.During that times, they didn't know each others names.but after that day radhika realizing ,she feels bad that she is getting attracted to someone other.And decides not to talk with him again.Then Maheswari decides to get Rohan married before he turns 23. So during the festival of Holi she sees Radhika and thinking that Radhika would put all of Dadaji's property in her name and decides to get Radhika married to Rohan. Maheshwari sends dev to rawal for shagun.Radhika's mother tells a lie to radhika that rishta is for chanda(her sister)as she is not ready for marriage and from radh's talks dev also thinks that rishta is for her sister.but later on dev gets to know from her mother that its for radhika and radhika also gets to know that shagun is for her. Later on,she also finds out from rohan that dev is her krishn kanhaiya and she tells the childhood marriage truth to dev.Firstly he in emotions was going to accept but under obligations and as an orphan ,he denies to accept that marriage and tells her to get married to rohan.She tries to make her accept many times but he refuses and so at last she leaves everything to kanha as she is a great kanha devotee and believs in childhood marriage too bcoz she thinks if kanha has united them in such auspicious time then he is only her husband.

Radhika is so patriotic about her God "Kanha" (Krishna). She believes on him a lot. Due to his blessings Radhika was unable to get married with Rohan.and they couldn't complete seven pheres. A fire started when Rohan was screaming at Radhika.She was saved but Rohan was badly burnt and was taken to the ICU. Dev meets Radhika in the hospital and ask her what caused the fire. She told him that Rohan knows that she love someone else. Dev got really angry causing her for this situation ,accused her so much and said that he hated her for telling Rohan without knowing it was all cause of Krishna's blessings.

Radhika decided to get into their house as choti bahu and wife of dev without telling anyone about not completion of marriage with rohan for gaining the trust of dev back.Rohan's mother thinks Radhika is the cause of Rohan's condition. That's why she talks badly with Radhika when she enters into the Purohit house. Then Dev comes and tells everyone that Rohan has regained consciousness. Everyone is happy in the house.But Rohan was not normal..he got some kind of disease. As he felt himself as a little child. Radhika is now ready to take care of Rohan and to perform all works as choti bahu in their house.(like doing pooja and making something special in kitchen for first time) with the grace of her Kanha. She spent her night in Dev's room..(as rohan's mother didn't allow her in rohan's room and all others were not empty due to guests but Dev has to go to the guest house).

But in the end good always wins. Barkha Radhika's friend help Dadaji recover and she also shelter them in need while running away from Rohan. Everyone found out everything about Rohan, what he had did to them and Radhika tells the family she was never married to Rohan and how she was forced to act like his wife because he threatened to kill Dev also Dadaji recovers and tell the whole family that Dev and Rohan are step-brother. He tells him that Dev is his small grandson. He tells thyem that his son was married to Chaaya; Devs mom. He Dev and Rohan father died that he didn't want Dev to punish and ask Chaaya for him and since then he never saw Chaaya ever again. Padma slaps Rohan and kick him out of the house. Maheswari Devi becomes a servant because Dadaji told the family what she had do to him all these years and who had actually pushed him down the stairs. She and Virat are treated like servant. Dadaji promises Dev that he will marry Radhika. Radhika goes home and reach hardship what she reached when she was there. Dev and Radhika are soon to be wed but because of 'Social Norms' every one is calling Radhikha an uncaste woman, everyone is losing trust in the Raj Purohit. So to end this problem Dadaji calls of Dev's marrige with Radikha and fixes it with Barkha. On the eve of Barkhas and Devs wedding Barkha lies and tells Radikha that she has told Dadaji about what happened 12 years ago and Dadaji has accepted her and will let her become Dev's wife. Radhika dresses up in Barkhas wedding outfit and takes the wedding vows.

After Dadaji realizes that Dev got married to Radikha instead of Barkha, he suffers a fatal heart attack. The Purohit family decides that Dev will pretend to be married to Barkha in the public eye, and Radhika will perform all of the normal tasks at home. When Dev becomes head priest, and the Abbot asked him to call his wife, he called Barkha. The crowd recognized Barkha as head priestess and so they carry on with the ceremonies. However, Barkha did not know how to carry out the ceremonial tasks, so the ceremonial priest asked if there was anyone in the crowd that had observed a fast - Radhika. Padma asked Radhika to assist Barkha with the ceremonial tasks. While Radhika was putting Dev and Barkha's hand together, Dev held her hand. It appeared as if Dev and Barkha were holding hands, but it was him and Radhika the entire time. Meanwhile, Padma and Nanny took Radhika to the temple to offer her first meal as the new choti bahu of the family. While she and Barkha are offering the prayer, the Abbot and other priests head over to the temple. Radhika quickly gives Barkha the ceremonial stole and Barkha pretends as if she were giving the prayer. She gave the Abbots some kheer and they praised her cooking skills.

Radhika returns home and performs all the duties of the choti bahu. Dev and Radhika go to the courtyard to light the sacred lamp. However, Ramanand informs the Abbot that there is someone other than Barkha and Dev in the courtyard. The Abbot rushes over to see if it was true, but when he got there, he found only Barkha and Dev. When the Abbot leaves, Dev questions Ramanand about who told him that someone else was in the courtyard, and he informs Dev that Maheswari told him. Dev gets angry and confronts Maheswari about it. He and Barkha are led to the cottage room. Barkha puts sleeping powder in his juice and Dev becomes unconscious. Barkha then reveals that she loves Dev and she was the one who framed Maheswari. Radhika overhears all of this and Barkha realizes that she has seen.

Barkha decides to kill Radhika and get her love from Dev. Barkha had Radhika killed by a car accident. One day Barkha tricked Dev into putting sindoor on her forehead and since Barkha has failed to get Dev's love despite all she had done. After a month Radhika had returned but this time is different - she has become confident and fearless.This is because kanha has disguised himself as Radhika to put an end to Barkha's crimes.


  • Avinash Sachdev ... Dev Raj Purohit
  • Rubina Dilaik ... Radhika
  • Pragati Mehra ... Maheshwari Purohit (eldest daughter-in-law)
  • Saurav Chakrabarti ... Rohan Purohit (son of Padma)
  • Micckie Dudaaney ... Virat Purohit (son of Maheshwari)
  • Sushmita Daan... Padma Purohit (Second daughter-in-law)
  • Gopie Desai ... Nanny
  • Rakesh Pandey ... Dadaji (Dev's Grandfather)
  • Sangeeta Kapure ... Mohini (Virat's wife)
  • Chayan Trivedi ... Gopal Das Purohit (Virat's Father)
  • Aditya Lakhia ... Mansaram (Radhika's father)
  • Nikunj Pandya ... Young Dev
  • Mushkan uppal ... Young Radhika
  • Nishant Shokeen ...Kanha (Lord Krishna )
  • Sidharth Sen ...Chhenu (Radhika's brother)
  • Benaf Dadachandji ... Barkha (Radhika's friend)

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