Charm School with Ricki Lake

Charm School with Ricki Lake
with Ricki Lake
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Cast of Charm School with Ricki Lake
Format Reality
Created by Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Directed by Matt Bordofsky
Presented by Ricki Lake (headmistress)
Judges La La (dean)
Stryker (dean)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 11
Executive producer(s) Cris Abrego[1]
Mark Cronin[1]
Ben Samek[1]
Matt Odgers[1]
Ricki Lake
Jill Holmes
Kristen Kelly
Jeff Olde
Cinematography Raoul Germain
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Production company(s) 51 Minds Entertainment[1]
Original channel VH1
Original run May 11, 2009 (2009-05-11) – July 27, 2009 (2009-07-27)
Preceded by Rock of Love: Charm School
Real Chance of Love
Rock of Love Bus
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Charm School with Ricki Lake is the third season of the VH1 reality television series Charm School.[2] Fourteen contestants from Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels and Real Chance of Love must change their old ways and learn improvement through acts of charity work.[3] Ricki Lake is the headmistress of the Charm School, and is assisted by deans Alani "La La" Vazquez and Stryker.[4] Ebony Jones (Risky) was ultimately named Charm School Queen and was awarded the $100,000.


Ten Commandments

  1. Thou Shalt Aspire To Be Charming
  2. Thou Shalt Be a Model...Citizen
  3. Thou Shalt Play Nicely With Others
  4. Thou Shalt Treat Thy Body As a Temple
  5. Thou Shalt Face Thy Fears
  6. Thou Shalt Pull It Together
  7. Thou Shalt Make Love, Not War
  8. Thou Shalt Give It Thy All
  9. Thou Shalt Put It To Good Use
  10. Thou Shalt Be Fully Charmed


Real Name Eliminated Show
Risky (Ebony Jones) Winner Real Chance of Love
Ashley Klarich[5] Episode 11 (2nd) Rock of Love Bus
Marcia Alves[5] Episode 11 (3rd) Rock of Love Bus
Brittanya O'Campo Episode 9 Rock of Love Bus
Bubbles (Bianca Sloof)[6] Episode 8 Real Chance of Love
Bay Bay Bay (Konanga Tyson) Episode 7 (Quit) Real Chance of Love
K.O. (Roxanne Gallegos) Episode 6 (Quit) Real Chance of Love
Natasha McCollum[7] Episode 5 Rock of Love Bus
Brittaney Starr Episode 4 Rock of Love Bus
Farrah Sinclair Episode 3 (Quit) Rock of Love Bus
So Hood (Judith Scullark) Episode 3 (Quit) Real Chance of Love
Ki Ki (Lakia Bailey) Episode 2 Real Chance of Love
Gia Lynn[8] Episode 1 Rock of Love Bus
Beverly Palmer[9] Episode 1 (DQ) Rock of Love Bus
  • K.O quit in Episode 6, but it wasn't shown until Episode 7.

Episode Progress

# Contestants Episodes
1[10] 2[11] 3[12] 4[13] 5[14] 6[15] 7[16] 8[17] 9[18] 11[19]
9 Brittaney BTM 3 SAFE BTM 3 OUT
13 Gia OUT
14 Beverly OUT
     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant was on the Dean's list and was safe from expulsion.
     The contestant was safe from expulsion.
     The contestant was at risk for expulsion.
     The contestant was expelled.
     The contestant quit the competition.
     The contestant was sent to the Headmistress' Office and was immediately expelled before an elimination ceremony.
     The contestant returned to the house temporarily and was a candidate to be brought back into the competition, but was not brought back.
  • In Episode 1, Beverly physically assaulted Brittaney and thus was expelled immediately.
  • In Episode 3, despite an expulsion ceremony, no one was expelled due to So Hood and Farrah quitting.
  • *In Episode 6, Bay Bay Bay told Ricki that she is willing to give up her slot for someone who needs to be there more than her. At elimination, Ricki had a choice of KO, Risky, or Marcia. She felt the decision was too hard and felt they all needed to be there; She then decided to take up Bay Bay Bay's offer to step down. However, K.O. did not want to see Bay Bay Bay leave on her behalf, so K.O. decided to give up her own Charm School pin so that Bay Bay Bay would not leave. The episode was left on a cliffhanger with elimination unfinished. It wasn't until Episode 7 that it was revealed that K.O. quit Charm School.
  • In Episode 7, Bay Bay Bay decided that she wanted to give up her seat to somebody more deserving. Ricki though that was for the best and accepted Bay Bay Bay's withdrawal. However, Bay Bay Bay had to choose her own replacement. Ki Ki and KO were brought back on Bay Bay Bay's request, however she later felt that neither of them deserved to return to Charm School and rejected their return.


Thou Shalt Aspire To Be Charming

First Aired May 11, 2009

This season of Charm School opens with fourteen women from Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love on a bus traveling to meet their headmistress, Ricki Lake. Each girl is given a Charm School alias to represent what it is they need to work on in Charm School. Ricki Lake introduces herself to the girls, stating that the fourteen girls will learn to make a difference in their lives by helping those in need. She tells the girls that they will kick off the semester by doing something good right off the bat, donating some of their own clothes to the charity Out of the Closet. The girls are then welcomed into the house and learn where the whereabouts of where their already assigned beds are. Farrah and Ashley are excited that they get to bunk with each other: They've been good friends ever since they were on Rock of Love Bus together. Other girls, however, are upset with their bunking partners, such as So Hood and Bubbles. Bubbles insists on talking to So Hood about being at Charm School, but So Hood refuses to talk to Bubbles and yells at her to stop talking to her. Hearing the screaming of So Hood, Bay Bay Bay instigates and gets in Bubble's face, and KiKi soon joins in. After the girls become situated, they are allowed to drink alcohol outside, and explore the rest of Charm School. They find their uniforms in their assigned lockers, and decide on what clothes they are going to donate to charity. Farrah jokes that she will donate a hair piece, while Bay Bay Bay and Ki Ki also state they are going to donate pajamas that say "Stallionares" on them, because they "Are not in love, with a Stallionare!". Meanwhile, Beverly becomes intoxicated, joking "I think I am a little bit intoxicated. I don't really know for sure...if I am intoxicated. But I think I am!" much to the amusement of the other girls. Brittaney makes a comment about her being drunk and it sets Beverly off. The drunken Beverly then confronts Brittaney about her incident on Rock of Love Bus when the other girls discovered food and their used socks, supposedly stolen, in Brittaney's bed. Brittaney retorts saying that Beverly is a sloppy drunk and a bad mother. Beverly then yells in Brittaney's face, and Brittaney, saying she will stick up for herself from now on, yells back. Beverly becomes infuriated and pushes Brittaney, but they are soon separated by Bay Bay Bay and So Hood.

The girls then change into their uniforms, and bring their donated items down to Ricki and the deans, La La and Stryker. Each girl is led down one at a time to donate their clothes, receive their Charm School pins, and learn the Ten Commandments of Charm School. Beverly goes first and donated clothes that she personally likes, she tells them she has an anger issue when she drinks, and admits she's been drinking already. Next is Gia, who after donating clothes, says that she needs to work on thinking before she acts, but La La says she isn't convinced Gia will change her partying ways. Ki Ki donates and says she's too outspoken and needs to work on her saying things without caring how it sounds. Bay Bay Baby donates and then says she needs to improve her quick temper and loud mouth. After donating, Risky says she tends to hold a lot in, and when it comes out it's explosive. So Hood donates clothes and one-hundred dollars, and needs to work on her "issues with men". Next, is Bubbles who donates her salsa dancing clothing, some pants, and pajamas, but doesn't really talk about her issues. Brittaney goes next and after donating, states she needs to change deep inside of herself, and many girls begin to laugh at her. She says she doesn't know why girls hate her, but she needs to change that because she wants everyone to love her. K.O. impresses the judges by donating all the clothes she brought to Charm School, stating that because she came from no family except her brother, clothes are not important to her because she feels material things get to peoples' heads. Ricki asks her if Charm School will make her happier, and K.O. says she thinks so because she doesn't respect herself and says she doesn't have dignity, class, or manners and says everyday is a challenge for her. Next, Marcia donates and says that she needs to work on her drinking problems. Farrah donates stripper heels and other clothes, and states she wants to stop stripping and wants to not be as slutty. Brittanya goes and says she has a really bad anger problem, stating that it is ruining her life. She states she is out on bail right now, and that she is in trouble with the law for fighting charges. Next is Ashley, who donates her "slutty clothes" because she doesn't want to be so slutty. Ashley says she hopes Charm School will teach her how to not be mean to other girls and not to party everyday. Last is Natasha, who donates a little amount of clothes, stating she needs to work on being too selfish, and also says she has issues with Brittaney after Brittaney made a "black comment" about Natasha while on Rock of Love Bus. Brittaney tries to defend herself, saying Natasha is lying, but Natasha becomes enraged and yells at Brittaney, spewing profanity and yelling at her to shut up because it's her turn to talk, and Brittaney flips her off. Now that every girl has donated, Ricki tells them that there will be something she is introducing something new this season called the "Dean's List". She says that if you are on the Dean's List you are safe from expulsion, but if not, you will be sent to "Detention Hall" and possibly be at risk for expulsion.

The women are then led to the mixer, where girls tell Ricki and the deans their issues they need to work on in further detail. Gia says she intended not to drink while she was here, but she begins to drink excessively anyway. Beverly continues to drink excessively also, and then tries to start a fight with Brittaney. Beverly begins to throw ice at her from a distance, and tries to get Brittaney to come over to her. Brittaney refuses to approach Beverly, and Beverly eventually walks over to Brittaney yelling "Look at me! Are you scared to look at me? Look at me!" Brittaney edges her on, but remains calm, then Beverly says she will "Snatch her up by her nappy blonde drag-queen hair." Brittaney tells her to go ahead, and Beverly becomes infuriated and grabs her hair in the back of her head and throws her off her seat. Brittaney begins to cry hysterically, stating her hair is her favorite thing about her. Ashley says that Beverly just did what they all wished they could do to Brittaney, and then she and Farrah laugh as Brittaney freaks out. Brittaney then goes to tell Ricki what happened in her office. Ricki brings in Beverly and after reviewing both accounts of the story, tells Beverly that she is expelled because physical violence will not be tolerated at Charm School. Ricki tells Beverly that she hopes that she gets something out of this experience, but Charm School cannot help her with her anger and alcohol problems. Beverly states in her interview that she just hopes that her kids won't have to regret her time at Charm School, but the one good thing about being expelled early is that she won't have to see Brittaney anymore. The members of "The Blondtourage", Ashley, Farrah, and Gia, became very drunk and do their Blondtourage handshake, in which they all bump their boobs and butts against one another. The girls are brought in to Ricki's office and she talks to them about the issues they want to improve. Afterwards, Ricki, La La, and Stryker deliberate which girls will be on the Dean's List. Meanwhile, Gia becomes so intoxicated that she's passing out, and Ashley and Farrah have to help her get ready for Lecture Hall. Ricki announces over an intercom to meet her in Lecture Hall immediately.

Once in Lecture Hall, Ricki reveals that the girls that stood out in a positive way will be on the Dean's List. She says that the six women on the Dean's List, in no particular order, are K.O., Bay Bay Bay, Risky, Bubbles, Natasha, and Farrah. The remaining seven girls were sent to Detention Hall with Stryker. Once in detention, he says that they must each write down a name of the person that did the worst on their chalkboard. Ashley tries to convince the girls not to write down Gia's name, and to write down "Brittaney" instead. She says this is because she never wants to wake up and see Brittaney's ugly face again and because she was trying to protect Gia from expulsion. Brittaney, So Hood, and Ki Ki write down "Gia" anyway. Ashley, Marcia, and Brittanya write down "Brittaney". Gia is the deciding vote, but she says "Ashley" instead of "Brittaney" because she was too drunk to realize the significance of her decision. Stryker says the three ladies up for expulsion will be Gia, Brittaney, and Ashley. Ashley is a little upset with Gia, but blows it off saying she knows she won't go home anyway. Ashley says she wants Brittaney's "fat ass out of here, she's disgusting. I want her out". At the elimination ceremony, Ashley, Brittaney, and Gia, are brought down to the carpet. Ricki is surprised to see Ashley on the carpet, and is shocked when Ashley says Gia was the one that voted for her. Ricki asks her why she voted for Ashley, but Gia simply says "It is what it is, I drank so much tonight." Ricki warns Brittaney that trouble does seem to follow her. She tells Gia that she has a good heart and that she could tell Gia wanted to be here, but that she slid back into her "party girl ways". Ricki tells Ashley that she can tell she's sincere about wanting to get of the stripping world and making something of her life, but warns her that her slutty side does still appear at the wrong times. Ricki then expels Gia for being a "black-out drunk", but wishes her the best and that she can take something away from this experience. Ricki says that Charm School cannot help her with her drinking problems. Gia drunkenly cries and screams outside, and throws a tantrum. Ricki congratulates the remaining twelve girls on making it through the first night and then dismisses the class.

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Aspire To Be Charming
  • Lesson: The girls are asked to donate some of their clothes to charity. K.O. gives the most overall clothing, while Natasha gives the least.
  • Disqualified: Beverly
  • Dean's List: Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles, Farrah, K.O., Natasha, Risky
  • Detention Hall: Ashley, Brittanya, Brittaney, Gia, Ki Ki, Marcia, So Hood
  • Bottom 3: Ashley, Brittaney, Gia
  • Expelled: Gia

Reasons for Expulsion:

  • Beverly: She physically assaulted Brittaney. Ricki stated that violence would not be tolerated in Charm School, therefore, she had no choice but to expel her.
  • Gia: She consumed too much alcohol. Ricki said that Charm School could not help her with her drinking problems.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

First Aired May 18, 2009

The girls wake up and ready themselves for another lesson in charm. So Hood complains about having Bubbles in her room, and Bubbles does not understand why So Hood feels that way. Farrah says at least they don't have Brittaney Starr in their room, because if they did they wouldn't be able to sleep. So Hood continues to bash Bubbles, saying they're from Earth and she's from Mars. Bubbles tries to tell her that she never even talks to her, so it shouldn't be a problem. So Hood yells at her to shutup and to stop talking to her, and Bay Bay Bay runs in from the other room and immediately starts screaming in Bubbles's face. Bubbles tries to defend herself, but So Hood, Bay Bay Bay, Ki Ki, Risky, and K.O. form a group and start screaming at Bubbles. Farrah states that "It's ridiculous, they're up in her face yelling at her. Who the hell would yell at Bubbles? She doesn't even know what you're talking about! It's like you get into it with one of the girls from Real Chance and they all jump in. It doesn't make any sense. How are you supposed to be in Charm School dealing with that?" Meanwhile, Ashley and Brittanya are lying on a bed in another room together and ponder why the girls are screaming and are so loud. Ricki said she can already hear another fight, and states she will not tolerate disruptive individuals. Ricki tells the girls over the intercom to put on their uniforms and report to Lecture Hall in half an hour for their first lesson. Marcia begins to drink her favorite alcoholic beverage, tequila, saying that she's nervous for her first lesson. Ki Ki says that Marcia shouldn't even be in Charm School because her problems go a lot deeper than Charm School can reach.

Arriving at their lesson, La La tells the girls that their next lesson will be based on the next commandment of Charm School; Thou Shalt Be a Model...Citizen. Tanya Acker is the guest that will be working with the girls on "social responsibility". Marcia says the other girls can't handle taking care of the world because they can't even take care of the bathroom! Acker talks to the girls about global warming, and Bubbles attempts to explain the issues of global warming. Ashley states that "This lesson is so boring! Like, global warming, okay I won't use hairspray anymore. Well, I still will, but I'm not gonna use aerosol...maybe." The next issue Acker talks about is poverty, and Marcia states that she is from Brazil, a third-world country. She says that she was really poor and that she was traumatized when she went to the bathroom in a hole in the floor, and then she begins to tear-up. Bubbles says that poor people can be happy too, but Marcia says Bubbles has no idea what it's like to be poor. Acker asks the girls what personally motivated in and Brittaney says she got women and minorities to vote, but Farrah is saying she's doing this to "kiss-ass" by saying she likes Obama. Acker then leaves and wishes them the best of luck, and La La says that they must now apply what they've learned to the challenge today. She says that everything they need is in their lockers, and teams will be split up by uniform color. There are three teams of four:

  • Blue team: Brittanya, Ki Ki, Marcia, Risky
  • Green team: Bubbles, Bay Bay Bay, Farrah, Natasha
  • Pink Team: Ashley, K.O, So Hood, Brittaney

Bay Bay Bay is worried about how Farrah will perform, while So Hood states she hopes Ashley will do good so she "won't have to kick her ass". On the bus heading to their challenge, So Hood makes a comment saying "Do not resuscitate!" if Bubbles was her doctor. Bubbles says that's a mean comment and Ki Ki rises from her seat and again screams at Bubbles. Bubbles says they are making Charm School a lot harder for her and that she won't be able to gain confidence if they continue to make fun of her.

Upon arriving at the challenge, the girls are disgusted by the stench of the Los Angeles River. Ricki introduces them to Katrina Cameron, a representative of "Friends of the Los Angeles River". Ricki, La La, and Katrina tell them that their challenge will be to clean a portion the Los Angeles River for fifteen minutes and throw the trash into their corresponding team dumpster. Ashley says that this challenge is stupid and says if someone wants to throw their couch into the river, then go for it. The Blue Team's strategy is to try to get the biggest items possible into their dumpster. Ricki and the Pink Team are disappointed with Ashley's performance, and Ashley says picking up this trash is "worse than giving a lap-dance to a fat man". Meanwhile, Ricki says the girl doing the best is Farrah, and Farrah says she wants to try hard so she can really change. Marcia becomes upset with Risky and Ki Ki because they complained so much during the challenge. After fifteen minutes pass, Ricki announces the team that worked the best will win the challenge which was the Green Team. Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles, Farrah, and Natasha are therefore on the Dean's List and safe from expulsion. The Blue and Pink Teams will be sent to Detention Hall. Ki Ki complains that their efforts went unnoticed and that she became dirty, but Marcia says that she's happy that at least she got to help the environment. Marcia confronts Ki Ki about this on the bus, but Ki Ki and Bay Bay Bay again start ganging up on people and yell at Marcia. Farrah says "Bay Bay Bay's screaming again! I can't take it, it's wearing me out! Please can we stop at like some kind of pet shop so I can buy the bitch a muzzle?" Bubbles says Ki Ki's really mean and she instigates problems that don't even need to be brought up. Ashley and Farrah say that arguing is not what they're there for and that they can't listen to it anymore. Natasha agrees that these "petty fights" are stupid.

They arrive home, and Bubbles says that she can relate to Marcia and decides to confront the other Real Chance of Love girls about it. She tells them that they hurt her feelings when they called her "stupid" and "bubble-head". Ki Ki again begins to scream at Bubbles, following her and screaming and cussing at her, and pointing her finger in her face. Risky says this is getting ridiculous that Bay Bay Bay and Ki Ki go off on Bubbles for the smallest things. That night, Farrah gives Marcia a Mohawk haircut, and Marcia, Ashley, Farrah, and Brittanya begin to drink heavily. Bay Bay Bay says that they drink way too much. The drunken Marcia calls So Hood "So Ho" which angers So Hood, and Marcia says that it was an accident and that So Hood has an attitude. So Hood says it's now her goal to get Marcia expelled. Ashley and Farrah decide to make fun of Brittaney because she's the craziest person they've ever met, and that they like picking on her. Once Brittaney goes into the bathroom, Ashley and Farrah begin to kick the door together and burst out laughing. They then discover that the lock to the bathroom is on the outside of the bathroom, and decide to lock Brittaney inside. Brittaney asks to be let out, and Farrah and Ashley just laugh. So Brittaney asks if they can slide something to read under the door. Farrah jokes "Oh, you want something to eat?" and they slide hot dogs under the door, and joke saying "I know this will probably go right threw you!" and "Here, pretty, pretty, pretty" as if she were an animal. Brittanya and Natasha laugh at Ashley and Farrah's jokes, but then Brittaney tries to break down the door, saying she freaked out once she realized she was stuck there. Brittanya eventually opens the door for her, and Ashley says she knows she will be at risk for expulsion for locking Brittaney in the bathroom, but says it was kind of worth it. Farrah then climbs into her bed, trying to go to sleep, when she realizes a plastic scorpion and cookie crumbs are in her bed. She accuses Brittaney of putting these things in her bed, and Brittaney admits it. Farrah then throw a cucumber with a blond wig on it at Brittaney, and Brittaney threatens to spray her with the fire extinguisher she has in her bed. However, the viewers don't see how the conflict ends, as it is interrupted by a commercial break.

The next day, Ki Ki states that the girls will take Brittaney under their "wing" so that she'll learn to defend herself. Bay Bay Bay, in her interview, says they want Ashley and Marcia out of the school, so they'll use Brittaney Starr and her potential vote to their advantage. Later that day, Marcia, Brittanya, and Ashley are sitting in the courtyard where they're discussing who they should vote for in Detention Hall. Marcia volunteers Ki Ki, adding that she hasn't changed a bit since they've arrived and that she's loud. Inside, the Real Chance of Love girls along with Brittaney gather to determine their voting strategy. Ki Ki suggests three vote for Marcia and two vote for Ashley. Before elimination, Rikki calls some of the girls down to talk about the tension that's very obvious in the school. Most of the girls discuss the confrontations in which they were involved over the last couple of days. Bubble's is apprehensive about being honest, as she fears Rikki will mention her name to Ki Ki. She asks Ricki to pinky-swear that she won't give her up while confronting her school-mate. The interviews come to an end and the girls who are up for elimination soon congregate in the detention hall. La La meets with the girls and promptly instructs them to write the name of who they feel should go home on their chalkboard. Brittaney votes Ashley. Risky, K.O., So Hood and Ki Ki vote Marcia. Brittanya, Ashley, and Marcia vote Ki Ki. Stryker says the three girls at risk for elimination will be Ashley, Ki Ki, and Marcia.

These students then join the other girls in Lecture Hall and Ricki calls for Ashley, Marcia and Ki Ki to come to the carpet. As they're asked why they think they're up for elimination, an argument breaks out between Ki Ki and Marcia. Meanwhile Farrah mumbles that she doesn't want to be a part of "this" anymore. So Hood comments that the Rock of Love girls drink too much, which prompts Farrah to leave the area. Ashley, with Marcia right behind her, follows, shouting that Charm School has become the Real Chance of Love show. Stryker takes the remaining girls to detention hall to cool off. Rikki, in an attempt to get them to stay, heads up to see Ashley, Farrah and Marcia who have already packed their suitcases and are dressed in their casual clothes. In the detention hall, La La states that what she's observing between the girls is a potential black versus white issue, but they say that isn't the case. As things seem to be more calm, all the girls return to the elimination ceremony. Ricki explains to Ashley, Marcia and Ki Ki that they should all be sent home this evening for their behavior, but ultimately asks Ki Ki for her Charm School pin. Rikki's decision was mostly influenced by the fact that many of Ki Ki's schoolmates fear her. The Real Chance of Love girls become upset and most walk off, shouting the decision was "fixed". As the episode comes to a close, the audience sees So Hood changing her clothes and packing her things. She says she'd rather leave then be on the carpet next to Farrah or Marcia; girls she feels deserve to be sent home before she does.

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Be a Model... Citizen
  • Lesson: Tanya Acker educates the girls on global warming, poverty and overall social responsibility.
  • Challenge: Clean the Los Angeles River
  • Dean's List: Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles, Farrah, Natasha
  • Detention Hall: Ashley, Brittaney, Brittanya, Ki Ki, K.O., Marcia, Risky, So Hood
  • Bottom 3: Ashley, Ki Ki, Marcia
  • Expelled: Ki Ki

Reasons for Expulsion:

  • Ki Ki: She was an instigator and some of her schoolmates feared her. Ricki felt that if Ki Ki stayed, the other girls wouldn't be able to change.

If You Can't Play Nice, Don't Play At All

First Aired May 25, 2009

Picking up from where Episode Two left off, So Hood badly loses her composure about Ki Ki's expulsion and calls her boyfriend on the phone and announces she's coming home. So Hood packs up her stuff and gets in the limo and drives away. In her interview, So Hood flips off the camera and calls herself a "modern day Martin Luther King". Meanwhile, Farrah says no matter how much she and Ashley and Brittanya drink, they'll never be angry girls. Farrah complains that the girls' arguing is like "chickens squawkin'." Farrah admits to trying to be friends with the Real Chance of Love girls, but she feels like she's torturing herself by putting up with the screaming. Farrah then quits, but says she isn't quitting, she's dropping out. The next day, Ashley and Brittanya lay in bed and discuss missing Farrah, but is happy that Ki Ki and So Hood are gone and they don't want any more Rock of Love girls to go home, but she doesn't count Brittaney and Natasha. Natasha overhears this and vows to ruins Brittanya's life. Ricki then calls the girls in for an emergency meeting. She explains what happened last elimination was unacceptable and wonders why the house is divided. Risky thinks that Ricki's choice wasn't the right choice, saying other girls should have left before Ki Ki. Ricki then asks Risky if she thought Ashley and Farrah were saved because they're white and Risky says yes. Lala sees why Risky thinks so, but it's not like that. Bay Bay Bay doesn't like being accused of playing the race card. Ashley says it isn't about race, and confesses her son isn't white. She also says she's ashamed of how she behaved on Rock of Love and apologizes to Brittaney Starr on how she's treated her. K.O., however, says Brittaney starts fights and plays the victim too much. In her commentary, Brittaney says she's a "very zen" person. Later, Brittaney confronts K.O. and accuses her of being an instigator. The next morning, Brittanya attends her court date. Brittanya admits she just got out of jail two days before coming to Charm School and she could face jail time if she's convicted for fighting. For the challenge, the girls will be associating with people who aren't like them, which turn out to be elderly people. The girls surprisingly handle the challenge well and have fun with the elders. Bubbles talks to an old lady and listens to her stories. Ashley talks to an old lady and the lady asks Ashley if her breast are real and Ashley says no and lets her touch them. Brittanya sits on an old man's lap and talks to him. K.O. talks to a woman and explains she has no family and that the woman made her feel like her family. Brittaney is then recognized by a man who saw her in one of her previous porn films. Bay Bay Bay dances with some of the people. Natasha gets distracted watching them dance and an old man fell from his chair. The elderly are then asked to vote for their favorite girl, and Bay Bay Bay wins and is safe from expulsion. Natasha and K.O. plot to get Brittanya on the carpet. In Detention Hall, Brittanya, Bubbles, and Brittaney are voted onto the carpet. Brittanya thinks K.O. voted for her because she's insecure that she's K.O.'s biggest competition. Brittaney thinks Bubbles should go home because she doesn't need Charm School. Stryker thinks Brittaney plays the victim too much. Brittaney, however is wearing headphones and is dancing to the "rhythm in her head". Lala says that coming into elimination with headphones on is a sign of disrespect and Brittaney then takes off and apologizes. Ricki doesn't know if Brittaney's fake, but decides to not eliminate anybody.

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Play Nicely With Others
  • Lesson: None
  • Challenge: Caring for Elderly People
  • Dean's List: Bay Bay Bay
  • Detention Hall: Ashley, Brittaney, Brittanya, Bubbles, K.O., Marcia, Natasha, Risky
  • Bottom 3: Brittaney, Brittanya, Bubbles
  • Expelled: None
  • Quit: So Hood, Farrah

Reasons for Withdraw:

  • So Hood: She believed Ricki made a wrong decision sending Ki Ki home. She couldn't stand the thought of being expelled before some of the other contestants.
  • Farrah: She couldn't deal with all the commotion going on in the house.

Bubble Trouble

First aired June 1, 2009

Brittaney talks to K.O about whether or not she fits in at Charm School and wonders if she's cut out for it. Marcia asks Ashley where the alcohol is and Ashley predicts that Marcia's gonna get wasted later. Outside, Marcia drinks a lot and when Bubbles asks her to go swimming with her, Marcia drunkenly strips down and skinny dips. Bubbles says she doesn't have a problem with Marcia swimming nude, but she doesn't want her near her. The next day, the girls receive sweat shirts and sweat pants and Bubbles dances with a joy. Today's lesson is all about learning to keep the girls' bodies healthy. Doctor Robert Shapiro, comes in and explains how the girls should correctly treat their bodies. Marcia admits to drinking about "10 shots on an average Sunday." K.O and Risky both smoke, and Robert Shapiro jokes and says they should "put their mouths on a muffler" and inhale the smoke, since that's basically what they're doing. Dr. Robert asks the girls if they work out and they say no and then he calls up Ashley to do push-ups and Ashley is unable to do it and says her "boobs are too big." Brittaney comes up and does a split. Later, the girls arrive to a gym for their challenge. The girls then meet a man who runs a program called Buff Buddies, which is a program where children work out together. The girls are going to be working in three teams of three to help kids exercise and whichever group of kids burns up the most carbs will be on the Dean's List. The captains are Bubbles, Risky, and Natasha and Bubbles picks Ashley and Brittaney, Risky picks Bay Bay Bay and Marcia, and Natasha picks K.O and Brittanya. The Green Team decide to build an obstacle course while on the Blue Team, Bubbles suggests the kids "swim in the air." Ashley thinks the idea is stupid and wonders why the kids would be doing such a thing and Bubbles responds that kids do silly things. The kids arrive and Natasha tries to keep her distance as she thinks kids are cute "from a distance." The Blue Team do weird things like swimming in the air, and pounding the floor and pretending they're sharks. Ashley wonders about Bubbles' obsession with sea creatures. Meanwhile on the Red Team, the girls work the kids out with jumping jacks and running. While playing with the kids, Brittaney can't wait to have kids. After time's up, Stryker admits all together, the kids have burned a total of 831 calories. The Blue Team burned 252, the Green Team burned 280, and the Red Team wins with a total of 299 burned. After the challenge, Bubbles keeps ranting to Bay Bay Bay about too many Indian chiefs on her team, and Ashley gets annoyed and knew her team would lose the challenge and tells Bubbles talking to her is like talking to a "retarded child." Everybody's shocked what Ashley said. Back at the house, Bubbles and Marcia move out of their room, leaving Brittanya and Ashley the only ones in the room. When arriving in the room, Marcia takes Ki Ki's old bed and Brittaney freaks out and claims that's her bed. Brittaney then talks to her boyfriend on the phone and says she's the oldest girl in the house and finds it hard to live with the "teenyboppers". Risky and Bay Bay Bay eavesdrop and confront Brittaney and Bay Bay Bay tells her if she's older than them, she doesn't act like it and calls her out for always playing the victim. Risky and Brittaney then scream at each other and Risky wished Ashley and Farrah would have kept her locked in the bathroom. Brittaney then gives up and ends up sleeping in the locker room. Ashley, feeling bad for her, invites Brittaney to live in her and Brittanya's room. Brittaney talks to Ricki before elimination and praises Ashley's progress, but says Marcia still has a drinking problem. Bubbles then talks to Ricki and says Ashley's mean and unwilling to change and brings up the comment made yesterday and admits it hurt her feelings. In detention hall, Brittaney, Ashley, and Marcia are voted onto the carpet. Ashley says Bubbles had a reason for voting for her and regrets snapping at her and apologizes to Bubbles. Ricki asks her if she's sorry because she's now at risk for going home, and Ashley says no. Marcia confesses to drinking, but hasn't been getting into fights. Brittaney admits to trying to get the other girls to like her, but it comes out fake. Lala doesn't understand Brittaney and feels she's genuine, but everyone has problems with her. Risky speaks up and says Brittaney lies and is fake to her and the other girls. Ricki decides to eliminate Brittaney because she feels she can't change her and feels that if she stays longer, the other girls are going to drive her crazy. Brittaney says she excited to go home to start a family and to get some "nookie".

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Treat Thy Body As a Temple
  • Lesson: Dr. Robert Shapiro explains to the girls how to treat their bodies correctly, and exposes the dangers of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Challenge: Help Children Exercise
  • Green team: Risky (Captain), Bay Bay Bay, Marcia
  • Blue team: Bubbles (Captain) Brittaney, Ashley
  • Red Team: Natasha (Captain) K.O, Brittanya
  • Dean's List: Natasha, K.O, Brittanya
  • Detention Hall: Ashley, Bay Bay Bay , Brittaney, Bubbles, Marcia, Risky
  • Bottom 3: Ashley, Brittaney, Marcia
  • Expelled: Brittaney

Reasons for Expulsion:

  • Brittaney: She was seen to be an instigator of many incidents that seemed to happen around Charm School. So with Marcia and Ashley seemingly more in need to progress Ricki expelled Brittaney

Fear Factors

First aired June 8, 2009

Natasha talks about the "Skanktourage" and how Ashley's hair makes her look like Darth Vader. Marcia mocks Brittanya by calling herself "hot." Brittanya confronts her and tells Marcia she knows she's hot and she could "kick her ass" but won't because she's in Charm School. Marcia tells her she needs to get a Sharpie to fix her eyebrows. Today's lesson is all about coming forward with your fears and Dr. Allison Arnold, a psychiatrist, is there to help. Brittanya comes up first and confesses she's afraid of going to jail and not being there for her son and he might grow up messed up. K.O tearfully admits that all she has her twin brother, as both of their parents died and live with a foster family and thinks if she loses him, she'll have no reason to live. Dr. Allison has all the girls come up one by one and say nice things to K.O. Bay Bay Bay says she's sees strength in her, Ashley says K.O doesn't give herself enough credit, and Lala says K.O has amazing potential. Bay Bay Bay confesses to being afraid of a stalker and she carries a gun. Dr. Allison has Bay Bay Bay lay on the floor and has all the girls gather around her and lift her into the air and Bay Bay Bay tearfully turns her fear over to God. Ashley then comes up and explains that she fears that her son will grow up to be embarrassed by his mom. Ashley never had dreams as a child because her mother was poor and thus Ashley strips so she won't be poor. Bubbles fears psycho men. Dr. Allison asks Bubbles if she was sexually abused as a child and Bubbles says yes and has trouble trusting men. Bay Bay Bay immediately feels remorse for treating Bubbles badly and understands why Bubbles is the way she is. All the girls come up and support Bubbles and Bubbles cries and doesn't anybody giving her sympathy. Natasha cries and says she's afraid of losing control. She's not close with her family because she doesn't want to deal with death. Dr. Allison tries to get Natasha to talk to herself in order to change the way she lives, but Natasha isn't ready to do that. Marcia is scared of pain and deals with her fear by drinking and vows to stop drinking and if she drinks, she'll quit the show. Risky tearfully says she's not afraid of anything but then admits to going through a lot and doesn't want to relive it. The girls arrive at their challenge at an old hospital that's been closed for 15 years because it's been rumored to be haunted. Each team will have to do tasks and whenever they complete the tasks, money goes to charity. Each team will have a communicator that will give the other girls instructions in the task. Risky is chosen for the communicator for the Blue Team while Bay Bay Bay is chosen for the Pink Team. The Blue Team goes first and they have to close and open body lockers. Bubbles and Natasha go to the locker and freak out when they see rats in the lockers. Bubbles claps loudly in order to scare the rats away. When closing the lockers, Bubbles freaks out because of vermin being located in the locker. Bubbles and Natasha complete the task and raise $200 for charity. For the Pink Team, Marcia and K.O have to board up the windows and collect rat traps. K.O and Marcia curse out the ghosts in order to prove they're not afraid of them. They successfully complete the task and raise $200 for charity. For the Blue Team, Ashley must go alone and disarm electro-convulsive equipment. When Ashley reaches the laboratory, her walkie talkie goes off and gets shocked from the electric cord. Ashley finishes, but gets lost and badly loses her composure and screams in fear. Natasha eventually finds her and brings her back to the hallway and gain $500 for charity. For the Pink Team, Brittanya has to go alone to retrieve bio-hazardous waste. Brittanya at first struggles because she doesn't know what bio-hazardous is, but successfully completes the mission and gains $500 for charity. Both teams did very well, but the Pink Team wins because Ashley cost the Blue Team's lost. In detention, Ashley, Bubbles and Natasha are voted onto the carpet. At elimination, Bubbles talks about facing her fears and rants about it. Bubbles voted for Ashley because Risky did better than her in the challenge. Natasha voted for Ashley because the only reason she's doing anything is because Farrah's not here. Ricki decides to take a risk and sends Ashley back with the group. Ricki wonders how far Natasha's made it and Bubbles tearfully rants again. Ricki decides to expel Natasha because she felt she didn't need Charm School as much the other two do and Bubbles is beginning to speak up for herself. Natasha says she was never there for the money, she was there to change and fears she's going to go back to her old ways because she wasn't in Charm School long enough.

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Face Thy Fears
  • Lesson: Dr. Allison Arnold asks the girls to reveal their fears, and thus has them participate in group activities in an attempt to liberate them from their fears.
  • Challenge: To Face Fears In A Haunted Hospital
  • Blue Team: Ashley, Bubbles, Natasha, Risky
  • Pink Team: Bay Bay Bay, Brittanya, K.O., Marcia
  • Dean's List: Bay Bay Bay, Brittanya, K.O., Marcia
  • Detention Hall: Ashley, Bubbles, Natasha, Risky
  • Bottom 3: Ashley, Bubbles, Natasha
  • Expelled: Natasha

Reasons for Expulsion:

  • Natasha: Ricki felt she didn't need to change as much as Ashley needed to. After Bubbles used her voice and spoke out on her overcoming her fears in the challenge, Ricki felt Bubbles is actually changing unlike Natasha.

Thou Shalt Put It Together

First aired June 15, 2009

The girls have to build playgrounds for children. No one finishes,so they are all up for elimination. At dinner with Ricki Lake, Ricki plays a game with the girls. She asks each girl who, in their opinion, should win. Risky and Bay Bay Bay say K.O. should win because of her mother's and father's death, and K.O. has not had much in her life. Ashley says she wants Brittanya to win because of her son and her legal battles. Brittanya says Ashley should win because of her son and such. Marcia says Bubbles should win because she is becoming a woman, and she is forming her own opinions and standing up for herself. After dinner, all the girls excluding Marcia, begin to drink, and they tease and poke fun at Marcia because she cannot have any. K.O. gets drunk and offers Marcia cranberry juice with vodka. Marcia becomes infuriated and goes to her room. Later that night, K.O. has chest pains, and she has to go to the hospital. While she is there, the other girls begin to question whether K.O. has been truthful about her mother dying during labor, and about her medical problems. They begin to think she has been lying to gain sympathy and to win. Bay Bay Bay goes to have a talk with Ricki. She tells Ricki that K.O.'s stories do not add up, and they are inconsistent. She then says that if there is a time where a person is potentially going to be expelled, but needs to stay and change, then Bay Bay Bay will take her place and be expelled. Ricki thinks it is very generous of Bay Bay Bay, and she says Bay Bay Bay is easily her best student. K.O. comes back from the hospital, and she immediately notices that the girls are ignoring her, and that maybe they want her gone. At detention hall, Ashley, Marcia, Bay Bay Bay, Risky, and Brittanya decide to vote for K.O. for expulsion. Bubbles votes for Risky, saying that she did because she knew Risky would not be sent home. K.O. votes for Marcia. At elimination, Ricki is baffled because she did not expect any of the girls to be on the carpet, and she says there are other deserving candidates to be on the carpet. She asks K.O. what happened and why was she in the hospital. K.O. says she is fine, and she just has a cardiac block. Ricki says that does not sound fine. Then, Marcia tells Ricki about K.O. offering her alcohol. K.O. says that she was just kidding around. Risky then says that K.O.'s stories are inconsistent, and that maybe she is not telling the truth because she was diagnosed with another heart problem earlier. K.O. begins to cry, and says that she has both a cardiac block and the other heart problem she told everyone about. She then says that does not have insurance, and doctors sometimes tell her that there is nothing wrong with her, etc. Ricki could not make a decision on who to expel between Risky, K.O., or Marcia. Bay Bay Bay had had a one-on-one with Ricki and said that she would be willing to give up her spot in Charm School for someone else who really needed it. Ricki asked Bay Bay Bay at elimination if she was going to hold true to that word and she said yes, but K.O. said she would not let Bay Bay Bay be eliminated in her place, and the episode was left on a cliffhanger. The extended scene of the elimination shows K.O. packing her things and leaving Charm School.

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt pull it together
  • Lesson: The girls are asked about their career goals, why they want to reach these goals, and the first step to reaching them.
  • Challenge: To Build A Playground for Children
  • Purple Team: Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles (Captain), K.O.
  • Yellow Team: Ashley, Brittanya, Marcia (Captain), Risky
  • Detention Hall: Ashley, Bay Bay Bay, Brittanya, Bubbles, K.O., Marcia, Risky
  • Bottom 3: K.O., Marcia, Risky
  • Withdrew: K.O.

Reason for Withdraw:

  • K.O.: Although originally one of the three candidates for expulsion, K.O. withdrew after Ricki, not wanting to expel any of her available choices, asked Bay Bay Bay if she would withdraw, so that the other girls would be able to spend more time at Charm School. Bay Bay Bay agreed, but after turning her pin in to Ricki, K.O. gave Bay Bay Bay her own pin and withdrew on her own accord.

Of Two Evils, Choose the Less

First aired June 29, 2009

Picking up where the last episode left off, Bay Bay Bay is about to leave. K.O. stops her and gives Bay Bay Bay her pin. K.O. runs out of the elimination room and Ricki says that K.O. was eliminated. The next day, the girls have a visit from two men and who educate them on tolerance, race, and sexual orientation. After the visit, Bay Bay Bay is called over by Stryker and Ricki. They tell her she has a chance to bring back Kiki or K.O., and ask her who she would choose. The girls go to a dog pound and clean the cages. When the girls get home, controversy arises when Bay Bay Bay tells the girls what she has to do. Ashley, Marcia, Britanya, and Risky think that neither girl should come back because they haven't been here whether it's physically or emotionally. However, Bubbles disagrees and says that everyone deserves a second chance. At elimination, Ricki brings in Kiki and K.O. and tells Bay Bay Bay to make her decision. Bay Bay Bay says that she can't bring either girl back because it wouldn't be fair for the other girls who have been working hard in every challenge to stay in the competition. Then Bay Bay Bay gives Ricki her pin saying that her work is done. Bay Bay Bay leaves the competition giving up her chance at $100,000. She says that she is happy with her decision because her work is done and she has been able to change.

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Make Love, Not War
  • Lesson: Two men from the Museum of Tolerance educate the girls on tolerance of religion, race and sexual orientation.
  • Challenge: Clean Out The Dogs Cages
  • Dean's List: None
  • Special Guest: Ki Ki, K.O.
  • Brought Back: None

Note: Ricki told Bay Bay Bay if she left she could bring any contestant back in the house who was eliminated. Bay Bay Bay interviewed Ki Ki and K.O. However, Bay Bay Bay decided to not pick either contestant.

  • Quit: Bay Bay Bay
  • Bottom 3: None
  • Eliminated: None

Reason for Withdraw:

  • Bay Bay Bay: Bay Bay Bay withdrew from the competition as she felt that she was indeed changing, but that her time at the house was up because she felt completely changed.

Ride Em Cowgirl

First aired July 6, 2009

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Give It Thy All
  • Challenge: Earn Money for Charity by riding a Mechanical Bull
Ashley: $1390 ($139/second × 10 seconds)
Brittanya: $372 ($124/second × 3 seconds)
Bubbles: $858 ($39/second × 22 seconds)
Marcia: $1800 ($120/second × 15 seconds)
Risky: $1200 ($120/second × 10 seconds)
  • Dean's List: Marcia
  • Bottom 3: Ashley, Brittanya, Bubbles
  • Eliminated: Bubbles

Reason for Expulsion:

  • Bubbles: Ricki said that Bubbles learned a lot in Charm School. Ricki believes that Bubbles has come to a place where she really knows who she is, and came as far as she could. Ricki said in her interview that sometimes you have to let the girl that needs to learn more stay and let the girl that learned the most change go. Ricki told Bubbles that she did not need Charm School as much as the other girls, so she had to expel her.

The Big (Not So) Easy

First aired July 13, 2009

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Put It To Good Use
  • Destination: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 1st Challenge: Build A Playground On The Basketball Court
  • Break: Marcia
  • 2nd Challenge: Feed The Homeless
  • Break: Marcia, Brittanya
  • 3rd Challenge: Clean Up The Garage
  • Break: Ashley, Brittanya, Marcia, Risky
  • 4th Challenge: Finish Building The Playground
  • Bottom 4: Ashley, Brittanya, Marcia, Risky
  • Expelled: Brittanya

Reason for Expulsion:

  • Brittanya: Ricki told Brittanya that she has not come as far as the other girls.

The Lost Commandments

First aired July 20, 2009

Hosts: La La & Stryker

The Lost Commandments:

  1. Thou Shalt At Least Try To Be A Lady.
  2. Thou Shalt Shake Thy Booty.
  3. Thou Shalt Always Be Civil With Others.
  4. Thou Shalt Know When To Say When.
  5. Thou Shalt Not Let Ashley Roll Free In New Orleans.
  6. Thou Shalt Stay Clear From Brittaney Starr.

Thou Shalt Be Fully Charmed

First aired July 27, 2009

  • Commandment: Thou Shalt Be Fully Charmed
  • Challenge: TAG
  • T: Truth
  • A: Amends
  • G: Gratitude
  • Special Guest: Dr. Allison Arnold, Marcia's Mother, Risky's Mother, Ashley's Boyfriend and Son.
  • Dean's List: None
  • Final Three: Ashley, Marcia, Risky
  • Expelled: Ashley, Marcia
  • Winner: Risky
  • Expulsion/Winner Notes:
  • Risky: After Ashley, Risky, and Marcia gave their speeches, Ricki decided that Risky was the winner because she "connected" with her once Risky finally decided to open-up in her speech about her life and the abuse she once suffered from.
  • Ashley & Marcia: Ricki told the girls that they all deserved to win, saying they all have come a long way, and stated that Risky's speech was what made her the winner and Ashley and Marcia the runner-ups.

After the Show

Marcia, Farrah, and Ashley appeared on Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now?

Marcia and Bubbles appeared on the cancelled I Love Money 3, where they were believed to have come in last and fourth respectively.

Marcia and Brittanya appeared on I Love Money 4, coming in fourteenth, and sixth respectively.

I Love Money 3 is being re-filmed as I Love Money 5, and will feature Marcia and Bubbles, making Marcia the only VH1 star to have done I Love Money three times.


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