List of River City characters

List of River City characters

This is a list of River City characters, listed in order of first appearance.


Current Characters

Character Actor
Adeeb Brodie Taryam Boyd
Amber Murdoch Lorna Anderson
Annie Sobacz Reanne Farley
Bob O'Hara Tom Urie
Charlie Bowie Ryan Smith
Christina Michalka Caitlin Gillespie
Conor Brodie Rian John
Deek Henderson Gordon McCorkell
Eileen Donachie Deirdre Davis
Fraser Crozier Neil McNulty
Gabriel Brodie Garry Sweeney
Gina Hamilton Libby McArthur
Hayley McCrone Pamela Byrne
Iona McInyre Claire Knight
Jack Paterson John Comerford
Jimmy Mullen Billy McElhaney
Joanne Rossi Lisa Gardener
Lenny Murdoch Frank Gallagher
Leyla Brodie Maryam Hamidi
Leo Brodie Nick Rhys
Liz Buchanan Eileen McCallum
Malcolm Hamilton Johnny Beattie
Michael Brodie Andy Clark
Molly O'Hara Una McLean
Murray Crozier Brian Cowan
Nicole Brodie Holly Jack
Raymond Henderson Paul Samson
Robbie Fraser Gary Lamont
Scarlett Mullen Sally Howitt
Stella Walker Keira Lucchesi
Tatiana Michalka Magdalena Kaleta
Theresa O'Hara Maureen Carr
Zinnie Hassoun Nalini Chetty

Cast changes

Returning characters

Character Actor Return date Reference
Lydia Murdoch Jacqueline Leonard 20th September 2011 [1]
Kelly-Marie Adams Carmen Pieraccini September 2011 [2]
Bob Adams Stephen Purdon September 2011 [2]

Departing characters

Character Actor Departure date Reference
Amber Murdoch Lorna Anderson TBA [1]

Past characters

Character Actor
Bob Adams Stephen Purdon
Kelly-Marie Adams Carmen Pieraccini
Jodie Banks Kirsty Mitchell
Heather Bellshaw Jenni Keenan Green
Harry Black Carter Ferguson
Archie Buchanan Gilly Gilchrist
Hazel Campbell Annmarie Fulton
Andy Carroll Jamie Michie
Ruth Carroll Morag Calder
Nicki Cullen Jayd Johnson
Zoe Cullen Laura McMonagle
Billy Davies Gray O'Brien
Father Dominic Peter Vollebregt
Ewan Donachie Alasdair Harvey
Tommy Donachie Eric Barlow
Charlie Drummond June Brogan
Carly Fraser Michelle O'Brien
Lily Fraser Ida Schuster
Helen Gilmour Gerda Stevenson
Marty Green Daniel Schuztmann
George Henderson John Murtagh
Moira Henderson Jo Cameron Brown
Robert Henderson Maurice Roeves
Shirley Henderson Barbara Rafferty
Shona Henderson Julie Duncanson
Jamie Hunter Anthony Martin
Paul Hunter Sean Brown
Tina Hunter Jenny Ryan
Jean Drummond Kate Donnelly
Leanne Johnstone Christina Mackinnon
Terri Johnstone Julie Coombe
Lena Krausky Anna Kerth
Mai Lau Jaclyn Tse
Sharon McLaren Sarah McCardie
Hana Malik Mamta Kash
Zara Malik Shabana Akhtar Bakhsh
Jamilah Malik Laxmi Kathuria
Karim Malik Kriss Dosanjh
Donna McCabe Paula Sage
Daniel McKee Ewan Stewart
Marianne McKee Frances Grey
Roisin McIntyre Joyce Falconer
Sandy McKinnon Robert Cavanah
Steph McKenzie Emma Campbell Webster
Liam McNulty Patrick Mulvey
Alanna McVey Jade Lezar
Jake Munro Russell Barr
Sonny Munro Angus MacInnes
Ewan Murdoch Chris Brazier
Lydia Murdoch Jacqueline Leonard
Rory Murdoch David Paisley
Nick Morrisson Colin McCredie
Michelle Rafferty Laura O'Donnell
Viv Roberts Louise Jameson
Duncan Robertson Kieron Elliot
Freya Robertson Natasha Watson
Franco Rossi, Jr. Adam Khan
Luca Rossi Juan Pablo Di Pace
Dilip Shah Aron Sidhu
Scott Wallace Tony Kearney
Richard Whiteside Michael Nardone
Johnny Wu Richard Woo
Susie Wu Teo-Wa Vuong


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