Charles Boutell

Charles Boutell
Title page of English Heraldry by Boutell

The Rev. Charles Boutell (1812–1877)[1] was a Norfolk archaeologist, antiquary and clergyman, publishing books on brasses, arms and armour and heraldry, often illustrated by his own drawings. [2]

Boutell was at one time curate of Sandridge. He was secretary of the St. Albans Architectural Society, founded in 1845, and was one of the founders in 1855 of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society. During the first forty years of the Surrey Archaeological Society, Boutell appeared regularly as lecturer at the Society's annual excursions.

Boutell was Honorary Secretary of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society from 23 July 1857 - 27 November 1857, when he was dismissed from this position for what was termed 'improper' bookkeeping involving the amount of ₤56 15s. [3][4]


Personal life

He married Mary Chevallier (1809-1880), daughter of Reverend John Chevallier and Caroline Hepburn.

  1. Caroline Ellen Alice Boutell d.1882
  2. Charles John Boutell
  3. Mary Chevallier-Boutell
  4. Arthur Brandon Chevallier-Boutell
  5. Francis Hepburn Chevallier-Boutell b. 23 Sep 1851, d. 19 Feb 1937 [5]


  • Monumental Brasses and Slabs (1847)
  • The monumental brasses of England - (George Bell, 1849) [6]
  • Christian Monuments in England & Wales - (George Bell, 1854)
  • A Manual of British Archeology - Printed by Savill & Edwards (Lovell Reeve, London, 1858)
  • Heraldry, Historical and Popular - 3rd Edn. 1864
  • English Heraldry - Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, (London and New York, 1867)
  • Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages: also a Descriptive Notice of Modern Weapons Translated from the French of Paul Lacombe (1834-1919), (New York, C. Scribner & Co., 1871)
  • A Bible dictionary for the use of all readers and students of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments of the books of the Apocrypha - (E. Moxon, 1871)
  • The Arts and the Artistic Manufactures of Denmark
  • The Handbook to English Heraldry - edited by Fox-Davies, A. C., 1871-1928, wood engravings by Utting, R. B. (Reeves & Turner, 1914)


Illustrations by R. B. Utting
from English Heraldry

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