The chaetotaxy of the thorax of a muscoid fly

Chaetotaxy is taxonomy based on the position and size of bristles on an insect or the arrangement itself. It is especially important in Diptera in which group it was formalised by Ernst August Girschner.

Morphology and chaetotaxy of the head of a fly (Muscomorpha)

The chaetotaxy of a fly might include :- acrostichal, dorsocentral, humeral, mesopleural, sternopleural , notopleural , postalar, supraalar and scutellar bristles on the thorax ; dorsal, posterodorsal, anterodorsal, ventral, posteroventral and anteroventral bristles on the legs and ocellar, orbital, postvertical, vibrissal, outer vertical and inner vertical bristles on the head.


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