Spells of wizards of waverly place

Spells of wizards of waverly place

The following are a group of spells used in the Disney Channel original series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Edgebono Utoosis - The ability to duplicate the user's desired object

Mcreary Timereary - The ability to rewind time

Take this girl with the skills of a bench and turn her into a serving wench - The ability to transform a server with no skills into a professional waitress

Take this girl who's a great serving wench and give her the back the skills of a bench - The ability to transform a professional waitress into a server with no skills

Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket- conjures a jacket

Commakus Pancakus- conjures a plate of pancakes

Transportium Nextorbitorium- teleports you to the planet of your choosing

Some people are a gem, some people are a rat, to learn who's who, give me the ear of a bat- gives you a bat's ear

Some are evil, some are kind, but now all must speak their mind- makes people tell the truth

Animoza Espinoza - The ability to transform a human being into an animal

Humanoza Espinoza - The ability to transform a human being that was previously enchanted into an animal

Murrieta Animata - The ability to animate any object the user desires

Garibay Immobilitay - The ability to unanimate any object the user had previously enchanted

Levitatus Liquidatus- levitates liquids

We are now not small and teeny weeny, take us inside to see the genie- puts you in a genie's lamp

We are now small and teeny weeny, we are done visiting the genie- takes you out of a genie's lamp

Mailus Spontaneous (Person's name or place)- sends mail to whoever or where ever you want

From your chin to your toes an elephant trunk grows- makes an elephant trunk replace a persons nose

ScreamPolitty NoQuitty- makes people not quit

Tomunanane Kinesis- moves objects

Cerebellum Erasus- erases memory

Cashmearus Appearus- conjures a sweater

Cranium Revolvis- turns head

Dehidratus Lugatis Apus Escapus- drains a place and turns all sea chimps back into people

This (person or thing) is now not, a (object or person) should fill its slot- transforms stuff.

Gialsjay Timesday- freezes time for as long as you can hop on 1 leg

Murrieta Animata Grande- like murrieta animata but also makes object bigger

(People's names) Cambia Corporum Meum Corpora Sua Nominavi- switches the two peoples bodies but must be undone by sunset

Frames of Figures, Step out of your Pictures- brings a painting out of it's frame

Pictures of faces return to your places (Place + year of where picture taken)- undoes frames of figures step out of your pictures

Go Through Mo Through- makes one object go through another object

Literarium Tararium- teleports you into a book

Bookus Mustardo-turns a book into a jar of mustard (this spell does not actually work; it was chanted by Max as an attempt to hide Alex's journal, but to no prevail).

Seismosaurus Hallorum- makes everything bigger

threemetrus movietrus- telports you ten feet away

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