A Bedroom Community

A Bedroom Community

Infobox Album
Name = A Bedroom Community
Type = album
Artist = Franklin Bruno

Released = 1995
Recorded =
Genre = folk rock, singer-songwriter
Length = mm:ss
Label = Simple Machines
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "The Irony Engine 7" (1994)
This album = "A Bedroom Community" (1995)
Next album = "Sanddollar 7" (1995)

"A Bedroom Community" is an album by Franklin Bruno. It was released in 1995 on Simple Machines label. It is Bruno's last LP to feature the lo-fi, stripped down sound reminiscent of the one utilized at the time by his friend and collaborator, John Darnielle.

Track listing

# "Then Again, Maybe I Won't"
# "Ghost Postage"
# "Cheat"
# "The Two Of You"
# "Uninsulated Wall"
# "The Lonelysocks Generation"
# "Layered Look"
# "At Marsh Ranch"
# "Great Fool"
# "Untitled"
# "A Frozen Lake"
# "Skipped A Grade"
# "For the Firedrill"
# "The Death of Vaudeville"

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