Delilah missile

Delilah missile

Infobox Weapon
name=Delilah missile

type=air-launched anti-radiation drone, air-launched cruise missile, ground-launched cruise missile, and sea-launched cruise missile
manufacturer=Israel Military Industries
service=1960s, 1995
vehicle_range=150 km, 300+ km
guidance=electro optical
launch_platform=aircraft, helicopter, ground launcher, sea launcher

The Delilah missile is an electro optical missile developed in Israel by Israel Military Industries (IMI), built to target moving and re-locatable targets.



The Delilah missile is the name of several variants of an Israeli missile built by IMI (formerly TAAS). It was originally developed as an aerial decoy, but evolved into an offensive strike weapon in the 1990s used by Israel F-16's and upgraded F-4E attack aircraft.


Delilah anti-radiation attack drone

The Delilah anti-radiation attack drone is air-launched and was configured after the US MQM-74 Chukar aerial target. It entered service in the mid-1960s. Its purpose was to find radar sites when they lit up on the drone, allowing them to be found and destroyed.

Delilah 1

Delilah 1 is an air-launched stand-off and cruise missile, with a turbo jet engine that allows the ability to loiter in order to enable it to target well-hidden threats, as well as attack moving targets, making it ideal in destroying SAM threats. It has a range of 150 km (90 mi.), and can destroy targets both on sea and on land. An autopilot onboard as well as an INS/GPS navigation system allows the missile to perform its mission autonomously; a data link enables intervention and target validation. The missile can be fitted with a variety of warheads and can be fitted to most aircraft.

It can be fired from aircraft, helicopter, or ground launcher. Its compact dimensions allow it to be carried by Sikorsky UH-60A helicopter and the SH-60B helicopter. It carries a small but effective warhead to allow it to destroy the target but minimize collateral damage.

This missile was first used in combat by Israel over Lebanon on July and August 2006, launched by an F-16D fighter aircraft.

Delilah 2

The Delilah 2 is in development by Israel, with funding from China. It will use the Bet Shemesh Sorek 4 engine that has 800 pounds of thrust, allowing the missile to have a longer range and larger payload, or just a larger payload.


The Delilah-GL is a ground-launched variation of the Delilah cruise missile, that has a range of 250km, though this is probably a bit conservative, meaning the missile may actually have a range of 300km plus. It is equipped with a 30kg conventional explosive warhead but is capable of carrying other payloads, such as infrared target seeking and guidance devices. It is guided by GPS and has the ability to hover in the target area, before confirming the target through real-time visual intelligence.

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