Army Aviation Badge (Philippines)

Army Aviation Badge (Philippines)

Infobox Military Award
name=Army Aviation Badge

caption=Master Army Aviation Badge
awarded_by=the Republic of the Philippines
type=Military Badge
eligibility=Military Personnel (Officer only)
for=for requirements as prescribed in the Philippine Air Force for requirements as prescribed in the Philippine Air Force Manual 17-1, dated July 1978, Aircrew Management
status=Currently Awarded
description=The Army Aviation Badge consists of the seal of the Philippine Army in relief. A silver-plated pair of wings are placed on both sides of the seal.

On the Army Aviation Badge, the wings symbolize aviation and air activities; the Army Seal signifies that the awardee is under the army command.

This is awarded by the Commanding General Philippine Army to commissioned officers of the Philippine Army; to any military personnel assigned with the Army Aviation Service; and to military and civilian personnel, foreign and civilian dignitaries.

To earn this badge, one must be a Commissioned Officer; must be a graduate of Basic Pilot Training conducted by the Philippine Army or any Aviation/Flying School or Academy recognized by the PA; must have been checked out in any PA type aircraft; must be on flying status; and must have logged at least 175 flying hours in any fixed-wing type aircraft or 150 hours in any rotary winged type of aircraft.

To earn this badge, one must be assigned with the Army Aviation Service; must be professionally and physically qualified to perform the skills required by appropriate and current army aviation job classifications; and must be required by orders to participate in regular and frequent aerial flights.
*Senior Army Aviation Badge - Same as the Basic Army Aviation Badge with a star on top of the Army Seal.
*Master Army Aviation Badge - Same as the Basic Army Aviation Badge with a wreath of Laurel leaves surrounding the star atop the Philippine Army seal.
*Army Aircrew Badge - Same as the Basic Army Aviation Badge with a ring embossed on the Army Seal.

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