Yildun Internet Backup

Yildun Internet Backup

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author = Insimatek
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released = 01/06/2008
latest release version = 8.0.2
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status = Active
genre = Remote backup service
license = freeware, trial, propietary
website = http://www.yildun-backup-remoto.com

Yildun is a Backup software that works through the Internet for Windows and Linux platforms. It is based on the incremental backup method and in the binary-differential technology and it supports up to hundreds of GigaBytes of data in a unique backup copy.At the moment, the binary differential technology is one of the best backup technologies for Remote backup through the Internet, because it minimizes the storage space on the remote and the higher bandwidth need for the data transmission. There are different algorithms to apply the binary differentiation between file pairs, such as: Xdelta, which is a project by sourceforge.net and distributed by Google, micro-patcher which is the technology that Yildun applies and fastbit, which is a technology developed by Novastor.

Incremental Backup with binary differential technology

The permits carrying out consecutive backup copies, taking as a base the last version that was safeguarded on the server. It also permits safeguarding different versions of the data in a reduced storage space, obtaining real compression factors of 1 to 3 orders of magnitude(thousands of times). The real space that the copies take up on the server only depend on the differentiability of the data, that is to say, of the quantity of changes performed on the safeguarded files on a binary level.

The said incremental method is able to transmit, from a determined number of backups, the first binary copy, or full copy, by absorbing the first binary patch or the oldest safeguarded patch.

When using the binary-incremental method, to transmit the data into the server, the data-patch takes the minimum space and the strongest security measures. This way, the initial copy or full copy, must make use of successive binary patches to be able to reconstruct the final data. In order to fight against the weakness of this strategy, Yildun makes use of a complete redundancy system, test and auto-cure that implies a minimum cost of space and of time.




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