List of American Championship Car winners

List of American Championship Car winners

The following is a list compiling the total number of career victories in open wheel American Championship Car Racing. The list recognizes "Indy car" or "Champ car" victories under the following auspices:

*American Automobile Association (1902-1941, 1946-1954)
*NASCAR Speedway Division (1952-1953)
*United States Automobile Club (1955-1995)
*Championship Auto Racing Teams (1979-2003)
*Champ Car World Series (2004-2007)
*Indy Racing League (1996-present)

AAA began sanctioning races as early as 1902, but the first fully-recognized championship season of races took place in 1916. Races from 1902-1915 are included, as they are individually recognized. Races from 1917-1918 are recognized, but not included as part of an official AAA championship season, as it was suspended due to World War I. Retroactively awarded titles were later researched and awarded. All racing was suspended from 1942-1945, due to World War II.

In 1952, another open wheel series was formed alongside the AAA, the NASCAR Speedway Division. Only one full season, along with a second partial season, was held, and the division folded after only ten points races. Of the ten race winners, none of the drivers (seven total) managed to win any races under AAA or USAC sanctioning.

During the period from 1979-2007, American open wheel racing was contested under two sanctioning bodies, operating parallel, and at certain times, concurrently.

Note that victories in the Indianapolis 500 from 1979-1995 are listed under the heading of USAC. While CART sanctioned the primary year-long season of races, the Indianapolis 500 itself remained under the santioning of USAC. From 1979-1982, CART teams participated in the Indianapolis 500, but earned no points towards the CART championship. From 1983-1995, even though the Indianapolis 500 was still sanctioned by USAC, CART began awarding points for the race towards their championship.

For 1996-1997, victories in the Indianapolis 500 and Indy Racing League are listed solely under the heading of IRL. For the first nine races of its existance (five in 1996 and four in 1997), the Indy Racing League fell under the overall sanctioning of USAC. After two controversial races in early 1997, sanctioning abruptly switched to in-house oversight by the IRL.

Non-points races such as the Race of Two Worlds and Marlboro Challenge all-star race are not included.

Wins chart

*Results through the Peak Antifreeze & Motor Oil Indy 300, September 7, 2008
*The 1999 IRL VisionAire 500 at Lowe's Motor Speedway was cancelled after 79 laps, and struck from record, with no winner declared. On lap 62, a tire went into the grandstand, killing three spectators. Therefore the total number of IRL races reflected in the chart is one fewer than the number of actual events.

Other race winners

From 1987-1992, CART held the Marlboro Challenge, an invitation-only all-star race during the final weekend of the season. No points were awarded for the event, and the win is not included in the chart above. The drivers who won include:
*Michael Andretti (2 wins)
*Bobby Rahal
*Rick Mears
*Emerson Fittipaldi
*Al Unser, Jr.

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