County of Åbo and Björneborg

County of Åbo and Björneborg

Infobox Former Subdivision
conventional_long_name = County of Åbo and Björneborg
native_name = "Åbo och Björneborgs län"
"Turun ja Porin lääni"
common_name = Abo
subdivision = County
nation = the Swedish Empire
year_start = 1634
event_start = Established
date_start =
event_end = Treaty of Fredrikshamn
year_end = 1809
date_end = September 17
event1 =
date_event1 =
p1 =
flag_p1 =
s1 = Governorate of Åbo-Björneborg
flag_s1 = Flag of Russia.svg

image_map_caption =
capital = Åbo¹
leader1 = Jacob Bure
year_leader1 = 1698-1706
leader2 = Knut von Troil
year_leader2 = 1806-1809
title_leader = Governor
footnotes = ¹ _fi. Turku

The County of Åbo and Björneborg ( _sv. Åbo och Björneborgs län, _fi. Turun ja Porin lääni) was a county of the Swedish Empire from 1634 to 1809.

The county was named after the cities of Åbo ( _fi. Turku) and Björneborg ( _fi. Pori). Åbo was not only the provincial capital but centre of government for all of Finland while it was a part of the Kingdom of Sweden. It also included the Åland Islands.

By the Treaty of Fredrikshamn in 1809 Sweden ceded all its territories in Finland, east of the Torne River , to Russia. The county was succeded by the Governorate of Åbo-Björneborg in the Grand Duchy of Finland as part of the Russian Empire.


*Jacob Bure (1698-1706)
*Justus von Palmenberg (1706-1714)
*Johan Stiernstedt (1714-1722)
*Otto Reinhold Uexkull (1722-1746)
*Lars Johan Ehrenmalm (1747-1749)
*Johan Georg Lillienberg (1749-1757)
*Jeremias Wallén (1757-1769)
*Christoffer Johan Rappe (1769-1776)
*Fredrik Ulrik von Rosen (1776-1781)
*Magnus Wilhelm Armfelt (1781-1790)
*Ernst Gustaf von Willebrand (1790-1806)
*Knut von Troil (1806-1809)

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