Per Argentine

Per Argentine

Per Philip Argentine, born 1985, is a low budget filmmaker responsible for the making of approximately a dozen short films. Two of his films were featured in Penn State's Annual Film Festival.

Early career

Argentine grew up in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He followed the footsteps of his father Peter, who is the founder of Argentine Productions, [ [ Argentine Productions] ] which is a small filmmaking corporation based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of Argentine's first feature films was "The Incredible Dave Moneit", a story about a young man and his plot to take over his school. The film was a statement on the groups and cliques in the typical American high school. In a Lebanon High School newspaper article, it was claimed to be Lebanon's greatest accomplishment of all time.Fact|date=October 2008 After sending the film to Penn State University, Argentine was offered a seat in the Film Class of 2008.

College career

Argentine began his college career in 2004 at The Pennsylvania State University. He made short films with his floor-mates being the actors. First year films included Return and Balance. The film, "Lock the Door", has said to be lost in time and was never completed, although all of the scenes were shot. During his second year, Argentine devoted most of his time to his studies, but managed to produce two more films, including Orangutan and his first film festival movie, Body and Spirit, which was shown in the 2006 Penn State Film Festival, [ Penn State Collegian 2008] ] receiving much applause. During his third and fourth year, Per took somewhat of a hiatus and disappeared from the movie making scene to focus on his studies. Argentine spent months writing the feature length film, Kevin Johnson and His Merry Players, but due to budget cuts and actors not willing, the movie had to be scrapped after only two weeks of production. The cost of production and net loss were estimated to be about $1200. Argentine rebounded, however, and directed the film Sleep, which would end up being the feature film in the 2008 Penn State Film Festival. He also made some nonprofit music videos and was the main videographer for Penn State's Dance Marathon, THON. Per graduated in May of 2008 with a B.A. in Film and an Italian minor.

Regarding his social life, Per has been linked with fellow filmmaker Beth Barsky for a brief time.

Post graduation

Argentine is currently working on an undisclosed major studio film in Pittsburgh, PA. He has also been known to work with his father in Argentine Productions.


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