Summer Sucks

Summer Sucks

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Title = Summer Sucks
Series = South Park

Caption = Cartman learning to swim.
Season = 2
Episode = 8
Airdate = June 24, 1998
Production = 208
Writer = Nancy M. Pimental
Trey Parker
Director = Trey Parker
Guests = Jonathan Katz as Dr. Katz
Episode list = List of "South Park" episodes
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"Summer Sucks" is the 21st episode of Comedy Central's animated series "South Park". It originally aired on June 24, 1998.

Plot synopsis

Summer finally comes to South Park, but that isn't necessarily a good thing, because although school is out, there is little to actually do in South Park, with all the snow melted so that sledding, building of snowmen and other winter activities are impossible. And when a Colorado state law makes fireworks illegal (due to a boy losing both his hands from one), the boys realize they have nothing left to do, since making things blow up was their main summer activity. In response to this, Jimbo Kern and Ned Gerblansky go across the border to Mexico to buy illegal fireworks. Meanwhile, the Mayor, discovering that "snakes" are still legal, has the largest one ever made for the town's Fourth of July celebration. It isn't until it's been lit that the manufacturer realizes that it will be impossible to extinguish, and the ash travels all across the town and then country destroying everything in its wake.

Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison begins to have a nervous breakdown because his constant companion, Mr. Hat, has disappeared. He winds up going to see Dr. Katz (complete with squiggle) in New York, who says that he is gay and Mr. Hat (who has homosexual fantasies, according to Mr. Garrison) is really his gay side. Garrison is unsure what to think, but fortunately the giant snake has somehow traveled all the way to New York and crashes Dr. Katz's office. Cartman at this time is taking swimming lessons, but has to contend with the fact that first graders keep peeing in the pool. Jimbo and Ned are captured by the Border Patrol, but manage to escape (again, thanks to the snake) and go back to South Park with their massive fireworks.

The boys finally get their fireworks, and when they shoot them off, they destroy the snake trail and end the terror. The ashes rain to the ground like snow, and people do wintery activities using the black soot. Mr. Garrison reappears with a new companion, Mr. Twig, who has replaced Mr. Hat.

At the end, Chef pulls up in his car having returned from Aruba. He sees everyone's faces covered in the black ash, and, thinking it's blackface, prepares to give everyone a sound beating.

Kenny's death

* During the flashback, when the boys are playing with fireworks as kindergartners, Kenny blows himself up with a fire cracker (complete with baby rats swarming over his remains afterwards). Since the kids are young(er), Stan simply says, "My gosh kill Kenny!", and Kyle says, "Ooo bastards!".
* The giant carbon pyrotechnic snake nearly hits Kenny, and when he dodges it the bleachers collapse on him.

Pop culture

* During the pandemonium at the scene of the giant snake, the boys pick up their instruments and play "Nearer, My God, to Thee", which is the song the band is believed to have played during the sinking of the Titanic.
* When the fireworks salesman giving his speech on the giant snake finishes and says "And good times will be had by all," he turns a page on his demonstration board to reveal a picture of Abe Vigoda.
* On the first pool scene there is an Alien "visitor" in the pool water as well.

External links

* [ Summer Sucks] at South Park Studios Episode Guide

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