Ångerman River

Ångerman River

The Ångerman River (also known as the "Angerman River", or "Ångermanälven" in Swedish) is one of Sweden's longest rivers with a total length of 490 kilometers. It also has the largest amount of water running through it.

It starts in the Scandinavian mountain range, in the southern parts of the Swedish province of Lapland and continues through Jämtland. It increases in power as it flows through the province of Ångermanland, from which its name is derived. On its last 30 kilometers, after the town of Sollefteå (noted on map), it flows through a scenic valley known as Ådalen. The river then empties into the Baltic Sea near the town of Kramfors.

Vojmån River, Fjällsjö River and Fax River are its main tributaries.

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