Ume River

Ume River

The Ume River (Swedish: "Umeälven") is one of the main rivers in northern Sweden. It is around 460 km (285 miles) long, and flows in a south-eastern direction from its source, the lake "Överuman" by the Norwegian border within the Scandinavian mountain range. For large parts, the European route E12, also known as Blå Vägen (Blue Route), follows its path.

It passes through lake Storuman. It has been extensively cultivated for water power.

It drains into the Gulf of Bothnia on Sweden's east coast at the small town Holmsund, just adjacent to the city of Umeå.

Its chief tributary is the Vindel River.

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Some of the other large rivers in northern Sweden:
* Kalix River
* Torne River
* Lule River
* Pite River
* Skellefte River
* Angerman River

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