Angiology (from Greek _gr. ἀγγεῖον, "angeīon", "vessel"; and _gr. -λογία, "-logia") is the medical specialty which studies the diseases of circulatory system and of the lymphatic system, i.e., arteries, veins and lymphatic vases, and its diseases.

Most leading causes of death in the modern world are related to blood vessel pathology. The field of vascular medicine (angiology) is the field that deals with preventing, diagnosing and treating vascular and blood vessel related diseases.

Arterial diseases include the aorta (aneurysms/dissection) and arteries supplying the legs hands, kidneys, brain, intestines. It also covers arterial thrombosis and embolism; vasculitides; and vasospastic disorders. Naturally, it deals with preventing cardio - vascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Venous diseases include venous thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, and varicose veins. Lymphatic diseases include primary and secondary forms of lymphedema. It also involves modification of risk factors for vascular disease like high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

Cardiovascular risk factors such high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and others fall under the specialty of vascular medicine. Hence a vascular medicine specialist should be able to address most of the major diseases in our age in a comprehensive manner, using a unique perspective.

Currently there is a shortage of practitioners in this field, mainly due to lack of training programs and lack of awareness in patients and physicians of this as a distinct medical specialty.Fact|date=February 2007 With an increasing burden of vascular diseases in our aging population, the establishment of a critical mass of physicians with interest in vascular diseases is paramount.

In 2005, the first vascular medicine boards were administered by the American Board of Vascular Medicine.

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* [ American Board of Vascular Medicine]
* [ Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology]
* [ National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute]
* [ VAS - Vascular Independent Research and Education - European Organisation]

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