Another Planet / Voyager

Another Planet / Voyager

Infobox Single |
Name = Another Planet / Voyager

Artist = Pendulum
Album = Hold Your Colour
Released = flagicon|UK 23 February 2004
Format = 12", picture disc
Genre = Drum and bass
Length = 7:33 "Another Planet"
6:07 "Voyager"
Label = Breakbeat Kaos
Writer = Rob Swire, Paul Harding, Gareth McGrillen
Producer = Swire, Harding, McGrillen
Last single = "Spiral / Ulterior Motive" (2003)
This single = "Another Planet / Voyager" (2004)
Next single = "Back 2 You / Still Grey" (2004)

"Another Planet / Voyager" is the second single by Australian drum and bass band Pendulum. It was released on 23 February 2004 by independent label Breakbeat Kaos, and was their first single to use the 12" picture disc format. The single peaked at number 46 in the UK Singles Chart, and reached number one in the UK Dance Chart.

The song "Another Planet" contains samples from Jeff Wayne's musical version of "The War of the Worlds", and was included on the CD edition of "Hold Your Colour" when it was released in July 2005. Both tracks appeared on the compilation album "Jungle Sound - the Bassline Strikes Back!"

Background and writing

Unlike every other single released by Pendulum to date, "Another Planet / Voyager" was written and produced in full by all members of the band, which at that time included Rob Swire, Paul Harding and Gareth McGrillen. [ Australasian Performing Right Association] . APRA. Retrieved on 28 September 2008.] The song "Another Planet" uses samples from Jeff Wayne's musical version of "The War of the Worlds", [Grinter, Alison. [ Pendulum — Big Bangin'] . "TNT Magazine". Retrieved on 26 September 2008.] including several samples of dialogue by Richard Burton.

McGrillen had developed a fear of "The War of the Worlds" when he was quite young, to the extent that he could not look at the album cover. Years later, while he was working on one song with Swire, he decided to face his fear by travelling home and returning with his father's copy, which they then sampled for the song. [Abbott, Spence (25 June 2008). [ IGN: Pendulum Q&A] . "IGN Music". Retrieved on 1 October 2008.] One of the samples they used contained a line spoken by Burton, "...and I wandered through the weird and lurid landscape of another planet", which later gave the song its name.clearleft

Critical reception

"Another Planet / Voyager" was the first single by Pendulum receive some widespread recognition, and as such was subject to some critical attention. One review of the single describes "Voyager" as "a really well done piece of dancefloor drum and bass action", and says that "Pendulum have coined their own recognisable sound, but manage to stay fresh at the same time". [Anne, Sally "Risk" (7 June 2004). [ Music News Pendulum - Another Planet] . "". Retrieved on 26 September 2008.] "Another Planet" in particular has received a wide range of criticism, partially due to its placement on two albums, and has been described both as "conventional [drum and bass] , being largely instrumental and synth based", [Moss, Jack "System-J" (6 September 2005). [ Album Pendulum - Hold Your Colour] . "". Retrieved on 26 September 2008.] and as a "crowd favourite ... [that] sounds far too serious for that goofy, bouncy bassline to work". [Moss, Jack "System-J" (26 April 2006). [ Compilations/DJ Mixes Pendulum - Jungle Sounds Gold] . "". Retrieved on 26 September 2008.]

Marketing and release

"Another Planet / Voyager" was released on 23 February 2004 in two formats, a standard 12" single and a 12" picture disc, the first of several singles by Pendulum to use this format. It was also their first release with independent drum and bass label Breakbeat Kaos, which remained their main label for the next three years. [ [ Pendulum (releases)] . "rolldabeats". Retrieved on 26 September 2008.]

"Another Planet" was featured on the CD edition of "Hold Your Colour", released in July 2005, but was later replaced by the song "Blood Sugar" after the album was reissued. [ [ Breakbeat Kaos :: BBK002CD :: Hold Your Colour] . "rolldabeats". Retrieved on 26 September 2008.] It was also featured on the mix album "Fabric Live 22", alongside Pendulum's remix of Nightbreed's "Pack of Wolves". An alternative version of the song, titled "Another Planet (VIP)", was produced and released on the "Bass Invaderz" compilation album. [ [ Human Imprint :: HUMA8014-1 :: Bass Invaderz] . "rolldabeats". Retrieved on 28 September 2008.] Both tracks from the single were also included in another compilation album – "Jungle Sound - the Bassline Strikes Back!" – released in October 2004. [ [ Breakbeat Kaos :: BBK001CD :: Jungle Sound: The Bassline Strikes Back] . "rolldabeats". Retrieved on 26 September 2008.]

Chart performance

"Another Planet / Voyager" was the first single by Pendulum to appear in the UK Singles Chart. It entered the chart on 6 March 2004, peaking at number 46, and remained in the chart for a total of two weeks. [ Chart Stats - Pendulum - Another Planet/Voyager] . "". Retrieved on 25 September 2008.] The single also performed well in the UK Dance Chart, remaining at number one for two weeks on 6 March and 13 March."The Official UK Dance Charts" (13 March 2004). "ChartsPlus" (133). Milton Keynes, UK: IQWare.]

Formats and track listings

These are the major formats and associated track listings of single releases of "Another Planet / Voyager". Both tracks were written and produced by Rob Swire, Paul Harding, and Gareth McGrillen.

12" vinyl single [ [ Breakbeat Kaos :: BBK003] . "rolldabeats". Retrieved on 25 September 2008]
(BBK003; released 23 February 2004):A. "Another Planet" – 7:33:AA. "Voyager" – 6:07

12" picture disc [ [ Breakbeat Kaos :: BBK003P] . "rolldabeats". Retrieved on 25 September 2008]
(BBK003P; released 23 February 2004):A. "Another Planet" – 7:33:AA. "Voyager" – 6:07


The following people contributed to "Another Planet / Voyager". [Pendulum (23 February 2004). "Another Planet / Voyager" (liner notes). Breakbeat Kaos, "BBK003".]

*Rob Swirewriter, producer, mixing
*Gareth McGrillen – writer, producer
*Paul Harding – writer, producer
*Simon Davey – mastering


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